Thursday, January 31, 2008

My kids


I'm now researching "DENGUE".

Johan - still sick. He will appear to be the normal jumping monkey in the morning but at night, he will get very hot. Its now Day 4.

Sara- Monday we sent her off to school, and I got a call from the school at about 11 to go get her as she is sick and hot and what more, she is CRYING- she came home at about 1 as dad could only get her then, (itu pun call again at 12 crying as no one has come to get her). And as soon as she came home she was fine-ish. Demam but can main jugak sikit.. Until the time the Ustaz came, and she started to mope around and be ill again..

I can't help it....I get irritated - I know she is the kememeh one and cries easily. I know she is not like other children., I know that children are different. But when you have one sensitive kid, you really have to sabar.Most times she is a happy bunny and is the one that comes out with funny jokes and funny stuff but she is also the most easily hurt. - Sara if you are reading this, please be more strong ok..Life is good, and you have more than most people have...and don't dwell on sad things and don't compare yourself with your sisters....

Nadine - Entah kenapa she has not been well also, and she has also been out from school since MONDAY ok. Fever, general lethargy and coughing and runny nose. Increasingly displaying "teenager" behaviour now, ie staying in her room all the time, very sensitive to criticism, a bit of rebelliousness. I hope she won't be the type of teenager who goes around the house moping and I hope she will never be rude or sarcastic to us. My role model mom is my friend in the states who keeps her son so well behaved. That's you Nivi.

Sophia - the most cheerful ill person in the house. Coughs very badly at night (although now improving) . She has written a big letter to HANNAH MONTANA asking her to come for her birthday party in March. Yes, the one at SUNWAY LAGOON that I have not even planned for- Sophia has drawn up GUEST LIST, FOOD and DRINKS and GAMES etc for this party which neither her dad or me has endorsed . I suppose I have to do it , huh. Although Hannah Montana probably could not come. (She wrote to Hannah telling her the party starts at 3 but since Hannah lives so far away, she can come at 5 pm) . Oh yes, she has been made a prefect - something that makes Sara even more upset.

Dahlia - everyday asking us to get her this book or that book. Today asking us for RM50 to buy 2 books. Hello? NO, ok. And she is the most concerned about her school stuff - every day she will make sure that Kak Ningseh the new maid prepares her "seputklus" (Sports clothes) - she is still malay-nising english words and her sisters will tell her - "baju sukan lah Dahlia!!" .

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aja Aja Fighting!

Me, Nadine and Sara are avidly watching Full House- the K-drama with Rain. In between going to the loo for diarrheoa, gulping down antibiotics and paracetamol, looking at translation work, cooking lunch etc etc, we have managed to go through about oh- 12 episodes. As it is online (sorry, KBS) we had to wait for it to upload. Of course, we got hooked pretty quick. The story briefly, a girl was conned into leaving the country by her 2 friends, who, as soon as she was gone, sold her house to an actor, without her knowledge. (can ah do that, and so fast? Maybe we shoud look into how to fasten the process of transfer of property over here in Msia) .

Anyways when she got back she was homeless and discovered that her house was basically sold to that actor she met on the plane and on whose arm she had puked earlier.

Long story short, the guy was madly in love with his best friend of 15 years (ie they are all 24) and she was in turn in love with another best friend , and to make this girl jealous, this actor married the homeless girl and signed a contract with her so that they marry for 6 months,during which she has to be a maid to him, and after which she will be given back her house.

So we have about 12 episodes where the couple take turn yelling and then being nice to each other and getting thoroughly confused about how they feel about each other. The best friend all of sudden finds our actor, very attractive , now that he is married to another woman. Isn't this typical???

We have another 4 episodes to go.

Dad has not been around this weekend- as he has to operate on an auntie, who was the mysterious patient at princecourt (and who Uncle A was there to see). She has cancer. She is my uncle's second wife, although they have been married about 30 years? Her daughter from her first marriage was in my uni (such a lady she was and discomfortingly to me, still is- I felt like a clumsy unattractive elephant next to this person) . The guy who the daughter married, used to go out with the daughter of the first wife. Verry incestious.

Anyway we are sorry that you are sick auntie. Hubby took 9 hours to do the op on account of the surgery being difficult. He wished he could tell certain people , that there is no way that a surgeon can stop surgery to tell the family members outside what is happening inside, and the fact that it is not heart surgery does not mean that the cancer is easy to take out. There were previous operations at the site and it was longer than it could have been .All these comments are totally understandable but not acceptable as they were made by educated people to very tired surgeons-. aparah!. Dalam House or Greys adatak nampak surgeons come out to inform the family outside .

I am really really hoping she will get better. For hubby's sake also! (family doc maaaa)


Dahlia is the only one standing in this house this weekend, Dahlia and her dad. Everyone is sick. Dahlia's attending a birthday party today. She refused to wear the new blue jeans as it "makes her butt look fat". Wakakakaka.


