Saturday, December 01, 2007

MAID Update

I now can pretend I am a tai tai... I have 2 maids..heh heh heh. Jangan jeles....

Let me tell you that I feel rather redundant. It seems to me that all I do from Monday to Friday is go to work, and come home. Play with the kids. Sleep. I don't even have to cook. Or even clean the house! This blog should be retitled the Superuselesswoman. Or ..Superwomanwannabe- Not.

Anyway this is a temporary situation only. It's because Maid no 2 has arrived while Maid no 1 is still around. Although the agents (and friends) have warned of dire consequencesof having them both together, Risk no 1 is to have Maid No 1 tell all sorts of stuff about us and the kids- we decided to risk it as Maid No 1 can train Maid no 2 where she keeps most stuff and what my preference is, and also to prevent Maid No 2 from having a culture shock. Can't be easy to come into a house of 5 perasan-matsallehs kids in a (to me) huge house .

Don't know if its working. We had a few incidents of note. Hilarious pun ye, worrying pun ye, surprising pun ada. On her second day, husband and I went shopping for her tshirts and tracks - my idea of working-at-home wear. It was the good old Giant we went to, and you know I realised something- I like to dress like a maid!!! Loose pants, tshirts . .

I passed the undergarment section, picked some stuff and all of a sudden my husband suggested behind me, if I wanted to take some undergarments for the maid.

I freaked out lah. I mean, its just not PROPER for you to think about the undergarment of the maid! Or anyone who is not your relative in your house. He was very bewildered at the reaction- of course he thinks I'm completely gaga. How do I explain abt propriety? He understands my logic and rationale but still thinks I was gaga to blow up. I mean, come on, wouldn't you??? No? Sigh...

Incident No 2 is when my maid, who supposedly have never been in this country , can say thank you and you are welcome. Plus her passsport is 2 years old. Que??

Last incident - is when she tells me she may not want to work with me as she is not sure she can handle kids! That is the most worrying of all. I gave her another 1 week before I ask for replacement. If she cannot work in this house, where the kids are more or less independent, and the lady of the house is, I hear, an angel (hehehehehe) then she may not like it if she gets "transferred" to other houses where the kids are younger, or if she has to look after older folks, and change diapers etc. At least I do not have any more babies in the house (although dad can be a bit of one sometimes) hahahahah..

Both maids are now giggling in the kitchen. Oh by the way I forgot to tell you that the new maid is 22 and is a newly wed. She looks like she is 18 actually. Whatever lah. And maid No 1 is getting a flight on the National carrier (no chepo flight for her and its on us) and is going back on 17th. However she has said that she may come back and now we have to think about applying for a second maid if she wants to come back. I'm getting the pressure from mom to not let her permit expire.

We'll see lah how.

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