Monday, December 31, 2007

Buletin pagi

Happy New Year !!!!

Heard that my fantastic management (love yah bosses mwah!!!) have decided that we can go off at half past four today...!! Yippeee!!

Some news:

1. My Opah has been admitted to GH - Ward 14 if any one wants to come. She has been in constant ever worsening pain for ages and I (and my mom) cant stand it and hubby has gotten her admitted so that they can check her out. Mom is merajuk with her sisters as noone told her that Opah was going, and actually I think that was our fault as we did not remember to let her know either! (i think hubby thought aunties would tell her and aunties think that we'd let her know).Mak I ni sensitif tau...

2. Congratulations to Azril and Emma on their wedding last Saturday! Sorry lah we all thought we can come with the boy's side (he's my cousin and Aida's brother) but terlambat- you all lah pi awai sangat!! hehehehe. balik dari Simpang Pulai we all import TIGA huge pomelos (limau bali)

3. Congratulations to my cousin Sha for her engagement - you look very nice in your dress..and we look forward to your May wedding. Again, we came in with your fiance's side, sorry.

4. To Zu, sorry the buddy system failed during the weekend. I ate (ahem- clears throat) nasi minyak (sikit) daging rendang, labu masak lemak (MY FAVOURITE) etc etc. Today I will start again.

5. To my cousin Kak Ng- again, you are NOT Fat and you do not have to lose 3 kg- she is about 5' 7 and she is 53 kg..ish ish ish.....

6. To my maid- next time I will not ASK you to follow me , and thus allowing you to refuse. I will do what my mom said and TELL you.

7. My kids (No 1-3) are with my mom and dad. No 4 and 5 went out with their Dad. And reported to me that it was much more fun without no 1-3 bossing them about. hahahhaha.

The end, for now...

Friday, December 28, 2007


I need a holiday.

Ive taken on too much lah I think.

I do a bit of translation on the side, btw. (have to cari makan mah- plus its fun -hahahahahaha - no its not.). I dabble, rather than do it fulltime (you can really make a living if you do it full time you know but lawyering sounds more posh hahahahaha) - jobs are few and far between, but when it comes it pours. Now someone needs something urgently - Dont I have enough sense to say no, you say. Well, I thought I could do it. But typically what was last week a sleepy time at the office has now erupted into major trauma- Sumer client nak chop chop. So what I do is I try to juggle. Malam, buat this translation thingy. Hence I am now at the PC. Siang, buat office work. How much longer can I do this, really , before I get burnt out. Tomorrow morning I can't even look at it. But my standard answer if you ask me if I'm busy is : NOT FOR YOU. Hahahahahahahaha.....!! Padan lah muke aku.

Plus moan moan, feel sorry for myself, I have to cook these days. Yes I feel better as I know my kids eat what I cook (or do they order pizza secretly?) . I'm googling "easy meals for the family" hahahahaha. And there ARE a lot of nuggets etc etc etc in the freezer.

Eh Bro in Ireland if you ever read this- WHEN ARE YOU GETTING MARRRIED????

Bro in Japan: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAH!!!!!! 26 dah adek I nie. Maybe we can go see you in Nagaoka. Biler lah tu?????????? Nak apa dari kaklong?? Cepat cakap!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


We spoil Johan. The other day he cried as hubby had promised that he would come back early, to take him to play football on the "big field". Hubby came home at 7-30 pm. He cried in the phone to me and complained that "Daddy always breaks his promise". (mana belajar words like that??) Said Daddy felt guilty enough (although muka maintain macho) to take Johan out on a mysterious outing, coming home with a pistol tembak tembak. Johan was happy.

We really cater to him. I have also promised him his choice of toys at Toysrus,and the rest are protesting loudly. So---Ok everyone gets toys.( I am really the model of "How NOT to raise your kids"-) bribery is rife in my home although you can always justify it as incentive...

Kids are getting personal tuition tonite. Ie this teacher coming home to give a crash course on BM Science and Maths. It's just for Sara but at RM120 per WEEK maybe I should let the teacher supervise my other kids. Plus Sara may feel victimised. It does not help that Sophia was laughing hysterically when we said the teacher's coming for Sara. Let's see what she says when I tell her it's for her too. Hehehhehehe

Cikgu Ustaz dah berenti- have to go to Kedah.. got another job. But there is a new uztaz coming. Maybe I should also re-learn - Do I have to start at Iqra 1 ?? Hehehhehehe. Sara pun nak katam dah..Sophia pun dah jauh quran..bagus lah but hope can maintain lah.

Die or Diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sis In Law and I have started this "Buddy System" where we tell each other on a daily basis, what we eat, what we do for exercise. This is because I have gained about oh- 10 kg since I worked in Happiness & Co where there are SO MANY choices for lunch. My sis in law also thinks she is big (she is not) .

