Over the weekend, we went to Amcorp Mall.. BESTNYEEEEE..

Its a place with loads of little stalls , selling second hand and home made goods. Almost like a flea market. Oh? It IS a fleamarket? Anyway we have vowed to go there again. Sans kids. Dad wanted to shop and stopped at every store he saw but I wanted to get my five kids away from there and was hassling him to get going. Honestly allready I am paranoid, wiht Nurin case I get even more scared.

We went to Books Express. I love that shop!!! Very very very expensive books at a fraction of the price! We got a lot of books . 2 of Bill Bryson the all time favourite travel (and others) writer, Sophia got a comic book of Lizzie Mg Guire- I guess she IS reading. Sara got something on nature she swears she will read, and a "Letterwriting Kit" . Nadine got a couple of tween books. Dah besar...Soon she is on love books eh.

Tata...talk to you later....


Dad of Four said…
I love AmpCorp...I got most of my ceramics, which I framed, there! Yup the bookshops and the back-issue imported mag store are our fave too!
Shouldn't U be the one who 'wants to shop & stop at every store?' Alangkah bagus nya kalau my hubby is like that!!
Tyjah said…
Amboi,Nadine reading love books already?Hahaha.Nevermind,im into them as well.Sya hello to them for me :)
Minahsongeh said…
I am definitely going to the store again. Nak belajar glass painting. And of course the mags store.. I missed it. By the time jumpa Dh dah tunggu kat bawah. Epi is so the opposite of his brother. My DH masuk satu dua kedai then tunggu kat bawah. Next time I go alone.
Channel 11.5 said…
nanti soh nadine come to my new house, have some books for her that she might like to pinjam. I dah jadi amy, now ada satu floor just for my story books!!!
Dad of Four

Yup its fantastic kan!!
In our marriage Im the "guy" when it comes to shopping...I hate browsing!! Whereas myhusband is the one who will take absolute AGES to choose something. It can be a drag sometimes hehehehehehe
Aida- set. Along pun nak pinjam can or not...

or at least pinjam the "gambar" hehehehe
sorry book excess...

and all dah habis the books (except for my boring er- long books)

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