Friday, January 11, 2008

Today am home.

Announcement - am at home. Johan has been puking his heart out for a few days- but is otherwise fine and jumping left right and centre. This morning we were in the car sending him, and he decided to throw up in the car. So off we went to get him seen. Diagnosis is stomach flu , colic - I don't think the doc knows!

Decided to take EL- the savior for all mothers with kids. dia demam pulak hari ni and has been sleeping je.

I feel as if people think I am skiving. My cuti 80% is EL last year. How I wish.

After seing doc for Johan, singgah kat IJN sat tengok Atok Mamak who , after doing so well since we kidnapped him from Penang the other day, now had a relapse this Subuh. He's been admitted to IJN CCU - and the first thing he said to hubby is "I'm sorry.... I tak tahan lah!" - apparently he has not been able to limit his liquid intake, although he is under strict orders to do so, plus the ban of salt from his diet , he did not find it easy. All the best atok.....Manalah wife you ni tak turun daripada Pulau nie.....Sporting lah you nie, Tok. My dad would have insisted that my mom pegang tangan dia dari masuk hospital sampai lah keluar.

Opah is now at Auntie Yot's house, her daughter no 4 who she will prefer 100 x over other daughters (except Auntie Dah , her youngest) . Went over semalam- she just had her "meal" of medication, and was feeling temporarily painless. Kesian dia,we had to massage her for a while. I think maybe need makcik urut, ek Auntie ?

That's it for now. FTM, we WILL meet, ok entah bile nak cari masa sesuai when kids/elder relatives/other family are ok .


WANSHANA said...

Get well soon, Johan....

And I hope Atok Mamak and Opah are feeling better now, and are being made and kept comfortable despite the pain and all.

And as for you, superwomanwannabbe - who have been taking care and tending to orang-orang yang sakit, must take care of your health, too, y'know?


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Shana

Thanks you are so sweet. Btw jab wants to give Haizal a call he is so terperanjat. YOU take care too. email me your number to

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