Thursday, December 27, 2007


We spoil Johan. The other day he cried as hubby had promised that he would come back early, to take him to play football on the "big field". Hubby came home at 7-30 pm. He cried in the phone to me and complained that "Daddy always breaks his promise". (mana belajar words like that??) Said Daddy felt guilty enough (although muka maintain macho) to take Johan out on a mysterious outing, coming home with a pistol tembak tembak. Johan was happy.

We really cater to him. I have also promised him his choice of toys at Toysrus,and the rest are protesting loudly. So---Ok everyone gets toys.( I am really the model of "How NOT to raise your kids"-) bribery is rife in my home although you can always justify it as incentive...

Kids are getting personal tuition tonite. Ie this teacher coming home to give a crash course on BM Science and Maths. It's just for Sara but at RM120 per WEEK maybe I should let the teacher supervise my other kids. Plus Sara may feel victimised. It does not help that Sophia was laughing hysterically when we said the teacher's coming for Sara. Let's see what she says when I tell her it's for her too. Hehehhehehe

Cikgu Ustaz dah berenti- have to go to Kedah.. got another job. But there is a new uztaz coming. Maybe I should also re-learn - Do I have to start at Iqra 1 ?? Hehehhehehe. Sara pun nak katam dah..Sophia pun dah jauh quran..bagus lah but hope can maintain lah.

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