Monday, January 14, 2008


The flowers -if only I can freeze it.

Mari berkenalan......MY LATE ATOK 'S SISTER (OPAH"S HUSBAND AND THE WISEST MAN )- whom I have not seen since I was 13. And her son. Whom I have not seen . Ever. Apparently she has 9 kids. The one in blue is my auntie (Mom's sister) and her daughter in Bumble bee costume. (nolah, jahatnye I)
KIDS AT MAK B's HOUSE - entah macam mana pakai baju sama. Tak plan actually. The one in the middle is my brother's daughter (now adopted daughter lah since she is my daughters' classmate and comes home to our house first before her parents get her)
1. My father in law has just had a heart attack

When it rains, it really pours , man.

Apparently husband had a call from his sister telling him that his father has been admitted into Kluang Hospital for chest pains. He called Kluang Hospital who told him it was just gastric and that he can be discharged. Later this morning he called again and discovered some readings are very much askew and hey presto his father had a heart attack after all.

I tell him- raise a ruckus!!! We have seriously incompetent people ke in Hospital Kluang when you cannot even recognise a heart attack when you see one. Are we going to have to SECOND GUESS every diagnosis that comes out of other hospitals? I have very high regard for govt hospitals normally but not when they do this!Please please go and mention this to someone who can do something as this level of negligence is very dangerous...!
So now abah is on the way from Kluang, to IJN. When husband asked the hospital to send him to KL, they said tak da ambulance. So now there will be a three man relay from Kluang to Air Keroh, to Nilai and to IJN.


Anonymous said...

what lah like this. i hope jab's dad is ok. don't forget to call in the brotherhood connection!


MAMAMIA said...

Which one is better, private or hospital kerajaan?

Kalau private, they'll make u undergo all kind of tests... By specialists pulak tu $$$$ Kadang2 rasanya tak related pun...

BTW, itu ke bunga nya???

Superwomanwannabe said...

FTM- thanks - am going to see him this afternoon

Mammamia- ye lah itule bunga nye:-) tu yang nak simpan as long as poss heheh

and private doctrs can be crooks as well, but govt docs can be malas nak bother - not all as there are some very very good docs in both sectors. Berjaga jaga lah dan ask a lot of question

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