Friday, December 21, 2007


Sister in law and family (sans hubby) are waiting at her house for us to come and get them so we can go swimming. I am on leave today - I had thought that we were going off to Kluang for Hari Raya but then tak jadi. My in laws (who came up on Sunday) decided to go back for Eid on the eve of Eid, instead of celebrating it with us in KL as Dad in Law is needed by the mosque committee (3 people have recently died who would normally be helping out. Slightly bad timing)

So yesterday, we went off in the a.m to visit my grandmother, and had a reunion for my aunties and cousins(mom's side). Then we received a call to say auntie M (hubby's) was in front of our house, please come home, so we rushed back. Not before I had imported food from my grandmother's place - thank you aunties !!! As there was nothing cooked in my house. Ye lah. no maid, mind not attuned yet to the fact that if I don't cook, there is no food. (The other day I forgot to leave lunch so I asked Nadine to order pizza)

Came home, Mak M turned up a bit later and asked what was I planning to cook. When I told her, angel that she is really, in disguise, she decided to cook Ayam Rendang Pedas, a dish I have always known as Ayam masak kuali and also this delicious dish called Sotong Basah in Sambal Kacang (tak tau den apa in English- huge wet squid in peanut chilly sauce?) . Other dishes were lodeh, acar buah (import) , dendeng (import from mom) , kari (opah's), korma for the dieting (ie not enough santan- that was me) and also ketupat, ketupat daun palas, nasi impit and nasi tomato

Mak M , Mak Z, Sis in law, my parents, my dad's brother all came we had a nice Raya gaklah, IZAN where were you lah?? Kata nak datang? There is still loads of food if you want to pop by.

I'm really thankful for the help. I am not confident around masakan melayu. Sounds like mengada, I know, but many a times, my cili tak "keluar minyak" , my santan pecah , and either I overestimate or underestimate the timing- My preferred and ideal masakan dishes are- ie, get in , get it in the kuali, get out. Anything with tomato sauce and kicap- fantastic. I do a mean chicken pie, and the matsalleh -bung it in the oven- dishes.

Eh I better go lah, Sis in Law will be F-U-R-I-O-U-S if Im late. You do NOT want to incur her wrath, and despite years being married to the my husband's sibling , both of who belive that time is elastic, she is NOT patient (Dia lambat takpa, HER sister in law is an angel..... heheheheheheh )jangan kids are upstairs lah getting ready.


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MRSHUSiN said...

hi kaklong! sorrylah i didnt turn up semalam... husin's family was around sampai ke petang & we were so tired by then, & retired to bed early!

next time ok? ur raya do sounded great btw!

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