Thursday, November 01, 2007

Morning musings


Semalam a few things made me laugh

The kids are having their we were testing them in the car.

I said "ok Sara..I have RM1.85. But I want to buy something that costs me RM2.05 . How much more do I need?"

While Sara was mencongakking in her head, Dahlia said to me earnestly "Mummy, I have RM5 - you can have that."

Hee hee hee

Dahlia is a character lah. So kedekut but so generous at the same time. For example, she told me she has donated RM15 to the school's programme and she showed me her "card". I laughed out loud - its a Bacathon card where you are supposed to go and get people to donate..she has written her name down- twice - as the contributor. Hahahahahahahah...


We had a good laugh also , hubby and I yesterday, over his frantic call to me " The car's been stolen!" . Apparently he went to get the car and it was gone. I was like - huh?? Why would anyone want to steal OUR car?? That calmed him down enough to think further and it transpired that he had gone to where he parked the car the day before distracted. Damn it! Kalau tak boleh claim insurance hehehehehehehehe. .


My family on both sides (both sides of both sides) are coming over for a doa selamat 2 weeks from now.. As with my family on mom and dad, and his family on his mom and dad's side are allready big, we did not invite many friends (except those who read this blog and who know where we live and who we did not call directly- please please feel free to drop by- later the better so we can chat with you- email me for details) Anyways...hubby wanted to cook himself and then buy the meja and kerusi you may need if the house can't fit them all. (It can't). I kept telling him- sewa ! Rent ! Why want to buy and where the heck to keep them after that?? So anyway he had scouted for the prices of these tables and chairs etc .

Semalam we went to this shop asking for the price of a plastic chair-RM23!!! rental- RM2.

Hubby turned to me, and said "Let's rent! Kalau beli mana nak letak??"

Hee hee hee...!!

Ok lah its office time and this post has been written before office time (incase anyone from office reads this hahhahhahaha)


Dad of Four said...

Yoo hoo...Need help?

Anonymous said...

Jan rents out chairs and table.

fulltime mom

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hey dad of four- you read abt mr d? so sad kan...
yeah can ...

ftm- yeah may be worth it to ask from him but isnt his the upmarket one?

Anonymous said...

got upmarket, downmarket type of chairs, meh?


Superwomanwannabe said...


yalah the mahal one is upmarket lar

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