Wednesday, January 16, 2008

School books where art thou.

You would think that , going into private school would mean that there is nothing to pay other than the school fees. I thought that they'd just give the books. Well, the books are extra. The kids have Singapore books which appear to be more advanced. Johan, who is in Kindie, is doing Standard 1 work...hahahah how lah my poor baby.

We have not been able to get all the books and I get pleas from the kids telling me that they need so and so book by "tomorrow morning" (this would usually be at half past nine AT NIGHT when shops are closed) . We have been searching but we're having problems finding them. Kenapa book store takda stock ? Just because the govt schools are handing them out free takkanlah tak stock langsung .. kan? And ADNI pun takda stock? I'm surprised the teachers do not ask the office to just photocopy the pages of the books, when handing out the homework. Sara has not been able to do her homework for the past week- can't the teachers take it upon themselves to photocopy ?

Sigh...nampaknye private school has govt school mentality. I have to say though that the teachers are indeed more caring and speak more nicely. I also appreciate that my kids are now memorising the glorious Quran (a feat that I would like to achieve - well at least the Yaasin ).

But it would be nice if I can see some initiative.

Ps just to share here that I found out how Dahlia can finish her work so fast- she tiru /copy from her sister (sophia's) books! Sophia is a year ahead of her . Pandai nyeeeee anak I tu kan???????

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fififuad said...

Shila, sejuuuuuk hati dengar my dear nieces and nephew memorising the Quran, now THAT I would love Adam and Farah to do. Honestly, at such a tender age, they can soak up soooo much, don't you think? Hope Pak Uda is recovering well, please tell him we are all praying for his speedy recovery.

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