Ok back to Aja aja Fighting!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

What we did on Thaipussam...

Semalam what did you do?

As it was Thaipusam, I thought I'd google it and tell my kids what the holiday was about. Nooo it was not about jams galore or people piercing themselves mindlessly...but about Hindu devotees doing something to commemorate a holy event. It really is fantastic how they can pierce themselves like that...

We stayed at home until about 4 as Dad had to conduct exams for his 3rd year/5th year (I forget which this time) students. He came back and we all got ready to go to Midvalley Megamall. But then hubby had to leave again as someone had had an accident and was going to be referred to the new hospital. Really? From gomen to Princecourt? Really? Who IS this moneybucks?

But since we all showed such a looooooong face to Dad while he was going out- (ok it was me, hanging on the grill whining "but today is a holidayyyy" that did it), Dad decided to take us all to princecourt with him and get us to wait for him for "a while" , and when he is done, we can all go to wherever lah.

Hahahhahahahahha...a "while" my eye. Padan muka kita, we waited three hours ok. One hour was in princecourt itself, with me and 5 kids exploring the place, discovering a TarikCafe , eating cakes etc , discovering the new ATM machine (wooohooo!) and finding out where the playground is. 2 or 3 trips to the loo . Bumped into Uncle A and his wife, dad's brother, and when I told hubby later (of course I was amazed - I mean the hospital ain't even open yet and what is my UNCLE doing there?) Hubby smiled at me mysteriously and then when I shamelessly grilled him he quoted some rubbish about having a duty to keep things secret and its up to the tuan punya badan to tell . Hmph. I totally understand lah of course . But when he reached for my hand I could not resist saying "sorry rasanye tuan punya badan tak nak bagi lah tangan hahahahahaha"...Ok Im a prat.

The other 2 hours , we spent in the car watching Lords of the Ring- Return of the King. The kids had never had the patience to watch it, after all, its so dark . But watched it they did and Johan even came up with remarks like "punch his face in!" (i.e Gollum-violent tendencies?) and he cried when the good guys finally got a break (the part where the eagles came to help gandalf etc fight the deathbirds) he was keen to tell me- "Tears of Joy!" - sigh I think mykids are melodramatic .

ANyway Dad came back in the end, and , talking on the phone throughout to various patients/friends , we went straight to McD and then home....exhausted!!!

Oh and we finally got antibiotics for Sophia...and the GP told us off for waiting for so long. Tulah!!

I just re-read this life is SO BORING!!! Arh nebemaind lah...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Last Saturday the kids' school had a taklimat briefing for new parents from 9-11, and then, class club formation at half past 11. Being very kiasu parents, (not), we missed the 9-11 briefing. Actually we were tired out lah and lazed around getting ready for the 9 o'clock meeting. By 11 we were ready. Hahahaha

Anyway came just in time to attend briefing on how each class has a class club, ie the parents club . Parents , with very minimal involvement by school, get together and form a club where they do stuff like paint the class, replace carpets, buy books , arrange for trips. The idea is the parents take active interest in the kids' education and wellbeing in the class. Time and Time again the emphasis was on "no cost to the school"., While the idea is good, anyway there are only about 15-20 kids average per class, I can't help thinking that the school is passing the buck. I hope I'm wrong and I know I am the only one thinking this but I hope this will be in addition to and not replacement of whatever activities the school should do for the kids.

The school IS arranging stuff for the kids, I know. I just got a newsletter telling me Year 4,5 & 6 will have a Qiyam this Friday night. I have never attended a Qiyam in my life and that is since I tak attend schools like Adni hahahahaha. Anyway Sara is the one affected so she will of course be going. Also there are "PUTERI" clubs, Sports Day (allready? Its only Jan!) arranged for February . Nadine tells me every one has to join their shabbab and kebab uniform units- No lah Im taking the mickey. Its called Shabbah and something- something like cadet. She is in Batallion 2 platoon 3 (no kidding ok) .

She wanted to join netball, but now opts for bola baling which I can't for the life of me, translate. Volleyball? That's bola tampar. Bola baling is....? Baling bola aku tau lah.

She is looking forward also to joining Tennis, after I tell her that people who want to learn tennis but whose parents have never taught them, pun can join.

Sara & the gang has taekwondo and I have to get the girls new muslimah swimwear..Eh why lah after all the girls swim with no boys around what....bikini also can right....Businesswomen outthere---there is a market for muslimah riadah/sports wear ok!!! Where do I blardie get long sleeve tshirts anyway?? And why do they insist on it when their school cannot supply it until March??? Pelik bin ajaib.

I suppose I'm grumbling because the school is forcing parents to take active part in the kids activities at least in terms of making us pay for this and that..and I thought naively that I can just pay their fees and leave all of this to the school ..heheheh...but I do enjoy it, I do welcome it and I have always, always with hubby , wanted to be more involved in the kids' lives..

