Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Once in a while I feel broody.
Yah I know, I allready have 5 beautiful , very vocal, very memeningkan kepala, very LOUD kids. But the youngest is allready five, and since the PS2 arrived, no longer wants to cuddle wiht his mommy. In fact last nite, I held out my arms for a hug and he said "tsk. Only one hug ok mummy?, as he was going to start his PS2 game. And last nite even Daya and Sophia had little time for me- they were engrossed in "Boggle" - my favourite past time at Uni dulu dulu. (I still play it on line sometimes). Tak achi gak as Daya knows less words than Sophia.

And to top it off, my friends have just had a baby (Dad of four +1) and she is soo adorable. Went over this morning and sempat lah menggomol her, She is so cute you want to just eat her up. Siap senyum senyum lagi kat kita, you.

Yeah I do miss that baby smell..

Coincidentally, TV pun reflect this- The not very funny comedy "Yes Dear" had the wives wanting to have more kids,to the horror of the bapaks. The wives recollected the baby years fondly while the husbands remembered the stark reality of it. In the end, one of the character decided that it was not that she was broody, but rather that she could not face the fact that her children are growing up and no longer need her.

Tu pun betul gak kot..Maybe its true for me. I have to face the fact that my children are growing up, and now no longer need me, and its time to look forward and save for their future, (and in the short term, for their books) rather than look back and yearn for the time where we have babies to cuddle and kids to hang around our skirts. However, at the moment, I have to be contented that my belly is still the number one attraction for bedtime- mat salleh read bedtime stories to put the kids to sleep, we malaysians offer our body parts , hahahahaha... But not for long, I'm sure....

Maybe DadofFour+1 will let us baby sit his Hajar one day. ...

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