Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Not talked about the kids for awhile.

Sophia called Dahlia the other day. Dahlia was sitting in front of the telly. Sophia was in the bathroom, then came out , hands akimbo:

"Dahlia, may I speak with you for a minute?"

Dahlia: Waaaaaaaaaat??

Sophia: Who put the shampoo in the toilet bowl?

Dahlia: Not me! (And that is the universal answer to all questions, btw)

Sophia: Well, only two people use this bathroom, Dahlia, you , and me.

Hee hee hee...Dahlia never did own up..but what was funny to me, is the way my Makcik Daughter Sophia reprimands her sister. Even I don't say "May I speak with you for a minute?"

Then, There is Sara. The other day ashik nak marah...Her brother accidentally saw her having a bath (yes...."accidentally" pushed the toilet door- guys evidently start early with this "accident" hehehe) and Sara yelled and yelled. A bit overreacting, I thought.

So I sat her down and we had a nice long chat that ended up with her sobbing and saying she feels so persecuted because her mummy is always blaming her for everything,and when she smack/hit/punch etc her brother/sister/the door, etc I am always angry with her when actually there is always a good reason for her to do so. Basically, Sara does not tell tales. When she gets annoyed, she does not tell me. She would take action. And the recipient of her action, will tell me, and I will of course, be mad at her.

So both of us will change, She will be more of a tattle tale and let me be the Enforcer (or equaliser), and I will stop before I jump on my sensitve second born. BTW Johan felt really bad and came and apologised to Sara

Heeeee.. today I will conduct a group therapy when every one of them will do a list of ten best qualities of the other .

(I read this in Readers' Digest). In the meantime, I have to go pee on a stick guys.


Dad of 4+1 said...

SW - No!?!? Yes! Yes! Yes! Welcome to the club!

Seeking Solace said...

I am so-o learning mommy skills from you. Our (temporary) brood of 3 at home do things like that on a daily basis and totally driving me bonkers. It's not the kids who are asking the parents when they are coming back... it's me!

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