Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What the Kids are Up to

Hi there! How's everyone? (rasa macam stand up comedian pulak)

Life has been pretty hectic lately. It is of course , the school break. I have 5 kids at home. Without any computers as UPM has asked for their laptop back and I use mine for the office and our desk top is still at the other place. (but is not that great anyway) so kids have to resort to their own resourcefulness in finding activities to do.

But boy are they resourceful! Aside from the now daily affair of cycling round the house, there has been:

1. Tango competition ("partners must be human")
2. Story telling competition (winner will get "payed" RM2 )
3. Fashion show
4. Baking - so far have done apam (which looked like jelly) - pizza (not bad) and muffins (I think)

The first three I know from the posters they put up in the dining area - ie on the A4 paper. Siap decorate and have drawings , AND "advertisement" !! - one poster has a pic of a lady with something and the words "Maybeline- because you're worth it" written in red. Hahahahahaha... I think my kids are wonderful. Hee hee hee.

Yesterday they are on their way to being Ustaz and Ustazahs..We registered them at a local (paying) religious school What we liked was there are only 20 per class, swimming and tae kwon do is compulsory, there are options for archery and badminton etc, and they try to push living an Islamic life holistically, ie live right wiht the right values - not just concentrate on the fire and hell and brimstones etc . They are also big on academia- apparently follow some Singapore books .

So yesterday all 5 of them sat for "entrance exams" - consisting of MAths, English and Bahasa Malaysia and also some testing on their existing religious knowledge. Johan will go to an "Advanced" kindie which is pretty funny as he has not been attending any proper kindi for the last 4 months. The others did ok and as expected. They are pretty chuffed to go there, there are loads of noisy kids there (hey they are kids after all!)

Nadine has been given a choice of attending the SPM classes or the O Levels Classes. I would like her to attend the SPM classes while her dad wants her to attend both. If things don't work out , she's going to have to go back into mainline schooling and I don't think she can do it with her O Levels.

Now the mother of these future ustaz and ustazah is under pressure to be equally a muslimah..


Channel 11.5 said...

hehehehe. I like the last sentence. Aunty Aida is under pressure too.

I hope the kids will enjoy the school break.

eh, nak ticket for kak minah tak? I need her details.

fifi said...

How wonderful Shila! Is this Bazlan/Azah punya estb? I know they also have a share in something similar? Cobrats to Nadine on her excellent results!Love to the kids

fifi said...

I meant congrats..! Not cobrats, duh!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Fifi! I didnt know abt Bazlan and Azah having any shares in Adni but I'll check!

Yeah thanks for the cobratulations hahahaha

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