Wednesday, December 19, 2007



Not too sure if happy or not, but basically when I was waiting for the result (ie in a nanosecond) I prayed that God gives me whatever is best. I mean, I would love to have another little precocious kid around who will grow up and demand that I buy her/him either a motorcycle or a stabilo "premium" pencil colour costing RM16 and not the Tesco one costing RM1.99. But on the other hand, I AM 38, and had miscarried 3 times, so health reasons ..maybe not such a good idea.

Why the sudden concern? All attributable to 2 things- my officemate remarking that I look "unusually" fat, and my friend whom I visited over the weekend having had her last child while she was on IUD (she still has no idea where the IUD went) . Then I thought about the symptoms which I have been putting down to being ill, ie aches and etc etc, and 2+2 = go get pregnancy kit.

Of course Husband objected. After vehemently saying "No lah you can't possibly be pregnant" and then graduated to "Eh best jugak dapat baby" , he said "If you are pun, takyah go buy the kit- if you have a baby at the end of 9 months, means you pregnant lah tu"

And that folks have been his stance since Nadine. right down to Johan. And baby post Johan yang tak jadi tu.

Hish hish of course I went off to buy lah. Bought a cheapo one costing RM7.90 and then it came out with NO line. The kit says if no line, the test is "invalid". Went back to the shop and told them this is invalid and wanted a replacement. The pharmacist boy asked me if I had droppe 3 urine drops on the area. Boy, I can assure you that I did. Then he called the sales people. One very heavily pregnant woman came out and told me, (hahahahahaha this is sooo funny) that no line means negative. I pointed out the instructions which said that if one line appears on the stick, you are not pregnant, you are just fat, but if 2, you are on the way to become a 6th time mommy. She said no, if one line,it means your period is just around the corner. Apa tu ah? Toksahlah ko temberang aku lah....Short of it, is that I left , and went straight to another pharmacy. And bought one that is double the costs, but so good that before I could put the test down the results came out.

And the result is: I am not pregnant, I am just fat.

So I will just have to be content with cooing and aaah-ing over other people's offspring. Haq- hope this answers your question! Hehehehehe. BTW- heard that Nut is still up?.


Anonymous said...

I salute you, the fact that you considered having another one, you're such a loving mom. God only give me patience for 5 kids (4 + 1 'overgrown' )..Sometimes when I see my nieces & nephews with their cry babies, I wonder how I did it before. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to you and family - Jah

Channel 11.5 said...

kaklong dear, you are not fat!!! seriously, you are not fat. Whoever told you so, tell them to get their eyes fixed!!! Doink la diorang tu.

You can only get to be called fat if you are as big as me... ada faham??? :)

For a mother with 5 kids, you have a great/beautiful body. Plus you are so lawa, in whatever kaler baju you are for the day (including the non-coordinates raya theme this year.. hehehehe), and you are kind hearted, sexy too, humble, helpful... ok, I dah over board puji ni, hehehehehehe.

Take care! See u tomoro at opah's.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yah lah you are right..I think I'd be too tired to handle kids right now also..yang ada tu nak besarkan pun dah sudah lah tu, - so boleh lah suruh our hubbies go for the snip nak hehehehehe

Superwomanwannabe said...

Aida! Wah who are you talking about ni? I allready said I would belanja you heheheheheheheh..

Aida you are healthier and fitter than me, although you think you are bigger. Your heart is even bigger than your size - another thing big is your capacity to take the CRAP that life hands out and still come up smiling, We love you Auntie Aida hehehehe. (PS - mula mula tadi Along nak tulis something else instead of "life" hehehehe)

Seeking Solace said...

She did not say you are fat!!!

Because if she had said that to you I would've have doinked her right then and there! Preggers or not preggers!

I've gotten those 'you are looking porkers these days' comments from people here too but after the 56th time or so,it just doesn't bother me. Like fat is such a bad thing! Which btw u r so-o not.

Channel 11.5 said...

Hehehehe. Yup, that is my strongest point, although I may seem like a crybaby. I know you nak cakap apa... hahahaha. That particular "life" however is still part in my life now. Can't live with it, can't live without it, vice versa. Hahaha.

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