Saturday, February 02, 2008

Family Day Come and Gone

Hi, just got back from Family Day!

On our way up, saw a car which had obviously just had an accident- driver slumped over the steering wheel, the bonnet was smoking. It was raining and we could not stop as we were on the wrong side of the Karak highway. Call 999 je lah. 999 put me through to Plus, they said they were sending an ambulance.

Sampai je Selesa Hillhomes, nyaris tak miss lunch. We all sans hubby went to the makan place - buffet just for us. Hubby went for Friday prayers. A couple of muslim guys stayed on during the prayer times- I yang feel segan - they all selamba je...

Lunch was rice, chicken curry, fish in some gravy, mixed veg, pecal jawa, jelly and fruits. Kids ate - although Daya targetted just the jelly. After that, we went to the playground , while waiting for hubby to come back. I had "tapau"ed food for him, against the restaurant's policy. (I had to argue as it was for my husband who was doing his Friday prayers.) Then the kids and I went to the apartment.


Ok lah , the apartment. Selesa HIllhomes is not new, it's rather run down but then its clean, and its adequate. Ada working kettle, ada working tv , has astro, has aircond and water heater, 6 beds with beddings, ok lah tu kan. So what that the tv punye control control panel dah tercabut, or that the besi-besi dah karat. Ok lah for one night, kan- free pulak tu. And if the Sudin clan ever get our act together to organise another family day, I would not mind staying there.

Dad came back and it seems he has eaten- cis what a waste of me arguing with the manager of the restaurant.


At 3.45,it was telematch. Ok it was actually 3.30 but of course , our family ran 15 mins late for EVERY event.

Telematch was fun! Rolling tyres with a ball in middle, trying to fill up 2 bottles with water using a cocunut shell with 3 holes in them , group race using giant slipper, running with bamboo sticks, etc etc. I had so much fun! The kids had their event too- scrambling for sweets- I am proud to say that my Johan grabbed the most -167 sweets! Yelah, dia ada 4 other siblings right.

The hotel people provided enough assistance and things were quite well organised.


Barbecue, interspersed with lucky draw. I got a rice cooker! I could do with another one, actually.There was a malay entertainer who was quite good and a rather talented singer- he could belt out malay, indian and chinese songs.

Then it was karaoke. Oh dear, I can no longer sing. Especially the Dayang Nurfaizah's song yang tinggi tinggi. Still , one has to try. I truly enjoyed my massacre of good songs last night like Dua Insan, etc etc.


Some girl friends wanted to stay on and chat, so with hubby's ok, I joined them. We "hung out" at the local cafe and stayed on after the staff left (we switched off the lights for them). I guess this is what guys do when they sit at kedai kopi eh.

Sekali sekala ok lah- otherwise, I have no time ler.


That was basically it. We left at 12.30 after swimming- the kids had a good time, dad had a good time, and now I am with Johan doing his writing...he has a lot of catching up to do. He won't hold his pencil the way I am trying to teach him to lah. Both him and Daya hold their pencils oddly.

Oh yeah, hubby and I are going to KLhilton sans kiddoes today. Our belated anniversary cum early valentine treat lah tu...Byeee

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