Monday, February 11, 2008

Firstly, Uncle M (Mak B's husband) has been admitted to HKL for sakit perut which bears investigation. We all hope you get well and get out of hospital soon, Uncle. Insyallah we will see you today.

Semalam wanted to go off, but we had a do for Jojo. We've had this rough idea of having my bro, hubby's bro and family, a few close friends, come over for a half day at the zoo to celebrate his 6th birthday lah. Unfortunately, the zoo people said they'd be too busy to entertain a party so they suggested we just go on a "free and easy" package ie lantaklah kau kau nak buat apa.

So we thought , after a couple of hours at the zoo going around ,everyone comes back to the house for lunch and games.

We don't MEAN for things to be done at the very last minute, but due to hubby being on call, and due to his call being particularly heavy, this meant that we could not do most things party related. Ie shop for food, or party packs etc. Plus I sent the maid for a 3 day break at her agent's house where she gets to meet all her friends. It's good once in a while to do that because you really appreciate having a maid once she is not there. I was the ibu tunggal lah duduk rumah, basuh kain, jemur kain, masak, sapu rumah, mop milo jatuh , kutip baju kotor from various spots in the house (anywhere BUT in the basket- WHY???) and backbreakingwork of raking leaves outside! Note to self- tell maid to clean the drain. and throw the old broken pots and what the heck ARE those tyres doing kat belakang???

Back to the party. Check out for the cake that Johan got (spiderman lar apalagi)

Shopping for food - Saturday night. Siap episod tension husband and wife as both of us hate shopping under stress (tapi selalu buat).

Pick up cake, Saturday night 12 midnite.
Pack party packs.- up to 2 a.m.
Got up again to cook - 6.30 a.m -
everything ready- 11.
Hubby and kids go to zoo to buy tickets for everyone- 9 a.m
i go to the zoo with my brother - 11.30 a.m
everyone balik makan- 1.00p.m
party over - about 6??

Thank you everyone for coming:

Thank you for the Batman and Joker , ma'am!(and cupcakes)
Thank you for the Hobbs tiger which Johan takes to bed, Zu!
Thank you for the remote car, MrsN!
Thank you for the robot transformer lookalike- who gave this? I tak tau, but thank you anyway
Thank you for the skate board , dad!

Oh yes, Happy Birthday to My Dad!


MrsNordin said...

Your chicken rice was nice lah. Still thinking about it during dinner.. Thanx for inviting us to the party. Your girls have all grown up lah!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for having us over, ma'am... Hope Mojo liked the present. See you on Saturday.

fulltime mom

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