Thursday, November 01, 2007

Parents Day

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that my parents came over to the office yesterday. Officially they are now my clients. Anyway I had to call in extra help as my dad would not listen to what I was saying . He was telling me that he had eaten a lot more salt than me, and when I was a tiny baby crawling around in diapers he had battled with evil people in the jungle (he was in the armed forces) so don't lah perasan that I am creverer than him one.....

Anyway my colleague told him exactly what I said hee hee hee. But since its my colleague he could not lah jegilkan mata or what hehehehe. Hope we can do the best for my parents' issue. A lot of bad bad people out there kan.

Their interview took so long that it reached lunch time. So I said I'd take them out to lunch lah. I wanted to show off Pavillion - hahaha as if it was my personal property. I myself have not gotten around to see all the shops. I only glimpsed Tan*gs yesterday. And yesterday I had tea with my hubby at this romantic (not) place called Pasta mania- ok that's the next posting.

So anyway we were walking down and my mom was saying eh tak payah susah susah lah - don't trouble yourself. something cheap is ok...I said that if they don't fancy Pavillion, I'll take them to ina*giku, Its just down my office and its really nice and not too over the top lah. My dad said to me kau ada duit ke girl? (Do you have any money ?).. etc etc In the end I said "We can go to the mamak (indian) shop if you want! There's a stall just next to this building." After which my dad said " Babah nak japanese lah!" (I want Japanese) heehehehhehehe....parents , so difficult for them to accept anything from their kids eh.

Inag*iku is a bit of a sore spot for me, having made a scene a few months back- basically I so loved the garlic flakes that all of a sudden , after wallapping about oh- a big fistful of garlic flakes, I heaved and threw up in the napkin (3 napkins to be exact) - at the table- did not even get to go to the loo until everything was over, and I could wipe my mouth daintily , dust off the specks off my kebaya top (eeeuuuuu) and then walk (quickly) to the toilet.... My lunch buddy said I puked elegantly hee hee.

When I went back to the table my tray was cleared by some poor sod whom I was sure would curse me all his life. And I swore - never to eat garlic flakes? Eh no lah.- I swore never to go back to Inagiku until the waiter resigned . Heheheh

But because of my parents and because iNag*Iku is better than the other Jap place here, I terpaksa lah memberanie kan diri..... And stayed far far far away from garlic flakes.

Anyway its nice to be nice to your parents. My parents never accept our dinner invite or lunch invite or happy mothers day or happy fathers day or even happy blinking birthday- everything would be "makan kat rumah mami je lah" variety - dinner at mom's!

Ok lah back to work I go..

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