Tuesday, November 13, 2007


What would you do if you lose your husband ..

when you least expect it?

when there are so many commitments left?

when you really really need him to go to Pasar Tani?

when you are so used to have someone to whine to and nag ?

when you need someone to laugh at your very stupid joke or observation?

when your kids are bugging you and you need that extra parental support?

when you have a story to tell and best friend can't appreciate it (or its about that best friend hehehehe)

I cannot contemplate it. I cannot imagine to understand what a person would feel. I would go mad ? I would tear my hair out? I would cry and cry? I would slap the next person who tells me I have to be "strong"? I would talk to myself ? Yes I can imagine doing THAT. Just cause you're not around does not mean I cannot prattle on and on about stuff as if you still are. But..who's going to give out the hugs??

Would I pray for time to move faster , so that the pain lessens, or would I at the same time pray for time to stay still, so that his smell lingers around and his presence remains?

I feel for you , "D". For it would seem that you married and lost, your soul mate. And I cannot imagine losing my soul mate.

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WANSHANA said...

I can't even begin to think or imagine what I would do, or how I would cope...

But, reading this posting and also D's, has made me realise that I should always be grateful for all the little things in life, and that I should not take life for granted...

Thanks for the gentle reminder, dear.

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