Friday, November 02, 2007


My jaws are aching this morning. Makan and borak.

Last nite went to a "gettogether - reunion - farewell" for a friend and former mentor. This guy is positively brilliant and has the character associated with brilliance- ie impatience with less brilliant persons hehehehe- at least this is my perception of him lah, since I always feel I am THAT less brilliant (by many MANY degrees) person. But he really is a sweet teddy bear when the mood strikes him and when its not his work you are screw-er - I mean - messing up. My daughter Sophia remembers his instruction to be an arts teacher and is unwavering in her ambition ever since her discussion with him -see even my daugther Sophia is scared of you, S**..!! hehehehehe.

Place was called "Market*Place"- behind restoran Kampung Pandan which incidentally is NOT in Kampung Pandan - so not a very clever name lah. We sat alfresco and ordered platters of food- basically its steak, lambchops and prawns and salmon all "susun"ed - placed- on a platter to be shared. I think Gauch*o Gri*ll also had the same concept- ?. Food was ok. Company was better- it was soo nice to see everyone from the old firm- most of whom are no longer at the firm- although I do believe the bond will always be there.It didn't feel like we've ever left actually! There were several new people who came along (new to me anyway) - most of the time they sat with a stunned expression - stunned at our loudness heheheh and probably thinking wow thank god I don't have to work with HER hehehehehehe

I had a good time and have to thank the organisers for the dinner. Now Im thinking - did I talk too much??(my main worry everytime after I meet up with my friends) and secondly- did I say anything I should not?? (gulp gulp?) Anyway it was a good night and hubby and kiddoes came along to fetch their wayward mom and wife at around 11 I think....

ok lah no more late nites..
Im such a bad mommy...I have not had a chance to tuck them in (read, yell at them to go to sleep) the whole I will go home early.

BUT WAIT!! Tonite got appointment to meet up with the maid "agent but not really an agent". Ie the friend's sister's officemate who will travel to the other country and bring me someone who is willing to help take care of house and kids for really very little pay . I have to ask her loads of questions about the process and part with RM2000- So I may balik lambat also.

Sigh nevermind, weekend ada.


I ada appointment during lunch on Saturday!!! Im making kimchi with my Korean Drama /BYJ Fan club ( kindly reserve all your comments) girls at the Zone! (What's a kimchi?- shhhhhh...) Im bringing cabbage! Can't be late for that- maybe I can book a room for the kids there ? At least they can lepak at the pool?

Sigh...takpalah , after that...I promise I will read to my kids at least one book for EACH of them, judge their rooms (thanks to Mak Z who told them to have a "best room" competition) and also play with them.



Cumulonimbus said...

Kimchi fried rice di hatiku. Korean Restaurant belakang Kinko's...**sighhh*

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! There's a korean drama club???


Superwomanwannabe said...

er actually ah ftm its a byj fan club.

bb said...

so that 'shila' from yokee's blog was really you :)

so, was it fun? your first time? hehe, and how was the kimchi?

Superwomanwannabe said...

hee bb - it was fun ! And I can relate to the kimchi - fishsauce and chilly powder- sure its not malaysian in origin?? hee hee ! Have to do it again!

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