Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What the Kids are Up to

Hi there! How's everyone? (rasa macam stand up comedian pulak)

Life has been pretty hectic lately. It is of course , the school break. I have 5 kids at home. Without any computers as UPM has asked for their laptop back and I use mine for the office and our desk top is still at the other place. (but is not that great anyway) so kids have to resort to their own resourcefulness in finding activities to do.

But boy are they resourceful! Aside from the now daily affair of cycling round the house, there has been:

1. Tango competition ("partners must be human")
2. Story telling competition (winner will get "payed" RM2 )
3. Fashion show
4. Baking - so far have done apam (which looked like jelly) - pizza (not bad) and muffins (I think)

The first three I know from the posters they put up in the dining area - ie on the A4 paper. Siap decorate and have drawings , AND "advertisement" !! - one poster has a pic of a lady with something and the words "Maybeline- because you're worth it" written in red. Hahahahahaha... I think my kids are wonderful. Hee hee hee.

Yesterday they are on their way to being Ustaz and Ustazahs..We registered them at a local (paying) religious school What we liked was there are only 20 per class, swimming and tae kwon do is compulsory, there are options for archery and badminton etc, and they try to push living an Islamic life holistically, ie live right wiht the right values - not just concentrate on the fire and hell and brimstones etc . They are also big on academia- apparently follow some Singapore books .

So yesterday all 5 of them sat for "entrance exams" - consisting of MAths, English and Bahasa Malaysia and also some testing on their existing religious knowledge. Johan will go to an "Advanced" kindie which is pretty funny as he has not been attending any proper kindi for the last 4 months. The others did ok and as expected. They are pretty chuffed to go there, there are loads of noisy kids there (hey they are kids after all!)

Nadine has been given a choice of attending the SPM classes or the O Levels Classes. I would like her to attend the SPM classes while her dad wants her to attend both. If things don't work out , she's going to have to go back into mainline schooling and I don't think she can do it with her O Levels.

Now the mother of these future ustaz and ustazah is under pressure to be equally a muslimah..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Appraisal this week. Yesterday , by mini bosses. Today, by Big Boss. Worried lah! Nak pi toilet pun serba salah- is he going to call me or not???

Have just been informed that im going "in" at about 2 pm.

Good think about me is - Im keen. Bad thing about me is- Im kelam kabut. Thats my self appraisal. I still run in the office. Me, all 60 kg of me, running in the office. The sight is NOT pretty let me tell you that. And why do I run? Is it urgent? Am I going anywhere? Nooo, its just that I panic easily, I think. I need a good calming influence around me. My husband, he is mr calm personified...during labour when I felt the baby pushing and by the way I was left alone with him in the labour room with the midwife outside potterin gabout her other work, I was yelling for him to call the midwife, he just strolled over rather leisurely and I'm sure just whispered to her that Sophia was coming.

Oh well, hope the "I'm keen" part will win them over.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quickie (not)

Just a quick one.

Penang was great. Park Royal was lovely. Buffet was good. Having parents around was even better and not just because it allowed us to have a breakfast date together while the kids were sleeping. Batu Ferringghi was like Phuket- so many mat sallehs.

Visted my atok. He is my grandmother's youngest brother. From another father. My grandmother's mom, married the Tanjung Malim millionaire , Lal Mohammad, hailing from India/Pakistan??(I think Pakistan as Opah mentioned something about visiting Lahore) - he was the local roti tycoon in Tg Malim. Loads of property around there. One is being sold to some one for RM1.7 Million- aisay man, that's our heritage woit! (:-)

Anyway - then when Atok Lal passed away, my grandmother's mother - who by the way came originally from Indonesia and then Penang, married another mamak- Abdul Hai bin something. With her new husband , this roti madame, had 2 more kids, Opah Chu Bedah and Atok Mamak. Name- Nisha Rahmat bin Abdul Hai. This is on top of her 6 daughters already . My grandmother is the first daughter from the first husband. Atok Mamak was thoroughly spoiled by his sisters, by all accounts. He is now 56. So she has 7 daughters, 1 son, 3 roti factories. My great grandmother was the original superwoman man!!

We went to see Atok Mamak before he goes off for Hajj this 5th Dec. However, we did not expect that he would be poorly. The day we came back we kidnapped him and arrived home at 3 in the morning after taking him to see his sister (my grandmother) and then dropping him to his other sister (of same dad) house- the next morning we went to GH - got him admitted. He has severe heart failure. My husband told me a lot more things but I think wanshana's hubby would understand more!! His kaki (feet) were very bengkak - and his tummy very keras (hard) glad he's in KL now. He's going for a lot of tests....and to him, my husband is an angel. But apparently he has been asked to go to K by EVERBODY before but he refused. MY husband asked and he went. Maybe he was feeling really ill. Anyway Atok, hope you get better soon.