Now that I get it, It takes a while adjusting to it. biasalahkannnnnnnn...

Oh by the way I am now the chairman of 2 BIruni class club. Now I have to call all the other parents for meetings etc...sigh....Yah DadofFive- I know you are chairman of Ib's class oso!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Kids Down Again.

Our kids have been sick, one after the other. Before Hari Raya Haji- Johan. Then followed by Dahlia, Sara and Nadine and last night, Sophia. Over the weekend,me, although on a very mild level.

Their illness goes like this: Sakit perut- stomach cramps, then nausea, then throwing up, then more stomach cramps, loss of appetite unless mommy yells and then they will eat but after that throw up. No fever . Sleep for a long time. We give supportive treatment - paracetamol, water, oral rehydration salts, ban on other kids from annoying them, promise of toys if they get better- the usual.

(Yesterday I lectured Sophia for being greedy at the McD airport - she wanted strawberry sundae, corn on the cob, Green tea (she swore she'd like it- and then did not finish it) , large fries, and no junk lah to me. She fell sick yesterday evening and watching her sleep, cheeks flushed, I felt so sorry that I yelled at her and hope she'd get better so I can give her as many strawberry sundae she wants.)

Hubby won't take them to see doctor as it is just "a bug". It's not easy for a mom to sit back and not give her kids spoonfuls of meds. Wonder if other doctors' wives feel the same.

I heard my office mate pun ill just like this. And a lot more kids and adults around who have fallen ill this way.

Which begs the question- WHY?

Is it the water? Can't be the food, we all live in different houses, eat at different places at different times. It MUST be something common to us.

Hope the Jabatan kesihatan takes note.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bye Bye Bros

My 2 younger brothers have flown off..So fast kan, one week.? They came back to see my grandmother, and as well as seing her, which they did, they were here when Atok Mamak passed away, and Adek managed to squeeze into the short week, kursus kawin.

Yeah my brother is pressurised by parents to tie the knot NOW NOW NOW as both he and fiancee are there in Ireland together and my father gets very worried. Complications arise because the girl's (older) sister somehow decided to hold her wedding THIS year as well so if my brother gets married it may prove to be financially tough for her parents to host 2 weddings in one year . Dad said kalau nak cut cost nikah kat Ireland je lah....I said to dad you better not be bullying the other family babah! And anyway they are the girl's side so actually they should be the one who is more worried. But of course that did not go well with mydad...heheheheh..

Then, there is the problem of WHEN to hold the wedding - mybrother tak banyak leave to balik kawin.

To cut a long , heated ( gaduh -biasalah between dad and I and mom and I and brother and I and dad and brother etc etc ) story short, my parents and my new sister in law to be's parents met over dinner, and it was decided that my brother's single days will be terminated this 31.3.2008. Syoknye kawin adek I ..rumah kereta etc etc dah ada..he's 6 years older than her...unlike hubby and I who are separated by 2 years but go through hardship together etc..TULAH!!! My dad suruh I carik orang 5 years older taknak dengar! Heheheheheh...I would not change anything for the world...Luv YA honeyy!!!

Ok lah tu...I hope she can make coffee. Will be looking forward to jadik MEM BESAR...heheheheh (dahlah I ni cukup "membesar"!!!)

Friday, January 18, 2008

My dearest Atok Mamak, whom I had spoken about here , and who was by the way only 58! has left us forever...

I did not get to see him in IJN thinking I'd wait for hubby to get me at 7 pm, and then go see him before 8 (visiting time is so short). Of course, KL being KL, by the time I could go it was too late. That night I could not sleep as Nadine got up ,complaining of stomach cramps and vomitting, and my sleep was very fitful . I actually dreamt that someone told me Atok Mamak has passed away, and then my mom called and told me the same thing.

Apparently Atok died in his sleep and docs could not revive him. He died without letting us beg his forgiveness,and before his body was ravaged, He was a vital man with a fantastic sense of humour and the time between his first discharge out of GH and his second admission last Saturday, allowed us, his cucu sedara who never had the time to know him, to see what a fun man he really was. He would not have liked having to live with the consequences of a failed heart, liver and kidney. I feel its very rude that he has left us, because according to my brother the heart doc from Ireland , people with his statistics in Ireland do not die (yaya yayayaya action nye hhehehehe). Feel a bit cheated also

Rest in peace, may Allah cucur rahmat keatas rohmu....

PS : Just a bit of info- Atok came into IJN last Saturday complaining of breathlessness, he was miserable as he was not allowed to move and ate horribly soft food...I think he just got fed up with it all to be honest. He was so very restless . My brother said they shd have tried to revive him longer...entahlah its his time to go, its his time to go lah kan...We have to redha lah that he has gone...Yang ralat nye, he passed away the day he was supposed to have come back from Haj (if he had gone in the first place before we kidnapped him)..his sister came home that very night.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

School books where art thou.

