Monday, December 24, 2007

Musix n Lyrix

I caught HUGH GRANT and DREW BARRYMORE in Music and Lyrics and I LOVED IT!

Never knew old Hugh could sing and that cheesy song "Pop Goes My Heart" is so catchy that its playing in my house over and over again, on account of all of my kids liking it (I did hear someone going "pop goes my fart" though) . Johan kept asking me to click on (ie the you tube thing) to watch it.He said he liked to watch it as Hugh Grant was "handsome". I told Dad this and he said, Jo also asked to play soccer on a field after watching AC Milan so he's not worried. Jo will grow up to be a metrosexual guy (whatever THAT is)

Actually if you guys want a light believable romantic comedy, with witty lines- Hugh being given lines that you'd think he wrote himself, and Drew not quite the heroine you picture but then somehow it works. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. Another song I like was "Way back into love". I am so tak terror to put up a vid here, so here's the link

Pilah tengok...!


Harteeny said...

Couldn't help. i was just browsing blogs. hehe.

anyway, Music and Lyric memang sangat best. i mean, i like Hugh Grant's romantic comedy. ultimate fav has to be Notting Hill with Julia Roberts. but seeing him singing to 80's song - kelakar!

POP, Goes my heart!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Teeny glad you dropped by...!!It would be fair to say that we are obsessed.

Still playing the songs now- going to get the cd soon. Movie - dah tengok about 3 kali hehehehe

not me alone- kiddies too!

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