Ok not that short lah this posting.

Friday, November 16, 2007

What now

Thanks everyone for all the congrats wishes for Nadine...

She is well chuffed, bak kata omputeh. I came home and Sara was complaining that Nadine berlagak (show off) all day - I told Sara, you can also do it Sara. And let Nadine show off today.

Well, at one point, worried that I may be pushing the ""A" is best" mentality I said to Nadine," Oh well, if you had gotten less than 5 A we will still love you". We'll go on and on abt it but we'll love lah...Also I said, you must make sure that you truly understand the lessons you learnt and not just study to pass exams.

Ahahahahahahahakkkks..well kids if you read your mom's blog today you will now know that those are all bull***....heheheheheh.I was so happy whenever my exams ended that I was not at all bothered about trivial matters like remembering the things I learnt!! heheheheheh! When my results were bad I was worried about what my parents would think, rather than what I feel about it. So in the end as a mom, I was determined that my kids study and want to do well because they want to and not because of what mommy thinks .

You are your best motivator, ok kids!!

We were discussing their character the other day, dad and I - and we thought that we do not have to worry abot Sophia, and Dahlia. Nadine , ada sikit playful but she succumbs to peer pressure (that school was all about peer pressure) . Sara, I don't know why but my perception is that she absolutely loathes studying, could excel if she wants to but is too creative to be bothered with such boring stuff like MATHS. She hates not doing well though even though she hates to study. Sophia got no 25 recently and is demoted to a lower class (ada ke- oi, she's only 8 , can demote ke?) but we are not bothered too much as her results are all A. The difference between no 1 and no 25 is 4 marks.

Dashat betul sekolah depa.

Next year????

WEll, thanks Mak Z for the offer of using up your cucu quota... but her dad and I (ie, me only and will try to convince dad) , don't think we will send them to boarding school yet....maybe at the age of 15? IS this the wrong decision?? I can't imagine not having my kids with me, but my mom said I'm selfish and she is better off with some sort of structure in her life (ie, are u saying i am very kelam kabut mom?? wonder what gave you that idea??) hehehehehe...
So ADNI it is..(it its not full)

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Nadine got 5 As!! Yay yay !!

All nite we could not sleep - ok ok it may be because I was drafting and dad was preparing his talk this Saturday..but anyhoo we could not sleep...

Phew!! Glad she got dad's brain...


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


What would you do if you lose your husband ..

when you least expect it?

when there are so many commitments left?

when you really really need him to go to Pasar Tani?

when you are so used to have someone to whine to and nag ?

when you need someone to laugh at your very stupid joke or observation?

when your kids are bugging you and you need that extra parental support?

when you have a story to tell and best friend can't appreciate it (or its about that best friend hehehehe)

I cannot contemplate it. I cannot imagine to understand what a person would feel. I would go mad ? I would tear my hair out? I would cry and cry? I would slap the next person who tells me I have to be "strong"? I would talk to myself ? Yes I can imagine doing THAT. Just cause you're not around does not mean I cannot prattle on and on about stuff as if you still are. But..who's going to give out the hugs??

Would I pray for time to move faster , so that the pain lessens, or would I at the same time pray for time to stay still, so that his smell lingers around and his presence remains?

I feel for you , "D". For it would seem that you married and lost, your soul mate. And I cannot imagine losing my soul mate.

Plans for the Weekend

Going to Park Royal Penang this weekend

Chillin' hubby has been invited to be a speaker at one of the many conferences that these docs have lah. Waiting for one to be held in say...Boston ke, NY ke..even Singapore ke....(or Korea ke!)

But in the meantime ..Penang is ok.

Hubby in a huff that they wont give us another free room without having to "discuss it" with other people. And our toll money honey! Make sure they pay for that too! And the minyak!! Hee hee hee

I sure hope BPR is not around...

Tahlil pics

The nite before......
the entire family....
Sara as "Nenek" hee hee hee!

Aunties and Uncles...

I thought my uncles and aunties would hang around for a while but they had to go off to another function which it later turned out was a merisik for one of my cousin - who by the way did not tell me lah why??? Anyway all the best and hope everything went well....

