Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I just came back from a "forum" at the Mandarin Oriental. My boss said to be there by half past 8. I could not sleep last nite (after one coffee) - stayed up to watch this movie called "Sarah- Plain and Tall" about this woman who came as a "trial wife" to a man and his 2 kids in the country. Oh sedih dan menyentuh hati 'tol.

Anyway woken up (shoved, rather) by husband at 10 to 8. I got ready at 8. I was halfway down when I heard the car pull out. Husband keluar - beli ayam!! Of course, I was dancing around in the living room , panicking that I would be late. He came back 8.20 am. And I was supposed to be there at half eight. I no longer got mad. Its not worth it lah, kan. Lagi pun,i find once you are in the meeting/seminar/forum etc and you are seated, it does not matter that you are late. AND malaysians are always never punctual. But of course I did not tell Husband that , but at least it cools you down and lessened my panic. It also helped that I called MO and found out it actually starts at 9!! He hehehehehe...

My whole married life is littered with either of us making the other person late. (Often, he makes me late) - did I tell you about the time I almost missed being called to the Bar in the UK? Or how I was nikah-ed abt 3 hours later than scheduled? Amazingly, none of the children from his loins arrived in this world late! Heheheheheh..

Takpa lah...he made sure my glasses and handphone are in my bag and my laptop is in the car...so takleh lah marah..

Seminar was good btw. Torn btw networking or makan - Mandarin Oriental, oi!! In the end- makan!!! :-)

Kids - all got into Adni.. Books & Uniform time (Husband just paid half my salary to registration and said we'll buy books next year heheheheheh). All are at home, playing PS2 (finally dapat from dad)



kaseh said...

Hi..been reading your blog..just want to say hello. So your kidz went to Adni? Gooh school kan!


ms hart said...

Superwoman (already what...),

and I was the one introducing Kaseh to yr blog. It's fun, a mummy's blog!! he he..i posted comment much much earlier ie when yr husband wasn't around and yr kids were delay-dally with their homeworks, and i told you the scenario was just so familiar!! ha ha..anyway, my daughter also was sitting for upsr then. anyway, now that i hv a google a/c so need not post as anon anymore.

o ya, been thinking to ask. Who's Fifi to you? She's my junior, my pianist in our choir! and this adni school, Fifi asked u if it belongs to Azah&Bazlan? if yes, masyaAllah, I do know this Kak Azah too. She used to practise in Melaka. Am I refering to the same person? Tq...sorry ya, banyak sangat nak tanya!

fifi said...

Tumpang lalu Shila.. Kak Tati!!! OMG! How are you? Long time no see/no hear! So much to catch up on.. Please keep in touch!
Fifi x

P.S.Shila is married to my cousin.

ms hart said...


sorry ya, ter'jejak kasih' pulak dgn Fifi kat blog you!!

Fifi.....you've got twins and they are sooooo adorable!! i haven't heard anyone playing the piano as superb as you did, ever since i left school!! and thinking that you layan we all dgn rajiiiiinnya!! We just had to name the song and you'd take care of the music for us!! ha ha..Those were the days!! Thanks for responding Fifi, and you take care!! SW, terima kasih!

Superwomanwannabe said...


Hi! Yah I heard its good- hope the kids will be ok there....

Superwomanwannabe said...

Mrs Hart and Fifi!

Bestnyee!! You guys met each other thru the blogsphere.....tak pa takpa, can send messages here, no prob..Wah fifi, how come we dont get to hear your skills nie- if Johan request Aku Pencinta wanita can ah??hehehehhehe

Mrs Hart- Ive just gone over to your blog! Yah- same lah kita, mad moms and mad about food !Did you know that dadoffour is (was) my neighbour?

kaseh said...

Wah...this is really funny, yeap my dear Kak Tati (Ms Hart) yg mentioned about your blog to me...anyway she is like my sis..yelah all the genious people who call themself "lawyer"...i really suka this job since small..but then i masuk junction lain..so here i am a PR world!!

ms hart said...


yes, yes...tq for visiting my home too!! aisey, must make sure Fifi plays for u all the next time u meet ya? aku pencinta wanita? then get iddin to do a duetla dgn little jo!! ha ha

o ya, i ada baca that u & Do4+1 were neighbours. I heard of his name masa zaman debate dulu. Hai...we all have grown to be mad, mad parents lahhh!! ha ha ha

and kaseh, cukup2lah tu u glam kan i...he he he..

fifi said...

Alamak, sekarang si Adam and Farah kot yang 'main' piano more than me.. Farah dgn pelat dia said.. 'treble clef', pointing at her book :) Kak Tati, I have such wonderful memories of those 'jamming sessions' in college!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...