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Thanks everyone for all the congrats wishes for Nadine...

She is well chuffed, bak kata omputeh. I came home and Sara was complaining that Nadine berlagak (show off) all day - I told Sara, you can also do it Sara. And let Nadine show off today.

Well, at one point, worried that I may be pushing the ""A" is best" mentality I said to Nadine," Oh well, if you had gotten less than 5 A we will still love you". We'll go on and on abt it but we'll love you..no lah...Also I said, you must make sure that you truly understand the lessons you learnt and not just study to pass exams.

Ahahahahahahahakkkks..well kids if you read your mom's blog today you will now know that those are all bull***....heheheheheh.I was so happy whenever my exams ended that I was not at all bothered about trivial matters like remembering the things I learnt!! heheheheheh! When my results were bad I was worried about what my parents would think, rather than what I feel about it. So in the end as a mom, I was determined that my kids study and want to do well because they want to and not because of what mommy thinks .

You are your best motivator, ok kids!!

We were discussing their character the other day, dad and I - and we thought that we do not have to worry abot Sophia, and Dahlia. Nadine , ada sikit playful but she succumbs to peer pressure (that school was all about peer pressure) . Sara, I don't know why but my perception is that she absolutely loathes studying, could excel if she wants to but is too creative to be bothered with such boring stuff like MATHS. She hates not doing well though even though she hates to study. Sophia got no 25 recently and is demoted to a lower class (ada ke- oi, she's only 8 , can demote ke?) but we are not bothered too much as her results are all A. The difference between no 1 and no 25 is 4 marks.

Dashat betul sekolah depa.

Next year????

WEll, thanks Mak Z for the offer of using up your cucu quota... but her dad and I (ie, me only and will try to convince dad) , don't think we will send them to boarding school yet....maybe at the age of 15? IS this the wrong decision?? I can't imagine not having my kids with me, but my mom said I'm selfish and she is better off with some sort of structure in her life (ie, are u saying i am very kelam kabut mom?? wonder what gave you that idea??) hehehehehe...
So ADNI it is..(it its not full)


Anonymous said…
if you got chance, let her golah... don't hold her back...

Lan0stZz said…
heard that ADNI is great. hore riding..swimming ppool. i pun nak masuk camni!
ftm- possessive mom= smothered child?

lana- yahaa...!compulsory swimming and taekwando

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