Thursday, February 14, 2008

IJN Holter Day

This is what my heartbeat rhythm look like apparently. Normally you would not have the spikes . It would be seragam the whole time.

I went to IJN today, was told to do an ecocardiogramme- bayar Rm100 dulu sebelum pasang "Holter".Hee hee funnynye walking around with wires on you.

The ecocardiowatsit gramme is actually an ultrasound of your heart. You have to take off your top and undergarment, and lie on your left, and left hand under head (ie "the Superman position" which I adopt when I sleep) . They run this thing over you, and then they get to see your heart- well to them its a heart, to me its just shadowy images with a moving part that keeps beating regularly (apparently the valve).. Tonite I plan to raid the kids' library on "How my Body works"..tu lah beli je tau...bacanye tak.

Then have to put on the Holter which looks like this:

Credit goes to the website:

Did you know that Holter is named after its inventor, Dr. Norman J. Holter, and is a portable device for continuously monitoring the electrical activity of the heart for 24 hours or more.

The Holter room is very small, and is in front of the ecowatsit room. It seemed to be manned by 2 men and a woman. The man (or boy should I say) asked me to fill in the consent form to say I will take care of the Holter during its loan to me, - do you know, it costs RM8,300! And after that he asked me to lift up my baju for him to put the holter on.

Is he MAD??. I asked for a lady lah to do it. Are these people allright? How could that boy put on the thingy, the wires are on my breasts lah. Blur or saje blur?

Anyway I have to watch my activities today - it will all be reflected in the Holter. Therefore, all Valentine related activities are cancelled for the day. Hahahahahahaha...

Other news:

I have to go see my Opah anyways.....she is really poorly. We have given her the patch that is supposed to take away her pain but apparently she is still feeling the pain. Lately I have not been able to see her because of hubby being so busy-running from one hospital to the other. Baru on call with one and the next week to the other. Ok I am not complaining. Scratch that. I seriously am.

Kids- They are all preparing for sports day which means that they wear sports clothes everyday. JOhan is excluded as he is in kindi. My boy is going swimming with his class today. He has been saying he does not want to go as he is scared he may drown. Normally he loves swimming, I wonder what is the story behind this. He now wants to go if his father comes. His father is on the way.

Manja? I asked the father to slowtalk with his son - find out the reason why.Ada lah tu orang cakap apa.

Valentine: Had a valentine lunch wi bosses. Of course during the lunch they are friends. At work they are still my bosses for whom I have the utmost respect just in case they read this blog. Which I have written long time back boss, by the way.

Ok have a good day !


MrsNordin said...

I hope your opah is getting better. And today's test results will be ok... Be thinking of you.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Darlings- i never knew you kenal Shana! Small world eh. anyway yes it went ok today. Opah fading fast...

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