Sunday, January 13, 2008

What can we do?

Let's find Sharlinie Mohd Nasar..

This Monday I want to print a lot of posters of Sharlinie and paste them in my neighbourhood. Meant to do it last week but so many things happened but WILL do it.Or someone else's neighbourhood, maybe? At least get the kidnapper feeling like he /she /it cannot run far. Maybe we can see what she looks like with a wig, or longer hair, or even bald. I don't think it takes a genius to try to change her appearance.

I noticed the public is not told what to do if they do spot Sharlinie- some have called to say that they have seen her but by the time the police came the kid has gone. Pegang lah dulu kan. Lantaklah kau if you are wrong. Empower yourself. (She says, knowing full well I would probably do the same thing ie stare and call the cops!)

And do you feel the sense of urgency out there? Rasa macam tak je. I mean I can go about my business the whole day and not come across a single thing to remind me that a child has been abducted. Can't the tv station put up her face every few minutes ? -.AND the number to call . If only I was rich, I'd donate airspace.

[PS mintak maaf if memang ada posters melambak lambak but I yang blur.

The Star said " Abdullah's plea to the abductor came after a nationwide search was launched with posters distributed to the public to help find Sharlinie. She disappeared from a playground about 200m from her house on Wednesday. " ]

And why not each district's police station, send 2 people house to house . Kerajaan cough up lah sikit duit lebih ...Or can normal citizens do that? Maybe hubby can get the masjid committee to form up a rukun tetangga thingy?

Sebenarnye kalau nak..boleh.

What can I do ye?

I feel it's very trusting of her parents to let the children play outside. Now we know that even a minute pun tak safe kan. Kesian our children.


Anonymous said...

I think the more publicity she gets, the worse it is for her. Cos the baductor will be so scared to let her go. I don't knowlah. Nak buat salah, tak buat pun salah. Cam na yer?

And parents, don't even let your kids get 10 steps away from you!

fulltime mom

Superwomanwannabe said...

Tulah.. serba salah

And I geram jugak dekat parents yang let their kids wonder - you still see kids out there unsupervised!

WANSHANA said...

Yes, there are still kids out there roaming the streets, etc. unsupervised. I left a similar comment in Mamamia's blog this morning about this.

And I don't know about you, but, I think her parents should provide us with a few other photos of her, as the one used in the campaign is not really clear. I'm sure they could provide better and clearer pics of Sharlinie.

I pray that Sharlinie will be found safe and unharmed. Amin.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi shana

I know abt the picture! Kenapa gambar kepala senget???Now Im thinking do I have any decent pics of my kids???

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