Anyway its the second day and I'm allready failing. Her list includes "wheatgrass" "papaya" and "yoga". Mine includes "keropok lekor". Maybe I should lie. I'm trying to suggest "marital exercise" (heheheheh) as a legitimate exercise but so far it's been met with silence from her. . Heheheheh. But it helps - definitely, as I know I have to tell her what I eat, so I therefore, think about what I eat, and therefore I don't eat what I would normally eat. (I can't tell her "double swiss mushroom burger" - malu lah!).

But I will take her advice , and NOT get depressed. Just be motivated. If SHE can do it, so can I. I'm going to go shop for LOADS of healthy munchies today, I promise. Like- er..celery? Sengkuang ? and reduce carbo intake. Tonite have told hubby that we will have grilled protein for dinner. (Fish?Prawns?) It's true- my diet is very carbo-heavy so far.

Motivation- wedding of an OLD friend. 36 , eligible, good family, finally getting hitched this new year, to a 27 year old GORGEOUS girl who reminds me of "Yasmin Watchaaaa!!" whenever she speaks. really really getting old....She is by the way thin as a stick ( I took perverse delight in telling her that being too thin may harm chances of conceiving)- but tells me I am "fine". Don't you hate that about thin people?? That they refuse to let you wallow in your sense of fatness???

People, I am NOT imagining this increase in weight- my brassier size has increased! This is not because I am extra voluptious, but because I have boobies at the back as well as in the front! Heheheheheh! So I AM Motivated. and from now on my list to Sis In Law will say "Celery Stick with salt" or "1 hour swimming"..heheheh (and maybe an occassional "J Co donut")


Monday, December 24, 2007

Musix n Lyrix

I caught HUGH GRANT and DREW BARRYMORE in Music and Lyrics and I LOVED IT!

Never knew old Hugh could sing and that cheesy song "Pop Goes My Heart" is so catchy that its playing in my house over and over again, on account of all of my kids liking it (I did hear someone going "pop goes my fart" though) . Johan kept asking me to click on (ie the you tube thing) to watch it.He said he liked to watch it as Hugh Grant was "handsome". I told Dad this and he said, Jo also asked to play soccer on a field after watching AC Milan so he's not worried. Jo will grow up to be a metrosexual guy (whatever THAT is)

Actually if you guys want a light believable romantic comedy, with witty lines- Hugh being given lines that you'd think he wrote himself, and Drew not quite the heroine you picture but then somehow it works. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. Another song I like was "Way back into love". I am so tak terror to put up a vid here, so here's the link

Pilah tengok...!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Moms With Kids

Okay to my officemates(officemate, rather) who reads this, I was SO close to the office last Friday. But because I was on honest to goodness annual leave- not MC, not EL, and therefore not actually required to be at the office, I was able to NOT drop by office, or call, or even think of the office, without feeling ANY guilt!!! That's fanTAStic!!!

Sis in Law and her children, and me with the brood, went in my "grannnnnnggggggging" van (really lah, go send this car to the workshop allready hubby) into town . We took them swimming at noon (thank god it was not so hot) . We lunched on leftover Nasi Himpit and Rendang . Zu and I took turns yelling at our kids to NOT drown please. Cqistina tested her mom's patience by constantly venturing into the deep side - she stopped when she found water getting in her mouth and leaving her spluttering..poor baby..!

Then, we took ONE hour to turn around to Pa*vill*ion. It could have been done in 5 minutes, had we simply walked from the pool to Pa*villi*on instead of taking the car out. I just LOVE to pay more parking fees, that's why.

Since it was so jammed, we stopped at this place called "Be*ryl's Cho*colate Fa*ctory". One of those obvious tourist traps that I always pass by and think to myself "one day I will take the kids there". There is a lobby area where they are SUPPOSED to teach you about how cocoa turns into fat on your thighs. But it was only when we insisted, that they come and give the lecture . Otherwise, it was Taste and Nag your Mom to Buy Session.

But I tell you, it was heavenly - all kinds of chocs (all made by Beryllah) were there. Mint and Coffee, Expresso, Rock Melon, Durian . I bought Durian, Apple, Mango, Rockmelon and another Durian. We must have tasted so many. There was a big ginger bread house there too.

We finally reached the P*av*illion. Mak Oiiii ramai orang. We headed to Ti*mes bookstore. On the way, we got Daya and Sophia's school bag from "Girls" shop, (whatever happened to Globe Silk Store) and Tina had a new skirt (rather unplanned for). There we waited for Dad who walked from HIS office (forced to go there as it was noticed that he was more in GH than he shd be). Dad came and then we ALL had to go home.....aawwwwwww (kids lah, I was like "Yay! Penat nak matiiiii" )

We did stop by Dad's new office for a quick (frowned upon by all the night staff) tour. Ada gambar which is available on request. Hee hee.