Monday, November 12, 2007


Thank you to everyone who made it to the tahlil yesterday- thanks very much we really appreciated your presence. Hope you enjoyed the food- and the company - Sorry we could not chat too much.

Pics was fun but I am wishing I am on MC hehehehehehehehe

Friday, November 09, 2007


Yesterday was Deepavali..Happy Divali to Indian Hindu friends! Must remember to call N*vi in the states to wish her.
Went to Un*cle 's (colleague from office ) house and boy was the food good! My kids ate and had seconds!!!And then went to another house. To eat some more. And then went to cousin's house - and ate some more. There I had to endure comments like "You dah gemok kan??" Ie You are now fat ,and I have no problem telling you this as I am a rude uneducated person hahahahahaha.

I said "yeah I am SOO Fat. but you know what I dont actually care, thats what is bugging me hehehehehhe"

Then the comments were- good lah, you are happy..

Yeah actually, I am. Happy . But what has FAT got to do with it???

Anyway some pics of my in laws pottering abt in the garden - that was my evilllll plan muwahaaa haaahaah.

Children's songs

My kids really like singing. Yesterday in the car they were all harmonising together to the songs of Umbrella, High School Musical., and other teeny boppy kind of songs. Yup, the DVD player in the car is still busted. No time lah to repair. Doesn't help that daddy does not think we need to repair it (except on long journeys when we are reminded of why we had to have a telly in the car in the first place).

Anyway in the midst of all this singing, I interrupted. Oi, I said, Johan is barely 5 lah, singlah some kiddies songs. Its been such a long time since we heard the "Wheels of the Bus" or the "Puff the Magic Dragon" or even "If you're happy and you know it". Singlah the song that Johan likes.

"Sing the song that Johan likes?" asked my daughters."Ok!"

And off they go singing "You're beautifoooolll" by James Blunt, and "Aku memang pencinta wanitaaa..." and then they rolled about, laughing hilariously.

We did get going on the kiddies songs though, I missed babies I tell them and I'm going to have another one just so that I can sing those songs to the baby. So, still giggling , they followed my lead with the Wheels of the Bus etc etc but of course it got modified- the wipers on the bus go swish swish swish etc and then the Sara on the bus goes fart fart fart..

I noticed that my son did enjoy those songs. He asked for 10 little we sang that, (at the end of that Sara added: "ten little Indian boys...and Happy Deepavali to them!!"" Hissh we have a comedian in the family.

Old Mc Donald, If you're happy and you know it, touch your butt (yes, not in the original version I don't think)- I don't know about the kids but I had fun singing to those. My hubby said to me, "But Rihanna is teaching them alphabet- listen carefully to the song- "ella ella "a" "a" "a" ..."" (the comedian's father)


Studio Pic

Remember the chaos that was us trying to take a

family pic?

Here it is!! The entire family on hubby's side...(parents, 4 sons, 2 daughters, 1 cousin/surrogate son, wives, 11 grandchildren...).

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day in Court

Well, the court thing went well. Considering that I was prepared for the worst, the fact that he got charged RM120 for each offence was not so bad....

We both looked like lawyers in our suits but then neither of us had any clue where to go. My excuse is that I'm not a litigator ! Nervous gak lah actually. .Bumped into this friend of ours when hubby was at the loo, told him that hubby was going into court and he immediately said "Do you want me to stand next to him??" Oh my god, Ga*nesan, that was a nice offer, but I think the case is too small lah for you. I believe this friend handles major litigation cases. I can't imagine what the magistrate would say if G* stood next to hubby..hehehehe.

They make you wait at Mahkamah Jenayah /Trafik 1 & 2 , and it's manned by cops. It was supposed to start at 9 but by 9.50 takda apa lagi....Hubby and I sat at the public gallery (I wish I can take pics) -I tell you he was the best dressed person there. man!!..over dressed maybe hehehehe. After about 1 hour , hubby's nervousness was replaced with sleepiness (that's the court's trick to calm you down- very considerate of them) & he told me to go off. So I went back to the office.

Later he called to say that he got the jail sentence. Yelah. funny lah tu.

He said the magistrate was this young girl who looked extremely bored. And she did not look at him once. And she told him to "buat rayuan" ie appeal , and he launched into his well rehearsed story about the car and the emergency operation thing and the colleague having called him because of some "kerumitan" - cehwah - that was inspired honey!. Well, it must have sounded kesian enough..although I suspect that the magistrate was swayed by the fact that he has 5 kids (she asked) . RM240 is still a lot actually.

