Thursday, January 31, 2008

My kids


I'm now researching "DENGUE".

Johan - still sick. He will appear to be the normal jumping monkey in the morning but at night, he will get very hot. Its now Day 4.

Sara- Monday we sent her off to school, and I got a call from the school at about 11 to go get her as she is sick and hot and what more, she is CRYING- she came home at about 1 as dad could only get her then, (itu pun call again at 12 crying as no one has come to get her). And as soon as she came home she was fine-ish. Demam but can main jugak sikit.. Until the time the Ustaz came, and she started to mope around and be ill again..

I can't help it....I get irritated - I know she is the kememeh one and cries easily. I know she is not like other children., I know that children are different. But when you have one sensitive kid, you really have to sabar.Most times she is a happy bunny and is the one that comes out with funny jokes and funny stuff but she is also the most easily hurt. - Sara if you are reading this, please be more strong ok..Life is good, and you have more than most people have...and don't dwell on sad things and don't compare yourself with your sisters....

Nadine - Entah kenapa she has not been well also, and she has also been out from school since MONDAY ok. Fever, general lethargy and coughing and runny nose. Increasingly displaying "teenager" behaviour now, ie staying in her room all the time, very sensitive to criticism, a bit of rebelliousness. I hope she won't be the type of teenager who goes around the house moping and I hope she will never be rude or sarcastic to us. My role model mom is my friend in the states who keeps her son so well behaved. That's you Nivi.

Sophia - the most cheerful ill person in the house. Coughs very badly at night (although now improving) . She has written a big letter to HANNAH MONTANA asking her to come for her birthday party in March. Yes, the one at SUNWAY LAGOON that I have not even planned for- Sophia has drawn up GUEST LIST, FOOD and DRINKS and GAMES etc for this party which neither her dad or me has endorsed . I suppose I have to do it , huh. Although Hannah Montana probably could not come. (She wrote to Hannah telling her the party starts at 3 but since Hannah lives so far away, she can come at 5 pm) . Oh yes, she has been made a prefect - something that makes Sara even more upset.

Dahlia - everyday asking us to get her this book or that book. Today asking us for RM50 to buy 2 books. Hello? NO, ok. And she is the most concerned about her school stuff - every day she will make sure that Kak Ningseh the new maid prepares her "seputklus" (Sports clothes) - she is still malay-nising english words and her sisters will tell her - "baju sukan lah Dahlia!!" .

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