All in all, a good day.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Sister in law and family (sans hubby) are waiting at her house for us to come and get them so we can go swimming. I am on leave today - I had thought that we were going off to Kluang for Hari Raya but then tak jadi. My in laws (who came up on Sunday) decided to go back for Eid on the eve of Eid, instead of celebrating it with us in KL as Dad in Law is needed by the mosque committee (3 people have recently died who would normally be helping out. Slightly bad timing)

So yesterday, we went off in the a.m to visit my grandmother, and had a reunion for my aunties and cousins(mom's side). Then we received a call to say auntie M (hubby's) was in front of our house, please come home, so we rushed back. Not before I had imported food from my grandmother's place - thank you aunties !!! As there was nothing cooked in my house. Ye lah. no maid, mind not attuned yet to the fact that if I don't cook, there is no food. (The other day I forgot to leave lunch so I asked Nadine to order pizza)

Came home, Mak M turned up a bit later and asked what was I planning to cook. When I told her, angel that she is really, in disguise, she decided to cook Ayam Rendang Pedas, a dish I have always known as Ayam masak kuali and also this delicious dish called Sotong Basah in Sambal Kacang (tak tau den apa in English- huge wet squid in peanut chilly sauce?) . Other dishes were lodeh, acar buah (import) , dendeng (import from mom) , kari (opah's), korma for the dieting (ie not enough santan- that was me) and also ketupat, ketupat daun palas, nasi impit and nasi tomato

Mak M , Mak Z, Sis in law, my parents, my dad's brother all came we had a nice Raya gaklah, IZAN where were you lah?? Kata nak datang? There is still loads of food if you want to pop by.

I'm really thankful for the help. I am not confident around masakan melayu. Sounds like mengada, I know, but many a times, my cili tak "keluar minyak" , my santan pecah , and either I overestimate or underestimate the timing- My preferred and ideal masakan dishes are- ie, get in , get it in the kuali, get out. Anything with tomato sauce and kicap- fantastic. I do a mean chicken pie, and the matsalleh -bung it in the oven- dishes.

Eh I better go lah, Sis in Law will be F-U-R-I-O-U-S if Im late. You do NOT want to incur her wrath, and despite years being married to the my husband's sibling , both of who belive that time is elastic, she is NOT patient (Dia lambat takpa, HER sister in law is an angel..... heheheheheheh )jangan kids are upstairs lah getting ready.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007



Not too sure if happy or not, but basically when I was waiting for the result (ie in a nanosecond) I prayed that God gives me whatever is best. I mean, I would love to have another little precocious kid around who will grow up and demand that I buy her/him either a motorcycle or a stabilo "premium" pencil colour costing RM16 and not the Tesco one costing RM1.99. But on the other hand, I AM 38, and had miscarried 3 times, so health reasons ..maybe not such a good idea.

Why the sudden concern? All attributable to 2 things- my officemate remarking that I look "unusually" fat, and my friend whom I visited over the weekend having had her last child while she was on IUD (she still has no idea where the IUD went) . Then I thought about the symptoms which I have been putting down to being ill, ie aches and etc etc, and 2+2 = go get pregnancy kit.

Of course Husband objected. After vehemently saying "No lah you can't possibly be pregnant" and then graduated to "Eh best jugak dapat baby" , he said "If you are pun, takyah go buy the kit- if you have a baby at the end of 9 months, means you pregnant lah tu"

And that folks have been his stance since Nadine. right down to Johan. And baby post Johan yang tak jadi tu.

Hish hish of course I went off to buy lah. Bought a cheapo one costing RM7.90 and then it came out with NO line. The kit says if no line, the test is "invalid". Went back to the shop and told them this is invalid and wanted a replacement. The pharmacist boy asked me if I had droppe 3 urine drops on the area. Boy, I can assure you that I did. Then he called the sales people. One very heavily pregnant woman came out and told me, (hahahahahaha this is sooo funny) that no line means negative. I pointed out the instructions which said that if one line appears on the stick, you are not pregnant, you are just fat, but if 2, you are on the way to become a 6th time mommy. She said no, if one line,it means your period is just around the corner. Apa tu ah? Toksahlah ko temberang aku lah....Short of it, is that I left , and went straight to another pharmacy. And bought one that is double the costs, but so good that before I could put the test down the results came out.

And the result is: I am not pregnant, I am just fat.

So I will just have to be content with cooing and aaah-ing over other people's offspring. Haq- hope this answers your question! Hehehehehe. BTW- heard that Nut is still up?.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Not talked about the kids for awhile.

Sophia called Dahlia the other day. Dahlia was sitting in front of the telly. Sophia was in the bathroom, then came out , hands akimbo:

"Dahlia, may I speak with you for a minute?"

