Thursday, December 13, 2007

Emails !!!!!!!!!!


A bit of a rant on general emails.

We used to have to deal with crank calls. Now we get emails on various subjects which always end with - Please forward this to xxxx number of people if not you will (a) have bad luck (b) be infected with a mysterious disease etc etc.


Yesterday I got an email about a CNN announcement on a virus which will delete your sector zero etc. And my facebook pun ada message about thinking of a wish while reading the collection of stories etc. 90% of the messages in my Facebook are now forwarded emails. It's tiring as my friends are not personal anymore...I'd love a proper how are you message sometimes. Although I guess I have to be glad that you are thinking of me when you forwarded it to me. Well, when you are clicking "Send to all" , I mean. Heheheheheh

Ok you know what I do these days?Whenever I get any emails warning me of anything dire, or even a story - I copy and paste the entire email, and google it. Almost invariably, it will turn out to be :

a. a hoax email or an urban legend
b. around for years - eg the CNN one has been around for 6 years! Likewise the Bill Gates wanting to give us money (hahahahah!! I wish!!) one. (Yang kelakarnye, the ones who forwarded it to me are from Financial sectors!)

I would suggest to all my friends, to do the same. Tommy Hillfiger did NOT say what he was supposed to have said in Oprah show. He did not even appear in Oprah at that time. There was no person in British Airways who was so rude to the black guy and insisted to be moved and in the end the black guy got upgraded to first class.

Check all emails like this with websites such as

Also, whenever you get emails on "halal" status- why not call the officer in charge and verify it? Don't just believe it wholeheartedly or even forward it to your friends without verification. It can actually damage the company's reputation if it was not true. Free free dapat dosa. (sin!)

Talking about dosa..I try now not to forward emails which embarrass any particular person. Ok ok I know a certain Datuk S dressed funnily recently but no need lah to send email to everyone laughing about her..not nice ok! And I don't feel nice to forward it also. How about the postmortem pics of Nurin? That's absolutely disgusting. But what is also sad is how many of us read and forward the emails. No one forwarded it to me, I am glad to say...maybe I've been ranting out loud.

Ok this rant is now over..

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