Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Quickie (not)

Just a quick one.

Penang was great. Park Royal was lovely. Buffet was good. Having parents around was even better and not just because it allowed us to have a breakfast date together while the kids were sleeping. Batu Ferringghi was like Phuket- so many mat sallehs.

Visted my atok. He is my grandmother's youngest brother. From another father. My grandmother's mom, married the Tanjung Malim millionaire , Lal Mohammad, hailing from India/Pakistan??(I think Pakistan as Opah mentioned something about visiting Lahore) - he was the local roti tycoon in Tg Malim. Loads of property around there. One is being sold to some one for RM1.7 Million- aisay man, that's our heritage woit! (:-)

Anyway - then when Atok Lal passed away, my grandmother's mother - who by the way came originally from Indonesia and then Penang, married another mamak- Abdul Hai bin something. With her new husband , this roti madame, had 2 more kids, Opah Chu Bedah and Atok Mamak. Name- Nisha Rahmat bin Abdul Hai. This is on top of her 6 daughters already . My grandmother is the first daughter from the first husband. Atok Mamak was thoroughly spoiled by his sisters, by all accounts. He is now 56. So she has 7 daughters, 1 son, 3 roti factories. My great grandmother was the original superwoman man!!

We went to see Atok Mamak before he goes off for Hajj this 5th Dec. However, we did not expect that he would be poorly. The day we came back we kidnapped him and arrived home at 3 in the morning after taking him to see his sister (my grandmother) and then dropping him to his other sister (of same dad) house- the next morning we went to GH - got him admitted. He has severe heart failure. My husband told me a lot more things but I think wanshana's hubby would understand more!! His kaki (feet) were very bengkak - and his tummy very keras (hard)...am glad he's in KL now. He's going for a lot of tests....and to him, my husband is an angel. But apparently he has been asked to go to K by EVERBODY before but he refused. MY husband asked and he went. Maybe he was feeling really ill. Anyway Atok, hope you get better soon.

Ok not that short lah this posting.


Channel 11.5 said...

mamak amad mmg degil. Dari dulu lagi. Mama pun dah penat leter kat dia. I hope he will get well soon. Aunty Da tepon I on Monday and updated all the stories including aunty namah's scene at aunty yot house. Hope everyone will get better soon. I'm feeling sick too.... of work! banyak benda la nak kena settle by Friday! I hate datelines! take care kaklong

WANSHANA said...

Hope your Atok Mamak is feeling better now. Is he still going ahead with the planned Haj pilgrimage?

I doakan he'll be well and fit untuk beribadah, but, if health-wise he doesn't have rezqi to perform Haj this year, insya Allah he can do it next year.

Kita hanya merancang, and if our plans do not materialize, ada hikmahnya, insya Allah.

Take care.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Aida

Yah lah everyone was telling me, how they kept asking him to go...he's been moved to the Medical ward now btw.

Superwomanwannabe said...


how true what you said about us planning and god determining what is good and right for us. He has been told that he cannot go..he is of course devastated..but i hope he does not blame us for taking him back to KL ..

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