Dahlia: Waaaaaaaaaat??

Sophia: Who put the shampoo in the toilet bowl?

Dahlia: Not me! (And that is the universal answer to all questions, btw)

Sophia: Well, only two people use this bathroom, Dahlia, you , and me.

Hee hee hee...Dahlia never did own up..but what was funny to me, is the way my Makcik Daughter Sophia reprimands her sister. Even I don't say "May I speak with you for a minute?"

Then, There is Sara. The other day ashik nak marah...Her brother accidentally saw her having a bath (yes...."accidentally" pushed the toilet door- guys evidently start early with this "accident" hehehe) and Sara yelled and yelled. A bit overreacting, I thought.

So I sat her down and we had a nice long chat that ended up with her sobbing and saying she feels so persecuted because her mummy is always blaming her for everything,and when she smack/hit/punch etc her brother/sister/the door, etc I am always angry with her when actually there is always a good reason for her to do so. Basically, Sara does not tell tales. When she gets annoyed, she does not tell me. She would take action. And the recipient of her action, will tell me, and I will of course, be mad at her.

So both of us will change, She will be more of a tattle tale and let me be the Enforcer (or equaliser), and I will stop before I jump on my sensitve second born. BTW Johan felt really bad and came and apologised to Sara

Heeeee.. today I will conduct a group therapy when every one of them will do a list of ten best qualities of the other .

(I read this in Readers' Digest). In the meantime, I have to go pee on a stick guys.

Hi there....

Life is back to normal normal as it can get lah with 5 adults and 5 kids in the house (and the 2 fish and the one cat and the monkeys (not ours)

Yesterday is however very the kelamkabut. Woke up at 3 am, hubby did not sleep at all as (a) there was football and (b) he was copying down on to an Xcell Sheet every single number in his handphone. It was more attractive than the prospect of bed, but then again I was attired in my loose faded caftan. Hey comfort IS sexy what. (ok note to self- invest in some new pajamas. Cant wear lingerie- tak reti. Plus rumah banyak nyamuk)

Anyway 5 am we left for KLIA. Minah brought 2 huge bags containing orang kot and one heavy handluggage. All the way I told her eh Im not confident can lepas, but we shall see.

Once we were there, there was a queue so long that it brought to my mind J Co donuts. Anyway there was another maid on her own going back to Surabaya and interviewing Minah. I told Minah dont give any of your real details away. That maid (Faridah) said she was in Msia for 5 years when all of a sudden she was told to go back. She also dont know why...Ye lar tu..tu yang tercongok tunggu dia tu siapa then? Bopren lah tu...

Anyways just before it was our turn, I said to Minah which bag are you willing to leave if its too heavy. She said , neither, But then I said nanti kena bayar nanti! And she said, pay lah. Anyway, when it was our turn (7.25 am and the flight was at 8.15) - it was discovered that Minah's bags were 24 kg over limit. She was supposed to bring 20kg, she brought 44kg. Geram tak you,I kan dah kata....and she said can she take some out. She had another bag ready rupanye! She was prepared for this and just hentam je with the excess luggage incase MAS allows. Mate, even if org MAS tu nak bagi can, sikit boleh lah, allow 24 kg excess - maybe not. Anyway after she had taken out towels etc, she was 7 kg overlimit (ye ke tu I think the counter guy, En SHAMSUL, bagi lagi free kilos) - she had to go pay something like RM200). I virtually pushed her through the departure gate at 8 o'clock! Left the building at 8.20 am. Meeting at half past 9. Thank goodness for the new Putrajaya KL highway...( but a lot of running and a lot of puffing )

Oh by the way she just called me now.....she arrived and she will give me her number later...All her bags were ok.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Apa lagi, cerita Maid lah.

Today I stayed home, deciding that 3 days of dull headache and sore throat is enough, it's time to take a break and stay home. I don't think the kids liked it much- they had to abandon their free playing and squeeze in their lessons. (Hah! "Lessons" sounds so Alice in the Wonderland kan?)

Anyway in the evening went to send Maid No 1 back to her aunt's place. Went shopping wiht her first. Gave her a wad of cash - she bought Milo, coffee, deodorants etc etc etc... I guess she's going to miss the stuff she has been consuming over here for the last 7 years eh.

Hubby said that the new 2nd maid should also come along so , against everyone's advice, we took this newly minted maid , out. (everyone said not to , not until she's been with me for a month or so).

So maid no 2 is pushing the trolley with a pained expression on her face. I bought her her necessities etc etc (including towels). Kids are with the father , supposedly waiting in the car. I took the chance to get some groceries for the house.

