Monday, January 14, 2008


What's in a name...

You may be wondering why some of my relatives call me "kaklong" - loosely translated it means long sister. Im kidding, it means eldest sister. I am that, in my family. As I like to rub it in many times to my brothers, Im their only sister heh heh heh. (It's really nice having all of them around , even for a week, I must say, although I'm sure I did not think that when I was young. Lets see..Saiful was mom's pet, Shah was of course, mom's pet no 2 as he was the youngest and Sazzli disgustingly was everyone's pet especially my auntie Dah...don't deny it!! Hehehehehhe. But now that they are hulking men (except for Adek Shah who is not so tall but he has a big heart to make up for it) -it's hard to imagine fighting with them ever. . Today we had loads of pics taken - dad wanted the original pose that we had when I was 11. Unfortunately while we still have the original settee, we are not the original size. Hence tak muat lah! Plus in the original pose Shah tak born lagi so we suggested that Shah sits on my mom hahahahaha. )

Ok ok I digress. Anyway my brothers call me Kak long, my little cousins also call me Kak long as I happen to also be the eldest cousin- cool tak, the third generation of kaklong- first daughter of the first daughter of the first daughter.

How about my husband's side? Well, when we were in the UK, both my and my husband's side came around for visits etc, and somehow they would also call me kaklong. Hence I notice that those who have visited us in the UK would call me Kaklong, eg Izreen, and those who have not, call me plain Kak Shila. And my sisters in law ? Entah, Nor calls me Kaklong also when she sees me kot, and Yati for ages and ages called me Kaklong until she got married recently and all of a sudden she calls me Kak Shila. I guess we don't see much of her also. Mom in law calls me Shila of course and sometimes, "Minah". (Seriously)

I kinda like being called "Kaklong". Makes me feel very responsible and all makcik-ky . Did try to get my nieces to call us Maklong and Paklong (and Zu and Epa - do you want to be called Mak ngah and Pakngah??) - however it is not sticking. I guess we are Uncle and Auntie..Or else I perasan sorang je lah call myself Maklong. But my brother's daughter does call me "Maklong" ,as in, "Maklong jadi mama yana ok maklong" (i presume this sms was sent after she had a fight with her mom hehehehehe)

Itulah sejarahnye.....if nak tau le..

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