Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Weddings and Engagements

Lawa tak ?? This is my cousin (mom's sister's son) who tied the knot over the weekend at Simpang Pulai.....
These are the naughty people whose wedding we will now have to start saving up like heck for.....yeeeps four girls, you. Our dearest friend and his exquisite new wife..Btw sorry ah we all tak malu go and tengok you when your own family member were "maintain" cool kat luar. Jakunnessss..... Well worth the wait, mate! I starved for your wedding woman btw !!(Ps you will never guess the age difference, that's how good they look). Why don't men age? It's not fair!!!!

My cuz and her brandnew fiance- don't they look lovely???
(feeling guilty as have not exactly informed them that I'll be displaying their gorgeousness over here...ok will do, will do. )

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kaseh said...


I sukalah baju pengantin picture no 2. Manis sungguh!!!

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