Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update orang sakit.....


Just got back from IJN...

Dad in law was not there. he went through an angiograme when we were there. His bed was in front of Atok Mamak's bed. The security guard stopped us from going in without the permit which no one had told us to get. Only 2 can go in at one time. However, Opah Bahyah, Atok Mamak's wife came out and I went in, and Tok Chu (Atok Mamak's bro in law) also came out so that Hubby can go in. Atok Mamak is breathless although he tried to hide it, and he is attached to this machine that cleans his blood- My husband perused the records and pointedd to me all the results saying things like "well at least his potassium level is low" or such things which I am so flattered that he thinks I would understand, I made appropriate hmming and hemming noises je lah.

Then we had to leave as Opah wanted to come in, we waited outside. Soon Dad was wheeled back into the CCU - we saw him before they pushed him back in, and he was smiling as they had said he did not need any stenting etc. Nor and BIL (Nor is hubby's sister) came later.

Abah , sebenarnye kan Abah..yes it is too risky to do the stenting procedure. Yes, you do not have to have that done...But that means kan......you have to go for bypass surgery! Your son is just waiting for the docs to tell you.

It's quite hard to see my dad in law AND my granduncle both in CCU IJN and both beds facing each other, both of them "strung" up with all sorts of tubes. Get well soon and get out of there.!

Visitors are only allowed from 6 to 8 pm and 12.30 to 1.30 pm in CCU. Obviously they follow the time table of a CCU in Kuala Langat or Merang or somewhere else far from the city, as in KL there is NO Possible way that you can leave the office in say, Bkt Bintang, at 6, and get to the IJN before maybe half past 7.

Mom in law coming over tonight. Also, sudah janji nak take brothers to dinner (shhhh its actually karaoke).



Anonymous said...

Do let me know when you're going to visit again. Segan lah nak pegi sendiri2... tak pernah jumpa pun Jab's father. But I think he needs a lot of rest now. Perhaps visitors should be limited to close family members only.

Eh, how could you go for karaoke when your DIL is not well??

btw, have told nordin pasal Mr. B. He'll sort it out, he said. We truly apologize for his inappropriate & inconsiderate behaviour.


Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi J- tunggu dia balik rumah lah ye, then you can come over. Its quite restrictive to go to IJN.

Yalor karaoke planned a long time ago (well before the attack anyway) but you are right not very nice to go kan...and anyway my mom in law may arrive while we are out.

Abt Mr B are you upset that we said something?

Anonymous said...

Superwoman - Sorry about your Atok Mamak. Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat. al-Fatihah.

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