Thursday, October 25, 2007

Semalam pi Madam Kwan at Pavillion- had their mushroom chicken rice- Yummmmmieee.

Eh dia pakai apa ah? What is Madam Kwan's secret ? Everytime we go there for lunch (everytime meaning twice) there is a loooong queue.

Of course in our culture , we believe that there are such things as "Sweeteners" or pemanis, ie mumbo jumbo that makes your shop more attractive than others. I don't know whether such thing exists or not. There are too many anecdotal evidences of it happening. I don't find it that hard to believe that we coexist in this world with other beings, some good and some bad..and I think that people can do very very bad magic if they know where to look, although what happens is all God's will and there are reasons for them. I have heard of people who dabble in magic and the dark arts (some, in the milder cafe latte arts- not so dark heheh) - heeee i don't dare lah.. what if it backfires?Someone said sometimes when you appear too happy others may look on you with jealousy. Sigh happy pun tak leh ...camano. I value happiness over anything else and have recently told my kids that the richest man on earth is he who wants nothing. They nodded agreably while they count their Raya money.

Ok ok im blogging during office chow...

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