Wednesday, January 09, 2008


There is one feeling that starts with R and ends with T in both BM and English and that's regret.

It's torture and once you suffer from regret, memang your life will be haunted by what you could have done, what you should have said,etc.

Last night, our friend from Notts, G came with his family.He's with Wisma Putra so after 3 years of being in KL (before that, Washington), he's now in Saigon. I did freak out about cooking but then, I remembered that we are in the land of instant food so we got instant nasi briani and instant sate..

They stayed till midnight which is ok and I pun besar hati orang feel so comfy that they can stay on unfortunately it was also the first day Opah discharged and my brother came home from Ireland so understandably I had hoped to be able to get away say, at 10 pm, to see both Opah and Adek.

(anyway,met up with Adek at Pavillion where I "impressed" him with Madam Kwan - he kept insisting on picking up the tab - alah 30 euro je je lah kaklong, he said . Eleeehhhh!!!!Action kerek ni lah tak tahan heheheheh. Kaklong got pride ok)

ANYWAY!! I wanted to share with you their story - 2 years ago their 4th and youngest child, the 1 and a half year old son was found to be suffering from leukaemia (ye ke spelling ni, you never know with these medical terms, entah-entah ada "m" or "q" or something silent) - he went for treatment yadiyadiya, then one day he fell unconscious at home and the mom called for an ambulance,

And here's the thing. The ambulance took 45 mins to arrive from HKL. To Jalan Duta. The father who worked at Putrajaya, arrived at the same time as the ambulance. AND THEN, the ambulance took the most congested road and not the shortcut road.

So until now the parents are plagued by Regret that, had the ambulance come earlier , the son would still be alive. As it was, he turned so blue that he was beyond saving. 2 years on, the mother still cries while relating their story.

This is by FAR! not the first case of people being unhappy with the services hospitals/health providers give. But then, since kita ni Muslim, and we have faith, we always say its meant to be and leave it at that. As muslims we are taught to accept things as Allah's will. Which is the way it should be.

However I wish my friends would sit down and write to SOMEONE , high up in the Ministry of Health or the papers, to at least, express their dissatisfaction etc. Complain lah, at least it won't happen to others.

Then, maybe our doctors and nurses and ambulance workers will make sure that the high standard they have now, will be maintained.

(The above is of course not applicable to doctors /nurses in the Department of Surgery, UPM :-) )

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