I reached the car- no one was around! Kids and dad came later- and guess what? Dad had also bought groceries..tsk tak ikut plan betol. So now we have 2 huge bottles of coffee etc etc. (We can never do Amazing Race)

Then we went for dinner. We ordered satay for all. Because it was very late, (9.10! My kids were starving and I heard complaints that Sara was eating tissue) I ordered and did not even ask what each of the maids wanted. Husband was concerned that it may not be enough for the maid, Throughout dinner he kept fretting about what the maids would eat, whether they like sate whether they wanted more chicken..He kept asking me to ask them, and then before we went he asked them whether they were ok, and if they wanted more food. I should get a job with this man. ARGHHHH...

Husband is treating my maids like guests. Which is ok except I just wish he would realise that they are not necessarily poor people for whom we should feel sorry for. They have come here to work and for whatever they can get out of us. Yes, we have been lucky with the first maid - she stayed with us for 7 years but then, why wouldn't she? (Warning, "berkira" session ahead!!:-))

We gave her cash in her hand, we send her back to her uncle and family's house at least once a month, (she has quite a large family here and they are spread out in KL.)she was always with her family every eid for every year (she has to go visiting more than us) , and every public holiday and basically everytime we go anywhere she would ask to go back to her family' place rather than coming along. She was not stupid: any holiday with us, would fall under the category of work. Having said that, we took her to Redang, Tioman, Penang, and some islands (she went to Genting herself) ..I'm not begrudging her all that, but what Im geting at is, basically - she did not have a hard life ok! Anything extra burdensome, she gets paid for it. So I think we were nice to her. She was equally lucky to get us. (Ok ok I am aware that I have 5 kids and it was not that easy to look after them then. Go along with me here )

We plan to be equally nice to this new maid but then, I am constantly aware, that this is a stranger , who said to me that she has never worked before but then has a 2 year old passport, who said she was 22 but who told my 8 year old Sophia tht she is 10 years older than her, etc etc. I don't carelah if you were a trapeze artist in your past life but if you are here to work, I will accept you. But I remain wary and will not trust you 100% yet lah.

As opposed to Mr Social Worker ....Personally I think we should not be too naive and think they are lesser well-off guests when the truth is they see us as money bags. (hey Minah did too)..what say you. Of course he thinks I'm too hard and employer from hell and if he is too nice, so be it. He said I am trying to tell him how to behave. I tell him I am only poiting out to him he should not be too nice and gentle and solicitous with the maids in case they think we are so approachable.

We had an argument about how nice he was. And then we had an argument about how we should not argue. We had another argument about how each of us argue. This is me- "We are an extension of each other , we are not on opposite sides..why are you always aiming to "win" - Can't you just see things from my side?" This is him- "Are you saying I have to agree with you all the time?" that what I was saying?? I guess !! Hahahahahaha...married life..dontcha love it. (Yes in an ideal world a spouse should be the other person's partner, support, ally, etc and yah, an extension of you (as far as possible!) Why shd you be less than honest with your partner or less than kind? - This does not mean I am for being attached at the hip (really, it doesn't. really.Please believe me)

Tomorrow I will regret posting this personal insight on my beautiful relationship (of course we / he/ whatever- apologised allready - I can't bear negative vibes) and will try to delete it. Or not.

Anyway my maid no 1 has asked me to fetch her from Uncle' place on Sunday - her flight is on monday morning, at 8. She has to come back as her taxi have to go and send her mah!!! (at crack of dawn some more) -It was not even an issue- of COURSE we would send her.. sigh...we are such slaves to maids.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Emails !!!!!!!!!!


A bit of a rant on general emails.

We used to have to deal with crank calls. Now we get emails on various subjects which always end with - Please forward this to xxxx number of people if not you will (a) have bad luck (b) be infected with a mysterious disease etc etc.


Yesterday I got an email about a CNN announcement on a virus which will delete your sector zero etc. And my facebook pun ada message about thinking of a wish while reading the collection of stories etc. 90% of the messages in my Facebook are now forwarded emails. It's tiring as my friends are not personal anymore...I'd love a proper how are you message sometimes. Although I guess I have to be glad that you are thinking of me when you forwarded it to me. Well, when you are clicking "Send to all" , I mean. Heheheheheh

Ok you know what I do these days?Whenever I get any emails warning me of anything dire, or even a story - I copy and paste the entire email, and google it. Almost invariably, it will turn out to be :

a. a hoax email or an urban legend
b. around for years - eg the CNN one has been around for 6 years! Likewise the Bill Gates wanting to give us money (hahahahah!! I wish!!) one. (Yang kelakarnye, the ones who forwarded it to me are from Financial sectors!)

I would suggest to all my friends, to do the same. Tommy Hillfiger did NOT say what he was supposed to have said in Oprah show. He did not even appear in Oprah at that time. There was no person in British Airways who was so rude to the black guy and insisted to be moved and in the end the black guy got upgraded to first class.

