Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aja Aja Fighting!

Me, Nadine and Sara are avidly watching Full House- the K-drama with Rain. In between going to the loo for diarrheoa, gulping down antibiotics and paracetamol, looking at translation work, cooking lunch etc etc, we have managed to go through about oh- 12 episodes. As it is online (sorry, KBS) we had to wait for it to upload. Of course, we got hooked pretty quick. The story briefly, a girl was conned into leaving the country by her 2 friends, who, as soon as she was gone, sold her house to an actor, without her knowledge. (can ah do that, and so fast? Maybe we shoud look into how to fasten the process of transfer of property over here in Msia) .

Anyways when she got back she was homeless and discovered that her house was basically sold to that actor she met on the plane and on whose arm she had puked earlier.

Long story short, the guy was madly in love with his best friend of 15 years (ie they are all 24) and she was in turn in love with another best friend , and to make this girl jealous, this actor married the homeless girl and signed a contract with her so that they marry for 6 months,during which she has to be a maid to him, and after which she will be given back her house.

So we have about 12 episodes where the couple take turn yelling and then being nice to each other and getting thoroughly confused about how they feel about each other. The best friend all of sudden finds our actor, very attractive , now that he is married to another woman. Isn't this typical???

We have another 4 episodes to go.

Dad has not been around this weekend- as he has to operate on an auntie, who was the mysterious patient at princecourt (and who Uncle A was there to see). She has cancer. She is my uncle's second wife, although they have been married about 30 years? Her daughter from her first marriage was in my uni (such a lady she was and discomfortingly to me, still is- I felt like a clumsy unattractive elephant next to this person) . The guy who the daughter married, used to go out with the daughter of the first wife. Verry incestious.

Anyway we are sorry that you are sick auntie. Hubby took 9 hours to do the op on account of the surgery being difficult. He wished he could tell certain people , that there is no way that a surgeon can stop surgery to tell the family members outside what is happening inside, and the fact that it is not heart surgery does not mean that the cancer is easy to take out. There were previous operations at the site and it was longer than it could have been .All these comments are totally understandable but not acceptable as they were made by educated people to very tired surgeons-. aparah!. Dalam House or Greys adatak nampak surgeons come out to inform the family outside .

I am really really hoping she will get better. For hubby's sake also! (family doc maaaa)


Dahlia is the only one standing in this house this weekend, Dahlia and her dad. Everyone is sick. Dahlia's attending a birthday party today. She refused to wear the new blue jeans as it "makes her butt look fat". Wakakakaka.


Ok back to Aja aja Fighting!

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NUR said...

Kak is hard to imagine you as an what does that make ME??uhuhuuuu....

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...