Tuesday, January 08, 2008



Well, the CT scan was done yesterday, Hubby had a look at the results and said that Opah has lesions in the brain and her lungs are also dotted basically - cancer has spread lah.

On the positive side- Opah has amazingly, regained function of her left side! In the morning Hubby said gloomily that she was probably paralysed for life but then in the evening she proved us all wrong! Which just goes to show- sometimes Allah SWT (by that I mean the Muslim Allah ye, not the generic Allah that apparently in a parallel universe,has been used for ages to describe God by the Churches- what the heck???!!! entah apa-apa entah!!!)- ok I digress, what I was saying was, which goes to show that Allah SWT is the greatest and doctors can only do their best...

So she is going home today....

And my brother no 3 is coming back tonight

And !!! my husband has just announced that his friend and family who are diplomats in Saigon, are coming to dinner tonight. ERKKKKK What to cook what to cook what to cook .


Thanks guys for the wellwishes- I can't seem to open the comment box so thank you kat sini je lah can tak. I did get my flowers in the end and I'd like to think it was not because I gave up and called him to ask for it heheheheheh- he said "I've allready sorted it out lah" when I called and said "er actually ahh can I have flowers tak?" . When my bakul of 6 orange and 6 cream roses and 5 gerberas and 2 sunflowers came , I texted him "THANK YOU FOR THE FLOWERS ---IT'S SOOO UNEXPECTED!!"- eh I had waited a long time to be able to say that so even if it was not true bantai je lah ok hehehehehehehe..

Yeah, I'm a bit weird. I know.

No dinner lah as he finished OT at 9 and he called me to meet him at KLCC for dinner but I was allready showered, and in my most comfy kaftan so..maleh lah nak kuar. Anyways we can push it forward lah to another date,insyallah..

And I got him something called Aquabulgari.. so should be nice. (It's really nice)


kaseh said...

Hi Sis,
Happy Anniversary Ya!!! Sorry busy sikit tak sempat jenguk your blog coz i've been busy. Anyway may Allah SWT bless you both and happy forever k.. For your opah moga Allah berikannya kekuatan..Amin

MRSHUSiN said...

Kak Long + Epi,

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! wah... flowers! so sweet of epi to give flowers. post lah the pic of the bouquet & next year can use as benchmark, e.g. last you gave me xxx, this year i want xxx... hahaha...

anyways, am praying for your opah as well. insyaAllah, she'll be fine. chin up!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Kaseh!

Thank you very much for the wish - dah tuer tapi...awat sebok na tu...tak care ok

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Izan! Because of you (and also my kids who can't believe their dad sprung for flowers) epi has taken some pics. 2morow I update ok

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...