Anyway yang funny to him was the way he was treated after that- he was asked to sit on the one comfortable sofa away from the other accused people- who was told to sit in the dock/. Eh I hope no litigators read this as Im sure I'm mixing up all my terms...hehehe

So that was that!

Monday, November 05, 2007

My husband is supposed to go to court tomorrow. He was stopped without a road tax 4 days after it had expired- bad luck.

I am such a good wife I am nervous for him...

He's currrently listening to Sudirman .

Im reading up on the court's process here :

Apparently its max of RM10k and also jailable 3 months. yikes...

My husband has stopped listening to Sudirman and now practising his not so humble sounding humble apology to the court., I just hope its not RM10k or worse, JAIL. I know you are not a criminal dear but you may just piss the judge off if you tell him "you'll be depriving a hospital of a doctor if you take my car, oi mate." or such like .

So I suggest this is what yoyu say- I was very busy that whole week- scratch that as the judge will immediately think you are insinuating that he is NOT busy. So ok-

"I"m so sorry for this Your HOnour... I was in KK for a medical conference (to which I did not take my wife and hence this punishment from GOD haha) when the road tax lapsed- upon my return I was going to apply - in the meantime I did not use the car . However, that night, I had to come in from home for an emergency operation- and had to use the car. Because it was an emergency and because it only expired 3 days earlier, I plead your honour's clemency in granting me a minimum fine. "

OR In Malay- "Saya minta maaf, Yang Arif , atas kesalahan saya. Semasa lesen kereta tersebut mati saya berada di Kota Kinabalu kerana kerja dan saya tidak sempat untuk memperbaharui nya. Semasa saya pulang saya tidak menggunakan kereta sementara proses memperbaharui nya di selesaikan, kecuali pada malam itu di mana saya telah terpaksa datang semula ke hospital untuk satu pembedahan emergency. Saya ditahan sebaik sahaja saya keluar daripada hospital. Kesalahan saya saya amat kesali dan saya harap pihak Mahkamah dapatlah memberi pertimbangan yang sewajarnya."

How about that....

I think I will go with him lah...
Is this better

Friday, November 02, 2007


My jaws are aching this morning. Makan and borak.

Last nite went to a "gettogether - reunion - farewell" for a friend and former mentor. This guy is positively brilliant and has the character associated with brilliance- ie impatience with less brilliant persons hehehehe- at least this is my perception of him lah, since I always feel I am THAT less brilliant (by many MANY degrees) person. But he really is a sweet teddy bear when the mood strikes him and when its not his work you are screw-er - I mean - messing up. My daughter Sophia remembers his instruction to be an arts teacher and is unwavering in her ambition ever since her discussion with him -see even my daugther Sophia is scared of you, S**..!! hehehehehe.

Place was called "Market*Place"- behind restoran Kampung Pandan which incidentally is NOT in Kampung Pandan - so not a very clever name lah. We sat alfresco and ordered platters of food- basically its steak, lambchops and prawns and salmon all "susun"ed - placed- on a platter to be shared. I think Gauch*o Gri*ll also had the same concept- ?. Food was ok. Company was better- it was soo nice to see everyone from the old firm- most of whom are no longer at the firm- although I do believe the bond will always be there.It didn't feel like we've ever left actually! There were several new people who came along (new to me anyway) - most of the time they sat with a stunned expression - stunned at our loudness heheheh and probably thinking wow thank god I don't have to work with HER hehehehehehe

I had a good time and have to thank the organisers for the dinner. Now Im thinking - did I talk too much??(my main worry everytime after I meet up with my friends) and secondly- did I say anything I should not?? (gulp gulp?) Anyway it was a good night and hubby and kiddoes came along to fetch their wayward mom and wife at around 11 I think....

ok lah no more late nites..
Im such a bad mommy...I have not had a chance to tuck them in (read, yell at them to go to sleep) the whole I will go home early.

BUT WAIT!! Tonite got appointment to meet up with the maid "agent but not really an agent". Ie the friend's sister's officemate who will travel to the other country and bring me someone who is willing to help take care of house and kids for really very little pay . I have to ask her loads of questions about the process and part with RM2000- So I may balik lambat also.

Sigh nevermind, weekend ada.


I ada appointment during lunch on Saturday!!! Im making kimchi with my Korean Drama /BYJ Fan club ( kindly reserve all your comments) girls at the Zone! (What's a kimchi?- shhhhhh...) Im bringing cabbage! Can't be late for that- maybe I can book a room for the kids there ? At least they can lepak at the pool?

