Day in Court

Well, the court thing went well. Considering that I was prepared for the worst, the fact that he got charged RM120 for each offence was not so bad....

We both looked like lawyers in our suits but then neither of us had any clue where to go. My excuse is that I'm not a litigator ! Nervous gak lah actually. .Bumped into this friend of ours when hubby was at the loo, told him that hubby was going into court and he immediately said "Do you want me to stand next to him??" Oh my god, Ga*nesan, that was a nice offer, but I think the case is too small lah for you. I believe this friend handles major litigation cases. I can't imagine what the magistrate would say if G* stood next to hubby..hehehehe.

They make you wait at Mahkamah Jenayah /Trafik 1 & 2 , and it's manned by cops. It was supposed to start at 9 but by 9.50 takda apa lagi....Hubby and I sat at the public gallery (I wish I can take pics) -I tell you he was the best dressed person there. man!!..over dressed maybe hehehehe. After about 1 hour , hubby's nervousness was replaced with sleepiness (that's the court's trick to calm you down- very considerate of them) & he told me to go off. So I went back to the office.

Later he called to say that he got the jail sentence. Yelah. funny lah tu.

He said the magistrate was this young girl who looked extremely bored. And she did not look at him once. And she told him to "buat rayuan" ie appeal , and he launched into his well rehearsed story about the car and the emergency operation thing and the colleague having called him because of some "kerumitan" - cehwah - that was inspired honey!. Well, it must have sounded kesian enough..although I suspect that the magistrate was swayed by the fact that he has 5 kids (she asked) . RM240 is still a lot actually.

Anyway yang funny to him was the way he was treated after that- he was asked to sit on the one comfortable sofa away from the other accused people- who was told to sit in the dock/. Eh I hope no litigators read this as Im sure I'm mixing up all my terms...hehehe

So that was that!


bb said…
hee.... your previous post was funny :p

and thank god your hubby's okay...
mumsie said…
wished i was the presiding magistrate...nidge, nudge, wink, wink!!
Mumsie- If you were , Mumsie, free ke or 10 years jail hahahahha...
Hi BB- me worse I think...but glad it went well. Thanks for coming by - I feel verrrrrrrrrrrrrry flattered.
Channel 11.5 said…
huhu, nasib baik lepas. Ask la epi tukar itu kereta semua... hehehehe. btw, mana dia sekarang? ofc lama, ofc baru or still at both places? hahaha. see u this weekend. take care.

oh, need kak rina's (aunty basariah's daughter) contact number please. Need to ask her pasal barang-barang hantaran and bunga pahar. So many things to do, so short notice la!

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