You would think that , going into private school would mean that there is nothing to pay other than the school fees. I thought that they'd just give the books. Well, the books are extra. The kids have Singapore books which appear to be more advanced. Johan, who is in Kindie, is doing Standard 1 work...hahahah how lah my poor baby.

We have not been able to get all the books and I get pleas from the kids telling me that they need so and so book by "tomorrow morning" (this would usually be at half past nine AT NIGHT when shops are closed) . We have been searching but we're having problems finding them. Kenapa book store takda stock ? Just because the govt schools are handing them out free takkanlah tak stock langsung .. kan? And ADNI pun takda stock? I'm surprised the teachers do not ask the office to just photocopy the pages of the books, when handing out the homework. Sara has not been able to do her homework for the past week- can't the teachers take it upon themselves to photocopy ?

Sigh...nampaknye private school has govt school mentality. I have to say though that the teachers are indeed more caring and speak more nicely. I also appreciate that my kids are now memorising the glorious Quran (a feat that I would like to achieve - well at least the Yaasin ).

But it would be nice if I can see some initiative.

Ps just to share here that I found out how Dahlia can finish her work so fast- she tiru /copy from her sister (sophia's) books! Sophia is a year ahead of her . Pandai nyeeeee anak I tu kan???????

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update orang sakit.....


Just got back from IJN...

Dad in law was not there. he went through an angiograme when we were there. His bed was in front of Atok Mamak's bed. The security guard stopped us from going in without the permit which no one had told us to get. Only 2 can go in at one time. However, Opah Bahyah, Atok Mamak's wife came out and I went in, and Tok Chu (Atok Mamak's bro in law) also came out so that Hubby can go in. Atok Mamak is breathless although he tried to hide it, and he is attached to this machine that cleans his blood- My husband perused the records and pointedd to me all the results saying things like "well at least his potassium level is low" or such things which I am so flattered that he thinks I would understand, I made appropriate hmming and hemming noises je lah.

Then we had to leave as Opah wanted to come in, we waited outside. Soon Dad was wheeled back into the CCU - we saw him before they pushed him back in, and he was smiling as they had said he did not need any stenting etc. Nor and BIL (Nor is hubby's sister) came later.

Abah , sebenarnye kan Abah..yes it is too risky to do the stenting procedure. Yes, you do not have to have that done...But that means have to go for bypass surgery! Your son is just waiting for the docs to tell you.

It's quite hard to see my dad in law AND my granduncle both in CCU IJN and both beds facing each other, both of them "strung" up with all sorts of tubes. Get well soon and get out of there.!

Visitors are only allowed from 6 to 8 pm and 12.30 to 1.30 pm in CCU. Obviously they follow the time table of a CCU in Kuala Langat or Merang or somewhere else far from the city, as in KL there is NO Possible way that you can leave the office in say, Bkt Bintang, at 6, and get to the IJN before maybe half past 7.

Mom in law coming over tonight. Also, sudah janji nak take brothers to dinner (shhhh its actually karaoke).


Monday, January 14, 2008


The flowers -if only I can freeze it.

Mari berkenalan......MY LATE ATOK 'S SISTER (OPAH"S HUSBAND AND THE WISEST MAN )- whom I have not seen since I was 13. And her son. Whom I have not seen . Ever. Apparently she has 9 kids. The one in blue is my auntie (Mom's sister) and her daughter in Bumble bee costume. (nolah, jahatnye I)
KIDS AT MAK B's HOUSE - entah macam mana pakai baju sama. Tak plan actually. The one in the middle is my brother's daughter (now adopted daughter lah since she is my daughters' classmate and comes home to our house first before her parents get her)
1. My father in law has just had a heart attack

When it rains, it really pours , man.

Apparently husband had a call from his sister telling him that his father has been admitted into Kluang Hospital for chest pains. He called Kluang Hospital who told him it was just gastric and that he can be discharged. Later this morning he called again and discovered some readings are very much askew and hey presto his father had a heart attack after all.

I tell him- raise a ruckus!!! We have seriously incompetent people ke in Hospital Kluang when you cannot even recognise a heart attack when you see one. Are we going to have to SECOND GUESS every diagnosis that comes out of other hospitals? I have very high regard for govt hospitals normally but not when they do this!Please please go and mention this to someone who can do something as this level of negligence is very dangerous...!
So now abah is on the way from Kluang, to IJN. When husband asked the hospital to send him to KL, they said tak da ambulance. So now there will be a three man relay from Kluang to Air Keroh, to Nilai and to IJN.


What's in a name...

