Thursday, December 27, 2007

Die or Diet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sis In Law and I have started this "Buddy System" where we tell each other on a daily basis, what we eat, what we do for exercise. This is because I have gained about oh- 10 kg since I worked in Happiness & Co where there are SO MANY choices for lunch. My sis in law also thinks she is big (she is not) .

Anyway its the second day and I'm allready failing. Her list includes "wheatgrass" "papaya" and "yoga". Mine includes "keropok lekor". Maybe I should lie. I'm trying to suggest "marital exercise" (heheheheh) as a legitimate exercise but so far it's been met with silence from her. . Heheheheh. But it helps - definitely, as I know I have to tell her what I eat, so I therefore, think about what I eat, and therefore I don't eat what I would normally eat. (I can't tell her "double swiss mushroom burger" - malu lah!).

But I will take her advice , and NOT get depressed. Just be motivated. If SHE can do it, so can I. I'm going to go shop for LOADS of healthy munchies today, I promise. Like- er..celery? Sengkuang ? and reduce carbo intake. Tonite have told hubby that we will have grilled protein for dinner. (Fish?Prawns?) It's true- my diet is very carbo-heavy so far.

Motivation- wedding of an OLD friend. 36 , eligible, good family, finally getting hitched this new year, to a 27 year old GORGEOUS girl who reminds me of "Yasmin Watchaaaa!!" whenever she speaks. really really getting old....She is by the way thin as a stick ( I took perverse delight in telling her that being too thin may harm chances of conceiving)- but tells me I am "fine". Don't you hate that about thin people?? That they refuse to let you wallow in your sense of fatness???

People, I am NOT imagining this increase in weight- my brassier size has increased! This is not because I am extra voluptious, but because I have boobies at the back as well as in the front! Heheheheheh! So I AM Motivated. and from now on my list to Sis In Law will say "Celery Stick with salt" or "1 hour swimming"..heheheh (and maybe an occassional "J Co donut")



Anonymous said...

He..He..this is so funny. 2 years ago, I went to my school's OGA dinner, few us us had to share table with these gorgeous 20 stg girls, just imagine how we felt! Just to echo your sis, you're already very pretty!! Plus you have 4 beautiful girls..and 1 handome son - jah

kaseh said...

Hmmmm...generally as a women, kita semua nak diet tapi i pun selalu kantoi bila nampak food kat Mcca yang sedap2. Tak pelah sementara ade selera makan je yg penting senaman byk2.

Oh ya hari tu u ask my butik add. Is located in Mcca lah Sis. Hope to open by Jan 15. Jemput dtg nanti k!!!

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