Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bye Bye Bros

My 2 younger brothers have flown off..So fast kan, one week.? They came back to see my grandmother, and as well as seing her, which they did, they were here when Atok Mamak passed away, and Adek managed to squeeze into the short week, kursus kawin.

Yeah my brother is pressurised by parents to tie the knot NOW NOW NOW as both he and fiancee are there in Ireland together and my father gets very worried. Complications arise because the girl's (older) sister somehow decided to hold her wedding THIS year as well so if my brother gets married it may prove to be financially tough for her parents to host 2 weddings in one year . Dad said kalau nak cut cost nikah kat Ireland je lah....I said to dad you better not be bullying the other family babah! And anyway they are the girl's side so actually they should be the one who is more worried. But of course that did not go well with mydad...heheheheh..

Then, there is the problem of WHEN to hold the wedding - mybrother tak banyak leave to balik kawin.

To cut a long , heated ( gaduh -biasalah between dad and I and mom and I and brother and I and dad and brother etc etc ) story short, my parents and my new sister in law to be's parents met over dinner, and it was decided that my brother's single days will be terminated this 31.3.2008. Syoknye kawin adek I ..rumah kereta etc etc dah ada..he's 6 years older than her...unlike hubby and I who are separated by 2 years but go through hardship together etc..TULAH!!! My dad suruh I carik orang 5 years older taknak dengar! Heheheheheh...I would not change anything for the world...Luv YA honeyy!!!

Ok lah tu...I hope she can make coffee. Will be looking forward to jadik MEM BESAR...heheheheh (dahlah I ni cukup "membesar"!!!)

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