Sunday, January 06, 2008


Opah is still in the hospital. Hubby is keeping her in for the CT scan this monday which he said, is a superfast thing allready considering he asked for it on Thursday. His semidoctor wife is not happy as it means the weekend is at the hospital lagi. Dr's wife is more demanding than the doctor eh.....

But hubby gave this magic ubat which took Opah's headache and sakit ulu hati away instantly and he said to me privately that the fact that that drug worked so well is very ominous. He fears its the old cancer of 7 years ago coming back to the brain and liver. Her tumour markers are all raised. By the way this is all private (ie relatives tak tau) and until the CT scan is done, he won't say anything.

Well its a real blow lah. You'd think after 7 years cancers would learn to stay away kan. Isn't that what good little cancer cells are supposed to do. Hope its not that lah. Yesterday she suddenly found her left hand weak and kebas. Cepat lah sikit CT oiiiiiii, then we can know for sure what is causing all that. (Hand improving a bit BTW (can lift arm off bed on her own but fingers not moving yet) and hopefully regains more function with intravenous steroids. Wonder how she must feel.)

Not that, at 83, she'd be put through all the traditional chemos etc etc treatment. But on the other hand, Tun was 82 kan when he went for the Heart op? What do you think- is there such a thing as too old for treatment.

Takpalah...all that is most important to me is that Opah is not in pain. She no longer curls up in bed and can actually sit straight and stop frowning in pain.

So far, real superwomen aunties have been staying the night. Cousin Aida also spent a night (thanks Aida). So far the only ones who have not stayed with her are my Auntie no 2 (she is not in KL) , Auntie no 3 (she is not well) and youngest auntie (She is asking for it because she is in KL AND she is well). Anyways mom, I can't force her to come and stay with her mother in law so consider that a burnt case lah..

I pun semalam berkobar-kobar lah nak stay with my opah. So far my visits have been well..visits lah. After a while Opah would ask us to balik. GO HOME! And yesterday, there was I, with my QUILT, and my toothiebrushie, and my BOOK and my spareclothes - and my little pillow. (Eh seriousnie). My aunties broke out laughing hysterically when they saw me pull out my quilt.

But then I was chased home by Opah. We argued back and forth, my mom pleaded my case, but my Opah wanted her youngest daughter instead of her eldest cucu. So now the arrangement is I will come in the daytime and relief the auntie. Auntie Dah, take MC lah auntie if you tak larat nak pi kerja (pandaije I cakap)

Dad is not happy I told brothers in Japan and in Ireland as the Brother in Japan has limited leave and was saving it for when the brother in Ireland ties the knot- March katanye. (News to me). What to do I dont want them to regret not seing her while she is well (I mean coherent). Maybe Shah should come back in March. We don't know the future. Want to risk it?



fifi said...

shila, we pray for yang terbaik for your dear Opah, hope she is not in pain.. take care.. fifi x

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi fifi!
Thanks for the wishes - its not easy.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...