Monday, December 31, 2007

Buletin pagi

Happy New Year !!!!

Heard that my fantastic management (love yah bosses mwah!!!) have decided that we can go off at half past four today...!! Yippeee!!

Some news:

1. My Opah has been admitted to GH - Ward 14 if any one wants to come. She has been in constant ever worsening pain for ages and I (and my mom) cant stand it and hubby has gotten her admitted so that they can check her out. Mom is merajuk with her sisters as noone told her that Opah was going, and actually I think that was our fault as we did not remember to let her know either! (i think hubby thought aunties would tell her and aunties think that we'd let her know).Mak I ni sensitif tau...

2. Congratulations to Azril and Emma on their wedding last Saturday! Sorry lah we all thought we can come with the boy's side (he's my cousin and Aida's brother) but terlambat- you all lah pi awai sangat!! hehehehe. balik dari Simpang Pulai we all import TIGA huge pomelos (limau bali)

3. Congratulations to my cousin Sha for her engagement - you look very nice in your dress..and we look forward to your May wedding. Again, we came in with your fiance's side, sorry.

4. To Zu, sorry the buddy system failed during the weekend. I ate (ahem- clears throat) nasi minyak (sikit) daging rendang, labu masak lemak (MY FAVOURITE) etc etc. Today I will start again.

5. To my cousin Kak Ng- again, you are NOT Fat and you do not have to lose 3 kg- she is about 5' 7 and she is 53 kg..ish ish ish.....

6. To my maid- next time I will not ASK you to follow me , and thus allowing you to refuse. I will do what my mom said and TELL you.

7. My kids (No 1-3) are with my mom and dad. No 4 and 5 went out with their Dad. And reported to me that it was much more fun without no 1-3 bossing them about. hahahhaha.

The end, for now...

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