Check all emails like this with websites such as

Also, whenever you get emails on "halal" status- why not call the officer in charge and verify it? Don't just believe it wholeheartedly or even forward it to your friends without verification. It can actually damage the company's reputation if it was not true. Free free dapat dosa. (sin!)

Talking about dosa..I try now not to forward emails which embarrass any particular person. Ok ok I know a certain Datuk S dressed funnily recently but no need lah to send email to everyone laughing about her..not nice ok! And I don't feel nice to forward it also. How about the postmortem pics of Nurin? That's absolutely disgusting. But what is also sad is how many of us read and forward the emails. No one forwarded it to me, I am glad to say...maybe I've been ranting out loud.

Ok this rant is now over..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Once in a while I feel broody.
Yah I know, I allready have 5 beautiful , very vocal, very memeningkan kepala, very LOUD kids. But the youngest is allready five, and since the PS2 arrived, no longer wants to cuddle wiht his mommy. In fact last nite, I held out my arms for a hug and he said "tsk. Only one hug ok mummy?, as he was going to start his PS2 game. And last nite even Daya and Sophia had little time for me- they were engrossed in "Boggle" - my favourite past time at Uni dulu dulu. (I still play it on line sometimes). Tak achi gak as Daya knows less words than Sophia.

And to top it off, my friends have just had a baby (Dad of four +1) and she is soo adorable. Went over this morning and sempat lah menggomol her, She is so cute you want to just eat her up. Siap senyum senyum lagi kat kita, you.

Yeah I do miss that baby smell..

Coincidentally, TV pun reflect this- The not very funny comedy "Yes Dear" had the wives wanting to have more kids,to the horror of the bapaks. The wives recollected the baby years fondly while the husbands remembered the stark reality of it. In the end, one of the character decided that it was not that she was broody, but rather that she could not face the fact that her children are growing up and no longer need her.

Tu pun betul gak kot..Maybe its true for me. I have to face the fact that my children are growing up, and now no longer need me, and its time to look forward and save for their future, (and in the short term, for their books) rather than look back and yearn for the time where we have babies to cuddle and kids to hang around our skirts. However, at the moment, I have to be contented that my belly is still the number one attraction for bedtime- mat salleh read bedtime stories to put the kids to sleep, we malaysians offer our body parts , hahahahaha... But not for long, I'm sure....

Maybe DadofFour+1 will let us baby sit his Hajar one day. ...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I just came back from a "forum" at the Mandarin Oriental. My boss said to be there by half past 8. I could not sleep last nite (after one coffee) - stayed up to watch this movie called "Sarah- Plain and Tall" about this woman who came as a "trial wife" to a man and his 2 kids in the country. Oh sedih dan menyentuh hati 'tol.

Anyway woken up (shoved, rather) by husband at 10 to 8. I got ready at 8. I was halfway down when I heard the car pull out. Husband keluar - beli ayam!! Of course, I was dancing around in the living room , panicking that I would be late. He came back 8.20 am. And I was supposed to be there at half eight. I no longer got mad. Its not worth it lah, kan. Lagi pun,i find once you are in the meeting/seminar/forum etc and you are seated, it does not matter that you are late. AND malaysians are always never punctual. But of course I did not tell Husband that , but at least it cools you down and lessened my panic. It also helped that I called MO and found out it actually starts at 9!! He hehehehehe...

My whole married life is littered with either of us making the other person late. (Often, he makes me late) - did I tell you about the time I almost missed being called to the Bar in the UK? Or how I was nikah-ed abt 3 hours later than scheduled? Amazingly, none of the children from his loins arrived in this world late! Heheheheheh..

Takpa lah...he made sure my glasses and handphone are in my bag and my laptop is in the takleh lah marah..

Seminar was good btw. Torn btw networking or makan - Mandarin Oriental, oi!! In the end- makan!!! :-)

Kids - all got into Adni.. Books & Uniform time (Husband just paid half my salary to registration and said we'll buy books next year heheheheheh). All are at home, playing PS2 (finally dapat from dad)


Friday, December 07, 2007

Sleepless Night because....

Am reading this book called "Made in America"- Once I pick up a book, I don't put it down until I (a) finish it or (b) nod off or (c) get honked by the car at the back.

It's by Bill Bryson and it's about americanism...language , history , style, trend Americanism, America the State, and how it all began. Although we have not been taught American history in school, you know, we know more that we think we do. I bet we have all heard the words "Four scores and 7 years ago...." and I'm sure we know that 4th July is celebrated as the Independence Day of the states. What is interesting is Bill , in his very selamba- dok style, explained how it all began despite all the hype that we got. For example, its not the 4th but the 2nd of July. And you know the story abt George Washington and the one where he cut down the cherry tree (I cannot tell a lie) - well apparently that was all made up! A fake!