You may be wondering why some of my relatives call me "kaklong" - loosely translated it means long sister. Im kidding, it means eldest sister. I am that, in my family. As I like to rub it in many times to my brothers, Im their only sister heh heh heh. (It's really nice having all of them around , even for a week, I must say, although I'm sure I did not think that when I was young. Lets see..Saiful was mom's pet, Shah was of course, mom's pet no 2 as he was the youngest and Sazzli disgustingly was everyone's pet especially my auntie Dah...don't deny it!! Hehehehehhe. But now that they are hulking men (except for Adek Shah who is not so tall but he has a big heart to make up for it) -it's hard to imagine fighting with them ever. . Today we had loads of pics taken - dad wanted the original pose that we had when I was 11. Unfortunately while we still have the original settee, we are not the original size. Hence tak muat lah! Plus in the original pose Shah tak born lagi so we suggested that Shah sits on my mom hahahahaha. )

Ok ok I digress. Anyway my brothers call me Kak long, my little cousins also call me Kak long as I happen to also be the eldest cousin- cool tak, the third generation of kaklong- first daughter of the first daughter of the first daughter.

How about my husband's side? Well, when we were in the UK, both my and my husband's side came around for visits etc, and somehow they would also call me kaklong. Hence I notice that those who have visited us in the UK would call me Kaklong, eg Izreen, and those who have not, call me plain Kak Shila. And my sisters in law ? Entah, Nor calls me Kaklong also when she sees me kot, and Yati for ages and ages called me Kaklong until she got married recently and all of a sudden she calls me Kak Shila. I guess we don't see much of her also. Mom in law calls me Shila of course and sometimes, "Minah". (Seriously)

I kinda like being called "Kaklong". Makes me feel very responsible and all makcik-ky . Did try to get my nieces to call us Maklong and Paklong (and Zu and Epa - do you want to be called Mak ngah and Pakngah??) - however it is not sticking. I guess we are Uncle and Auntie..Or else I perasan sorang je lah call myself Maklong. But my brother's daughter does call me "Maklong" ,as in, "Maklong jadi mama yana ok maklong" (i presume this sms was sent after she had a fight with her mom hehehehehe)

Itulah sejarahnye.....if nak tau le..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

What can we do?

Let's find Sharlinie Mohd Nasar..

This Monday I want to print a lot of posters of Sharlinie and paste them in my neighbourhood. Meant to do it last week but so many things happened but WILL do it.Or someone else's neighbourhood, maybe? At least get the kidnapper feeling like he /she /it cannot run far. Maybe we can see what she looks like with a wig, or longer hair, or even bald. I don't think it takes a genius to try to change her appearance.

I noticed the public is not told what to do if they do spot Sharlinie- some have called to say that they have seen her but by the time the police came the kid has gone. Pegang lah dulu kan. Lantaklah kau if you are wrong. Empower yourself. (She says, knowing full well I would probably do the same thing ie stare and call the cops!)

And do you feel the sense of urgency out there? Rasa macam tak je. I mean I can go about my business the whole day and not come across a single thing to remind me that a child has been abducted. Can't the tv station put up her face every few minutes ? -.AND the number to call . If only I was rich, I'd donate airspace.

[PS mintak maaf if memang ada posters melambak lambak but I yang blur.

The Star said " Abdullah's plea to the abductor came after a nationwide search was launched with posters distributed to the public to help find Sharlinie. She disappeared from a playground about 200m from her house on Wednesday. " ]

And why not each district's police station, send 2 people house to house . Kerajaan cough up lah sikit duit lebih ...Or can normal citizens do that? Maybe hubby can get the masjid committee to form up a rukun tetangga thingy?

Sebenarnye kalau nak..boleh.

What can I do ye?

I feel it's very trusting of her parents to let the children play outside. Now we know that even a minute pun tak safe kan. Kesian our children.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Today am home.

Announcement - am at home. Johan has been puking his heart out for a few days- but is otherwise fine and jumping left right and centre. This morning we were in the car sending him, and he decided to throw up in the car. So off we went to get him seen. Diagnosis is stomach flu , colic - I don't think the doc knows!

Decided to take EL- the savior for all mothers with kids. dia demam pulak hari ni and has been sleeping je.

I feel as if people think I am skiving. My cuti 80% is EL last year. How I wish.

After seing doc for Johan, singgah kat IJN sat tengok Atok Mamak who , after doing so well since we kidnapped him from Penang the other day, now had a relapse this Subuh. He's been admitted to IJN CCU - and the first thing he said to hubby is "I'm sorry.... I tak tahan lah!" - apparently he has not been able to limit his liquid intake, although he is under strict orders to do so, plus the ban of salt from his diet , he did not find it easy. All the best atok.....Manalah wife you ni tak turun daripada Pulau nie.....Sporting lah you nie, Tok. My dad would have insisted that my mom pegang tangan dia dari masuk hospital sampai lah keluar.

Opah is now at Auntie Yot's house, her daughter no 4 who she will prefer 100 x over other daughters (except Auntie Dah , her youngest) . Went over semalam- she just had her "meal" of medication, and was feeling temporarily painless. Kesian dia,we had to massage her for a while. I think maybe need makcik urut, ek Auntie ?

That's it for now. FTM, we WILL meet, ok entah bile nak cari masa sesuai when kids/elder relatives/other family are ok .