Sigh...takpalah , after that...I promise I will read to my kids at least one book for EACH of them, judge their rooms (thanks to Mak Z who told them to have a "best room" competition) and also play with them.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Parents Day

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that my parents came over to the office yesterday. Officially they are now my clients. Anyway I had to call in extra help as my dad would not listen to what I was saying . He was telling me that he had eaten a lot more salt than me, and when I was a tiny baby crawling around in diapers he had battled with evil people in the jungle (he was in the armed forces) so don't lah perasan that I am creverer than him one.....

Anyway my colleague told him exactly what I said hee hee hee. But since its my colleague he could not lah jegilkan mata or what hehehehe. Hope we can do the best for my parents' issue. A lot of bad bad people out there kan.

Their interview took so long that it reached lunch time. So I said I'd take them out to lunch lah. I wanted to show off Pavillion - hahaha as if it was my personal property. I myself have not gotten around to see all the shops. I only glimpsed Tan*gs yesterday. And yesterday I had tea with my hubby at this romantic (not) place called Pasta mania- ok that's the next posting.

So anyway we were walking down and my mom was saying eh tak payah susah susah lah - don't trouble yourself. something cheap is ok...I said that if they don't fancy Pavillion, I'll take them to ina*giku, Its just down my office and its really nice and not too over the top lah. My dad said to me kau ada duit ke girl? (Do you have any money ?).. etc etc In the end I said "We can go to the mamak (indian) shop if you want! There's a stall just next to this building." After which my dad said " Babah nak japanese lah!" (I want Japanese) heehehehhehehe....parents , so difficult for them to accept anything from their kids eh.

Inag*iku is a bit of a sore spot for me, having made a scene a few months back- basically I so loved the garlic flakes that all of a sudden , after wallapping about oh- a big fistful of garlic flakes, I heaved and threw up in the napkin (3 napkins to be exact) - at the table- did not even get to go to the loo until everything was over, and I could wipe my mouth daintily , dust off the specks off my kebaya top (eeeuuuuu) and then walk (quickly) to the toilet.... My lunch buddy said I puked elegantly hee hee.

When I went back to the table my tray was cleared by some poor sod whom I was sure would curse me all his life. And I swore - never to eat garlic flakes? Eh no lah.- I swore never to go back to Inagiku until the waiter resigned . Heheheh

But because of my parents and because iNag*Iku is better than the other Jap place here, I terpaksa lah memberanie kan diri..... And stayed far far far away from garlic flakes.

Anyway its nice to be nice to your parents. My parents never accept our dinner invite or lunch invite or happy mothers day or happy fathers day or even happy blinking birthday- everything would be "makan kat rumah mami je lah" variety - dinner at mom's!

Ok lah back to work I go..

Morning musings


Semalam a few things made me laugh

The kids are having their we were testing them in the car.

I said "ok Sara..I have RM1.85. But I want to buy something that costs me RM2.05 . How much more do I need?"

While Sara was mencongakking in her head, Dahlia said to me earnestly "Mummy, I have RM5 - you can have that."

Hee hee hee

Dahlia is a character lah. So kedekut but so generous at the same time. For example, she told me she has donated RM15 to the school's programme and she showed me her "card". I laughed out loud - its a Bacathon card where you are supposed to go and get people to donate..she has written her name down- twice - as the contributor. Hahahahahahahah...


We had a good laugh also , hubby and I yesterday, over his frantic call to me " The car's been stolen!" . Apparently he went to get the car and it was gone. I was like - huh?? Why would anyone want to steal OUR car?? That calmed him down enough to think further and it transpired that he had gone to where he parked the car the day before distracted. Damn it! Kalau tak boleh claim insurance hehehehehehehehe. .


My family on both sides (both sides of both sides) are coming over for a doa selamat 2 weeks from now.. As with my family on mom and dad, and his family on his mom and dad's side are allready big, we did not invite many friends (except those who read this blog and who know where we live and who we did not call directly- please please feel free to drop by- later the better so we can chat with you- email me for details) Anyways...hubby wanted to cook himself and then buy the meja and kerusi you may need if the house can't fit them all. (It can't). I kept telling him- sewa ! Rent ! Why want to buy and where the heck to keep them after that?? So anyway he had scouted for the prices of these tables and chairs etc .

Semalam we went to this shop asking for the price of a plastic chair-RM23!!! rental- RM2.

Hubby turned to me, and said "Let's rent! Kalau beli mana nak letak??"

Hee hee hee...!!

Ok lah its office time and this post has been written before office time (incase anyone from office reads this hahhahhahaha)

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...