And it is very interesting to find out the origins of words we have become so used to - like "OK" (first used in 1839) and the dollar sign.. and did you know that the word "Lengthy " and "influential" are all american?

Ok stop yawning. Its in-te-rest-ing, I tell you . Anyway I could not sleep last night. At 1 in the morning I I pulak yang terkebil kebil....worry about my friend who's off to Haj today- ALL THE BEST TO YOU!!!

Apart from the book I also caught up with Grey's Anatomy (seriously that Meredith's whine...ish at 2 a.m it can get to you) - and Heroes (eh what what happened?) and also HEy PAULA- and I LiKE paula!! She's fun! Although a bit of a diva- what the heck , she cannot travel unless in comfortable jeans and she got mad at her assistant for not packing the jeans she liked - oh well she IS Paula, can afford to be DIva.

Eh ok lah. It IS still working hours (although can I say that I wrote this ages ago at home??)

Anyway take care, have a nice weekend.

Oh yeah

- missing my brother. How are you?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Reflection (pre End of Year)

Takdalah apa sangat nak blog. Its already December and in about 3 weeks we would have reached the end of the year. It would have been my fourth year without being pregnant- (wow, achievement tu). Have I been a better person? Have I been a busier person? I wish I can say I'm ending the year in the Holy Land like my dear friend FTM (Thinking of you now, please don't panic, you will be fine) .Like someone I know said, Haji New York dah pergi, Haji Bombay Ive done, Haji proper I have yet to do. I.e, we had the money to go to all those places but not do the Haj.

Let's concentrate on the good stuff. I still have my husband and kids.And parents. A lot to be grateful for. We are all healthy except for husband who has been complaining of a viral illness since Sunday (physician, heal thyself, they say!) - Aiyoo teruk lah orang tua demam...grumpy sini sana. Air tumpah pun macam nak telan kita. (Tapi kejap je lah) .

Moved house- but still got to do the "fencing" of the house. I did not really think it was necessary , except that Nadine told me yesterday that she felt herself pushed while in bed, alone, at about 12 am. and she thought it was because she did not do her Isha prayers yet.. Sara complained that she was praying and herfeet were showing and then suddenly her sarong was pulled down. I must say that if it is supernatural it must be feeding off the energy left by my mom in law hahahahahah....

Anyway I asked my mom to call this Ustaz to do the cleaning of the house (from spirits etc) Husband is ok with the theory but cannot understand the pepper and the limau purut and the rock salt which the Holy man will sprinkle around the house as part of the cleaning process.

HIndraf- can I not say anything ? A very close friend of mine is Hindu. But one thing , I must have been living under a very small coconut shell as I never realised the Govt practised Arpatheid against the Indians. Sigh... why can't we all get along.....

Kids tuition- I discovered there is no intensive reading course that would take Johan for a month. So its up to mom lah...I tested the kids' knowledge of royal terms in the car the other day, and was thwarted by dad's silly jokes. Eg, I asked what is "gering" (royal for sick) and dad said "Dry" . What about "Semayam"(sitting) . Dad said it meant praying. And what about "bertitah"? (giving a royal speech. Dad said titah is something that only Permaisuri has (think about it - its very gross heheheheh) . By the end of the "lesson" the kids were laughing about and there goes my effort at being a cikgu cikgu. Ish .

Anyway we shall hope that one of them will be Sasterawan Negara and their BM standard will reach the skies. Inshallah. (While the others are of course, doctors).

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Sara...!

Today is Sara's 10th birthday..(Blogger bodoh cannot post pics)


(What is the use of having a blog if one can't shamelessly plug one's own daughter eh)

Sara Rhianna Yasmin...the fastest born baby of the 5. Can't wait to come out, almost shot out at the corridor of Shrewsbury hospital but Ive allready posted on that. Sara, always in the shadow of Nadine (how do we convince her that she is special and unique)

There was no chance of us forgetting Sara's birthday- not because she was nagging us but because Dahlia and Sophia kept calling me at work, on the way back from work, counting down the days to Sara's birthday. Dahlia had giftwrapped something for her (Sophia complained that whenever Dahlia gives a present to any one , she never lets Sophia sees...).

Not that Sara did not have a looong list of what she wants for her birthday- it ranges from a new bed to a pet hamster . Of course, the camera, handphone and laptop are now regulars on birthday list (I saw the same on Sophia's list except on her list it was pink) . Sara also wrote that she wanted this doll called "Baby Alive" (in her list ada the word "tm" next to the word "Alive") . Did I mention she wanted to eat at Menara KL? Maybe we can do that tonite. Have icecream je lah since Im sure its dead expensive over there! Tak sedap pun kot? (case of sour grapes heheheheh)

We got her a couple of from Books Excess?Express ? (I forgot the name again lah Zu). I was thinking of buying gold. Except now the kids are not allowed to wear them to school .