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


There is one feeling that starts with R and ends with T in both BM and English and that's regret.

It's torture and once you suffer from regret, memang your life will be haunted by what you could have done, what you should have said,etc.

Last night, our friend from Notts, G came with his family.He's with Wisma Putra so after 3 years of being in KL (before that, Washington), he's now in Saigon. I did freak out about cooking but then, I remembered that we are in the land of instant food so we got instant nasi briani and instant sate..

They stayed till midnight which is ok and I pun besar hati orang feel so comfy that they can stay on unfortunately it was also the first day Opah discharged and my brother came home from Ireland so understandably I had hoped to be able to get away say, at 10 pm, to see both Opah and Adek.

(anyway,met up with Adek at Pavillion where I "impressed" him with Madam Kwan - he kept insisting on picking up the tab - alah 30 euro je je lah kaklong, he said . Eleeehhhh!!!!Action kerek ni lah tak tahan heheheheh. Kaklong got pride ok)

ANYWAY!! I wanted to share with you their story - 2 years ago their 4th and youngest child, the 1 and a half year old son was found to be suffering from leukaemia (ye ke spelling ni, you never know with these medical terms, entah-entah ada "m" or "q" or something silent) - he went for treatment yadiyadiya, then one day he fell unconscious at home and the mom called for an ambulance,

And here's the thing. The ambulance took 45 mins to arrive from HKL. To Jalan Duta. The father who worked at Putrajaya, arrived at the same time as the ambulance. AND THEN, the ambulance took the most congested road and not the shortcut road.

So until now the parents are plagued by Regret that, had the ambulance come earlier , the son would still be alive. As it was, he turned so blue that he was beyond saving. 2 years on, the mother still cries while relating their story.

This is by FAR! not the first case of people being unhappy with the services hospitals/health providers give. But then, since kita ni Muslim, and we have faith, we always say its meant to be and leave it at that. As muslims we are taught to accept things as Allah's will. Which is the way it should be.

However I wish my friends would sit down and write to SOMEONE , high up in the Ministry of Health or the papers, to at least, express their dissatisfaction etc. Complain lah, at least it won't happen to others.

Then, maybe our doctors and nurses and ambulance workers will make sure that the high standard they have now, will be maintained.

(The above is of course not applicable to doctors /nurses in the Department of Surgery, UPM :-) )

Tuesday, January 08, 2008



Well, the CT scan was done yesterday, Hubby had a look at the results and said that Opah has lesions in the brain and her lungs are also dotted basically - cancer has spread lah.

On the positive side- Opah has amazingly, regained function of her left side! In the morning Hubby said gloomily that she was probably paralysed for life but then in the evening she proved us all wrong! Which just goes to show- sometimes Allah SWT (by that I mean the Muslim Allah ye, not the generic Allah that apparently in a parallel universe,has been used for ages to describe God by the Churches- what the heck???!!! entah apa-apa entah!!!)- ok I digress, what I was saying was, which goes to show that Allah SWT is the greatest and doctors can only do their best...

So she is going home today....

And my brother no 3 is coming back tonight

And !!! my husband has just announced that his friend and family who are diplomats in Saigon, are coming to dinner tonight. ERKKKKK What to cook what to cook what to cook .


Thanks guys for the wellwishes- I can't seem to open the comment box so thank you kat sini je lah can tak. I did get my flowers in the end and I'd like to think it was not because I gave up and called him to ask for it heheheheheh- he said "I've allready sorted it out lah" when I called and said "er actually ahh can I have flowers tak?" . When my bakul of 6 orange and 6 cream roses and 5 gerberas and 2 sunflowers came , I texted him "THANK YOU FOR THE FLOWERS ---IT'S SOOO UNEXPECTED!!"- eh I had waited a long time to be able to say that so even if it was not true bantai je lah ok hehehehehehehe..

Yeah, I'm a bit weird. I know.

No dinner lah as he finished OT at 9 and he called me to meet him at KLCC for dinner but I was allready showered, and in my most comfy kaftan so..maleh lah nak kuar. Anyways we can push it forward lah to another date,insyallah..

And I got him something called Aquabulgari.. so should be nice. (It's really nice)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

In another oh- 28 minutes, I would have been married about 14 years. Well if you want to be exact my nikah occured around 3, so in another 15 hours lah- (it was supposed to be after dzuhur) Hubby and contingent arrived late as it was Friday and the contingent apparently went for sembahyang at the National Mosque - and those were the days without the fantastic whizzing highways we have now, so traffic jam on Friday afternoon was unimaginable, and my nikah was actually delayed for a couple of hours.

Gave me time to sit and look pretty anyways..(and the kadi to go back and bang at his mosque) .hahahahha...

