***First Day at School***

Phew am I glad this morning is over!

Chaos started last nite actually. After Maghrib the kids' new Ustaz came over to meet us. I went out to greet him- not sure if he was the shaking hands type so I started to offer to salam then withdrew my hands quickly, resulting in him dropping his extending hands ("extending hands??") too! Embarrassinggggkkk.

Anyway this Ustaz spent 4 years in Mesir and even did a little business - only came home because its better for his wife and kid. Unlike the other 2 ustaz, this one is not just a pure scholar. We had some lovely ustazes so far ("Ustazes??- boy am I on a roll!)

Halfway tengah borak dgn this Ustaz , the tuition teacher came. Sara and Sophia ran upstairs to get ready and then this Cikgu Izwan came in and basically started to teach lah. Sophia a.k.a the Mistress of Distraction had to take some time to sharpen her pencil lah, pi minum air lah, want to go wee wee lah. My other children were also bent on distracting them- they were banished upstairs but I kept seing this long ribbon dangling from the bannisters upstairs, swinging left to right , with various things like tshirt, bottle etc attached to it. Just to get a reaction from the sisters-! The tuition teacher was fun, patiently explaining why the ridiculous answers provided by my kids could not be right. They finished at half past 10!!

Halfway , Dad wanted to go out, to buy thread, ribbon etc- to sew the girls' names on their black uniforms. Now? Biarje lah labu....


This morning, everyone was woken up at 6 . Johan woke up, slept at the chair, woke up, slept at the stairs,a dalah 3 kali woke up etc etc ...by 7.15 everyone was ready, and ate sausages for breakfast. I kalam kabut cooked for lunch (lupalah kena masak these days!) . Sup Ikan je... Then they shouted "Pakcik is here!!!!!" and all rushed without so much of a peck for me! Nemmain lah- after all we were following pun kan....

Johan was left behind because masa tulah he wanted to start having a bath. He moves so slow , a trait that I believe, is inherited ahahahhahaha...lepas tu, carik kupiah dia (seriously ada kupiah ok) . and socks and shoes and my little man was ready. Breakfast pun makan. I told him., this is 2008 Johan, you have to be different from 2007 you are a MAN now...(talk about pressure eh!) . Gaduh sikit dengan hubby because he chose THAT time, to start writing Johan's name on all his books. I was worried that the van may have arrived allready, with my kids not knowing what to do and where to go.

Ok I was dropped off with Johan and we raced in to find his class.ADNI is a maze. It was not unlike those Amazing Race thingy. Finally found the class, sat him down and then found out that I had to label his shoes. Ok - they were labelled (thanks for the liquid paper, teacher) .
Then I went to listen to the assembly where the principal was telling them of the determination to be good Islamic Ummah - my kids know about their duty as little muslims but not that they are part of an Ummah etc etc . Banyak lagi lah berkobar kobar ...Then, hubby found me (he was parking the car) and together we started to trawl up and down looking for the rest of our children.

1 hour later..I was huffing and puffing and ready for another bath. We had gone into the labyrinth that is ADNI, looking for Dahlia (Could not find her- she went into Year 1 by mistake- I was actually near tears when her class teacher told me, 30 mins after the assembly finished that Dahlia was supposed to be in her class, but no one could find her) , Sophia (found her in one of the classes, and sitting with her cousin) and Sara (did not find her for the longest time as 3 year 5 classes were bunched together, and hers was suddenly flung to one side) and Nadine- in another building entirely, with parents having to climb 999 steps to reach. When they talked about building character here I think they mean "muscles".

Ok lah now back at work.BTW Johan is in Albayyinah Primary 1. Dahlia is in Albirundi(?) Primary 2 , Sophia is in Alkindi Primary 3, Sara is Alzidane (bukan tu footballer ke?) and Nadine is in Alkilyuwithdesteps (ahaaha acah je- she's actually in Albukhari) .

Next- Music classes.


Nur said…
Hi Kak Shila!This is Noni Mak long la!Quite exciting life you hv!Happy New Year!
i tau lah noni tu you...k niza dah balik ke?
MRSHUSiN said…
i really thought that was a class till i read it out loud!
ur humour.... cannot tahan!!!!
Anonymous said…
hi there

you are so funny lah. i enjoy reading your blog for my daily laughs. It must be fun to meet you in person.
Nur said…
Dah balikk daa...1st Jan ritu..g la ngecek dia gelang & inai mekah..he he..
Hahaha! So funny..(but, I guess when you were running around macam the Amazing Race tu, it wasn't funny at all... Hehehe!)

"Alkilyuwithdesteps" - ACE!!!!HAHAHAHA!

All the best for 2008, dear :)
Hi Izan- he he!See you on Awal Muharam!
Hi Anon- thanks! and thanks for dropping by!
Hey shana...how were your kids' first day? biler nak datang rumah ni?

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