Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Indiscretion !

Alamak...apa sudah jadi ni...

My husband's Minister has been caught with his pants down and the most embarrassing thing is he admitted it. I tell you I am reminded of Eddie Murphy's "RAW" routine when he said even if you are caught and there is NO WAY you can deny it, rule of thumb is- DENY IT!!!! As long as you deny it, some doubt will exist. Even if your face is terpampang there and the girl in the video is saying your name, heheheheh, maybe its a good idea that you stay shtum and NOT say anything. Teman Peribadi my grandmother's eye.

Anyway pity the son who is a new doctor at GH.

Oh yes, not exactly my husband's minister- UPM is under the Ministry of Education

(Talking of UPM, a most bizzare thing happenned at the wedding last nite- sat with this couple of Dato and Datin and chatted and talked about what what we do and where we worked when all of a sudden the Uncle Dato cried "IT WAS YOU!!!!" Ok slight over exaggeration here but only slight.

Turned out- He was hubby's patient and he had been searching for hubby ever since to say thanks. When he first cried out, I thought' - MEDICO LEGAL!! Better gettout of here! But thank god he only had good things to say about how hubby stitched him up...(phew!!) husband is a very good surgeon you know.his stitches are praised by many and that is why I never stitched his buttons. ..and never let him see my cross-stitch or beading... ... (btw honey anniversary is coming up)



kaseh said...

Apalah masalah dia orang ni ya Kak Lawyer? For me they just not thankful for being who they are...that is why jadi cam tu...Sungguh mengecewakan bagi kita rakyat Malaysia.

Superwomanwannabe said...

entahle kasehhhhhhh...dah tua pun nak buat perangai...!

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