Happy Anniversary Daddy! May it always feel fresh and exciting (macam brand odorono je)

He is my opposite in some aspects. He is very slow whereas I am fast/ hasty . He loves to cook where as I cook to eat. He is practical whereas I'm the dreamer. His brand of love is not the PDA (ok ok all of that yukky handholding were all initiated by moi) and whereas my family always expressed our affection openly. He thinks and then talk while I talk while thinking. On the other hand, we love to travel, we both have a strange brand of wit , we both like to read, we both love kids (er...), and most importantly, we both think I'm gorgeous, heheheheheh! (kidding ok ) . Ok lah ada lah up and down nye..but as long as we can chat, can respect each other, still find each other attractive (he's very myopic) and still have things to say to each other, we are happy.

Happy Anniversary! Hope you manage to send me a bouquet this year , hon. I sent YOU one at the OT the other year, tak paham gak tak tau lah.

Nanti lah when I'm free I will repeat here how we got together.


Opah is still in the hospital. Hubby is keeping her in for the CT scan this monday which he said, is a superfast thing allready considering he asked for it on Thursday. His semidoctor wife is not happy as it means the weekend is at the hospital lagi. Dr's wife is more demanding than the doctor eh.....

But hubby gave this magic ubat which took Opah's headache and sakit ulu hati away instantly and he said to me privately that the fact that that drug worked so well is very ominous. He fears its the old cancer of 7 years ago coming back to the brain and liver. Her tumour markers are all raised. By the way this is all private (ie relatives tak tau) and until the CT scan is done, he won't say anything.

Well its a real blow lah. You'd think after 7 years cancers would learn to stay away kan. Isn't that what good little cancer cells are supposed to do. Hope its not that lah. Yesterday she suddenly found her left hand weak and kebas. Cepat lah sikit CT oiiiiiii, then we can know for sure what is causing all that. (Hand improving a bit BTW (can lift arm off bed on her own but fingers not moving yet) and hopefully regains more function with intravenous steroids. Wonder how she must feel.)

Not that, at 83, she'd be put through all the traditional chemos etc etc treatment. But on the other hand, Tun was 82 kan when he went for the Heart op? What do you think- is there such a thing as too old for treatment.

Takpalah...all that is most important to me is that Opah is not in pain. She no longer curls up in bed and can actually sit straight and stop frowning in pain.

So far, real superwomen aunties have been staying the night. Cousin Aida also spent a night (thanks Aida). So far the only ones who have not stayed with her are my Auntie no 2 (she is not in KL) , Auntie no 3 (she is not well) and youngest auntie (She is asking for it because she is in KL AND she is well). Anyways mom, I can't force her to come and stay with her mother in law so consider that a burnt case lah..

I pun semalam berkobar-kobar lah nak stay with my opah. So far my visits have been well..visits lah. After a while Opah would ask us to balik. GO HOME! And yesterday, there was I, with my QUILT, and my toothiebrushie, and my BOOK and my spareclothes - and my little pillow. (Eh seriousnie). My aunties broke out laughing hysterically when they saw me pull out my quilt.

But then I was chased home by Opah. We argued back and forth, my mom pleaded my case, but my Opah wanted her youngest daughter instead of her eldest cucu. So now the arrangement is I will come in the daytime and relief the auntie. Auntie Dah, take MC lah auntie if you tak larat nak pi kerja (pandaije I cakap)

Dad is not happy I told brothers in Japan and in Ireland as the Brother in Japan has limited leave and was saving it for when the brother in Ireland ties the knot- March katanye. (News to me). What to do I dont want them to regret not seing her while she is well (I mean coherent). Maybe Shah should come back in March. We don't know the future. Want to risk it?


Friday, January 04, 2008


SOS . Opah is very ill. Everyone come around as soon as you can. She is in Ward 14 HKL . I want hubby to take her back this weekend. Shah I can send you some money if you want to come back.

I just pray that she will at least get a bit better before she goesand not suffer lah..actually kan I am not ready to let her go lah. Opah ni very tak sampai hati when she is suffering.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

***First Day at School***

Phew am I glad this morning is over!

Chaos started last nite actually. After Maghrib the kids' new Ustaz came over to meet us. I went out to greet him- not sure if he was the shaking hands type so I started to offer to salam then withdrew my hands quickly, resulting in him dropping his extending hands ("extending hands??") too! Embarrassinggggkkk.

Anyway this Ustaz spent 4 years in Mesir and even did a little business - only came home because its better for his wife and kid. Unlike the other 2 ustaz, this one is not just a pure scholar. We had some lovely ustazes so far ("Ustazes??- boy am I on a roll!)

Halfway tengah borak dgn this Ustaz , the tuition teacher came. Sara and Sophia ran upstairs to get ready and then this Cikgu Izwan came in and basically started to teach lah. Sophia a.k.a the Mistress of Distraction had to take some time to sharpen her pencil lah, pi minum air lah, want to go wee wee lah. My other children were also bent on distracting them- they were banished upstairs but I kept seing this long ribbon dangling from the bannisters upstairs, swinging left to right , with various things like tshirt, bottle etc attached to it. Just to get a reaction from the sisters-! The tuition teacher was fun, patiently explaining why the ridiculous answers provided by my kids could not be right. They finished at half past 10!!

