Happy Anniversary!

In another oh- 28 minutes, I would have been married about 14 years. Well if you want to be exact my nikah occured around 3, so in another 15 hours lah- (it was supposed to be after dzuhur) Hubby and contingent arrived late as it was Friday and the contingent apparently went for sembahyang at the National Mosque - and those were the days without the fantastic whizzing highways we have now, so traffic jam on Friday afternoon was unimaginable, and my nikah was actually delayed for a couple of hours.

Gave me time to sit and look pretty anyways..(and the kadi to go back and bang at his mosque) .hahahahha...

Happy Anniversary Daddy! May it always feel fresh and exciting (macam brand odorono je)

He is my opposite in some aspects. He is very slow whereas I am fast/ hasty . He loves to cook where as I cook to eat. He is practical whereas I'm the dreamer. His brand of love is not the PDA (ok ok all of that yukky handholding were all initiated by moi) and whereas my family always expressed our affection openly. He thinks and then talk while I talk while thinking. On the other hand, we love to travel, we both have a strange brand of wit , we both like to read, we both love kids (er...), and most importantly, we both think I'm gorgeous, heheheheheh! (kidding ok ) . Ok lah ada lah up and down nye..but as long as we can chat, can respect each other, still find each other attractive (he's very myopic) and still have things to say to each other, we are happy.

Happy Anniversary! Hope you manage to send me a bouquet this year , hon. I sent YOU one at the OT the other year, tak paham gak tak tau lah.

Nanti lah when I'm free I will repeat here how we got together.


Dear Shila and Jab,

Happy 14th Anniversary!

Here's wishing you all another 14 (and a lot, lot more!) of hand-holding years together :)

Take care.
Anonymous said…
happy anniversary you two!

ftm & family
ms hart said…
happy anniversary, SW & hubby! true love will conquer ALL!!! he he he
Anonymous said…
Happy 14th Anniversary, you two! Do you want me to send a reminder to your hubby about the flowers?? :)
Happy Anniversary !!!

Semoga Bahagia ke akhir hayat.
Minahsongeh said…
Happy Anniversary Shila, Epi!
Channel 11.5 said…
Happy aniversary kaklong & epi. I will remind epi on diamonds! hehehe. And the flowers too! hehehe...

Although dah 14 years, I can still remember clearly your kenduri kahwin, and engagement kenduri at opah's. :)

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