Today, dad hauled all of them to the hospital (Sara , Dahlia and Jo had a dentist apptment) and then they all came to visit Mommy to have a birthday lunch together. Mommy took them to Pavillion lah of course. By the time we finally decided what to eat it was 15 to 2. And I start work again at 2. Sigh...I missed not having to look at my watch (i mean, handphone, as I don't own a watch) for the time. We settled on "ISLAND BISTRO" on the 2nd level at Tangs (a friend suggested the Kampachi cafe which also looked good) - nasi ayam singapore , kueteow seafood and crayfish, i had the asian platter (fuchook goreng, so oon goreng) . Johan and Birthday girl had fish and chips and Dahlia insisted on chicken nugget and insisted that she eat that with chopstick. Everyone had icecream sundae and Sara had oreo cake (which everyone wanted a piece of) .

I had to dash off by half past 2. I am so blardie LURUS!!!! Couldn't I just skive?? Or come back at 3??? Left the kids with the husband in Pavillion. I think they are swimming now. SIgh...its such a wonderful day lak tu..(as long as you are in the aircond office lah. kat luar panas terik)

SO Sara,hope you are enjoying yourself, we love you very much, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY again.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Over the weekend, we went to Amcorp Mall.. BESTNYEEEEE..

Its a place with loads of little stalls , selling second hand and home made goods. Almost like a flea market. Oh? It IS a fleamarket? Anyway we have vowed to go there again. Sans kids. Dad wanted to shop and stopped at every store he saw but I wanted to get my five kids away from there and was hassling him to get going. Honestly allready I am paranoid, wiht Nurin case I get even more scared.

We went to Books Express. I love that shop!!! Very very very expensive books at a fraction of the price! We got a lot of books . 2 of Bill Bryson the all time favourite travel (and others) writer, Sophia got a comic book of Lizzie Mg Guire- I guess she IS reading. Sara got something on nature she swears she will read, and a "Letterwriting Kit" . Nadine got a couple of tween books. Dah besar...Soon she is on love books eh. to you later....

Saturday, December 01, 2007

MAID Update

I now can pretend I am a tai tai... I have 2 maids..heh heh heh. Jangan jeles....

Let me tell you that I feel rather redundant. It seems to me that all I do from Monday to Friday is go to work, and come home. Play with the kids. Sleep. I don't even have to cook. Or even clean the house! This blog should be retitled the Superuselesswoman. Or ..Superwomanwannabe- Not.

Anyway this is a temporary situation only. It's because Maid no 2 has arrived while Maid no 1 is still around. Although the agents (and friends) have warned of dire consequencesof having them both together, Risk no 1 is to have Maid No 1 tell all sorts of stuff about us and the kids- we decided to risk it as Maid No 1 can train Maid no 2 where she keeps most stuff and what my preference is, and also to prevent Maid No 2 from having a culture shock. Can't be easy to come into a house of 5 perasan-matsallehs kids in a (to me) huge house .

Don't know if its working. We had a few incidents of note. Hilarious pun ye, worrying pun ye, surprising pun ada. On her second day, husband and I went shopping for her tshirts and tracks - my idea of working-at-home wear. It was the good old Giant we went to, and you know I realised something- I like to dress like a maid!!! Loose pants, tshirts . .

I passed the undergarment section, picked some stuff and all of a sudden my husband suggested behind me, if I wanted to take some undergarments for the maid.

I freaked out lah. I mean, its just not PROPER for you to think about the undergarment of the maid! Or anyone who is not your relative in your house. He was very bewildered at the reaction- of course he thinks I'm completely gaga. How do I explain abt propriety? He understands my logic and rationale but still thinks I was gaga to blow up. I mean, come on, wouldn't you??? No? Sigh...

Incident No 2 is when my maid, who supposedly have never been in this country , can say thank you and you are welcome. Plus her passsport is 2 years old. Que??

Last incident - is when she tells me she may not want to work with me as she is not sure she can handle kids! That is the most worrying of all. I gave her another 1 week before I ask for replacement. If she cannot work in this house, where the kids are more or less independent, and the lady of the house is, I hear, an angel (hehehehehe) then she may not like it if she gets "transferred" to other houses where the kids are younger, or if she has to look after older folks, and change diapers etc. At least I do not have any more babies in the house (although dad can be a bit of one sometimes) hahahahah..

Both maids are now giggling in the kitchen. Oh by the way I forgot to tell you that the new maid is 22 and is a newly wed. She looks like she is 18 actually. Whatever lah. And maid No 1 is getting a flight on the National carrier (no chepo flight for her and its on us) and is going back on 17th. However she has said that she may come back and now we have to think about applying for a second maid if she wants to come back. I'm getting the pressure from mom to not let her permit expire.

We'll see lah how.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...