Halfway , Dad wanted to go out, to buy thread, ribbon etc- to sew the girls' names on their black uniforms. Now? Biarje lah labu....


This morning, everyone was woken up at 6 . Johan woke up, slept at the chair, woke up, slept at the stairs,a dalah 3 kali woke up etc etc 7.15 everyone was ready, and ate sausages for breakfast. I kalam kabut cooked for lunch (lupalah kena masak these days!) . Sup Ikan je... Then they shouted "Pakcik is here!!!!!" and all rushed without so much of a peck for me! Nemmain lah- after all we were following pun kan....

Johan was left behind because masa tulah he wanted to start having a bath. He moves so slow , a trait that I believe, is inherited ahahahhahaha...lepas tu, carik kupiah dia (seriously ada kupiah ok) . and socks and shoes and my little man was ready. Breakfast pun makan. I told him., this is 2008 Johan, you have to be different from 2007 you are a MAN now...(talk about pressure eh!) . Gaduh sikit dengan hubby because he chose THAT time, to start writing Johan's name on all his books. I was worried that the van may have arrived allready, with my kids not knowing what to do and where to go.

Ok I was dropped off with Johan and we raced in to find his class.ADNI is a maze. It was not unlike those Amazing Race thingy. Finally found the class, sat him down and then found out that I had to label his shoes. Ok - they were labelled (thanks for the liquid paper, teacher) .
Then I went to listen to the assembly where the principal was telling them of the determination to be good Islamic Ummah - my kids know about their duty as little muslims but not that they are part of an Ummah etc etc . Banyak lagi lah berkobar kobar ...Then, hubby found me (he was parking the car) and together we started to trawl up and down looking for the rest of our children.

1 hour later..I was huffing and puffing and ready for another bath. We had gone into the labyrinth that is ADNI, looking for Dahlia (Could not find her- she went into Year 1 by mistake- I was actually near tears when her class teacher told me, 30 mins after the assembly finished that Dahlia was supposed to be in her class, but no one could find her) , Sophia (found her in one of the classes, and sitting with her cousin) and Sara (did not find her for the longest time as 3 year 5 classes were bunched together, and hers was suddenly flung to one side) and Nadine- in another building entirely, with parents having to climb 999 steps to reach. When they talked about building character here I think they mean "muscles".

Ok lah now back at work.BTW Johan is in Albayyinah Primary 1. Dahlia is in Albirundi(?) Primary 2 , Sophia is in Alkindi Primary 3, Sara is Alzidane (bukan tu footballer ke?) and Nadine is in Alkilyuwithdesteps (ahaaha acah je- she's actually in Albukhari) .

Next- Music classes.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Indiscretion !

Alamak...apa sudah jadi ni...

My husband's Minister has been caught with his pants down and the most embarrassing thing is he admitted it. I tell you I am reminded of Eddie Murphy's "RAW" routine when he said even if you are caught and there is NO WAY you can deny it, rule of thumb is- DENY IT!!!! As long as you deny it, some doubt will exist. Even if your face is terpampang there and the girl in the video is saying your name, heheheheh, maybe its a good idea that you stay shtum and NOT say anything. Teman Peribadi my grandmother's eye.

Anyway pity the son who is a new doctor at GH.

Oh yes, not exactly my husband's minister- UPM is under the Ministry of Education

(Talking of UPM, a most bizzare thing happenned at the wedding last nite- sat with this couple of Dato and Datin and chatted and talked about what what we do and where we worked when all of a sudden the Uncle Dato cried "IT WAS YOU!!!!" Ok slight over exaggeration here but only slight.

Turned out- He was hubby's patient and he had been searching for hubby ever since to say thanks. When he first cried out, I thought' - MEDICO LEGAL!! Better gettout of here! But thank god he only had good things to say about how hubby stitched him up...(phew!!) husband is a very good surgeon you know.his stitches are praised by many and that is why I never stitched his buttons. ..and never let him see my cross-stitch or beading... ... (btw honey anniversary is coming up)


Weddings and Engagements

Lawa tak ?? This is my cousin (mom's sister's son) who tied the knot over the weekend at Simpang Pulai.....
These are the naughty people whose wedding we will now have to start saving up like heck for.....yeeeps four girls, you. Our dearest friend and his exquisite new wife..Btw sorry ah we all tak malu go and tengok you when your own family member were "maintain" cool kat luar. Jakunnessss..... Well worth the wait, mate! I starved for your wedding woman btw !!(Ps you will never guess the age difference, that's how good they look). Why don't men age? It's not fair!!!!

My cuz and her brandnew fiance- don't they look lovely???
(feeling guilty as have not exactly informed them that I'll be displaying their gorgeousness over here...ok will do, will do. )

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...