Saturday, February 23, 2008

Karaoke Tak Ok


Yesterday went to Redbox Pav - to celebrate the birthday of two friends. I lied to my kids and told them I had "dinner" to go to- because "karaoke" just sounds too sinful. Plus Nadine had Qiyam - so while the daughter stayed up doing good holy stuff, the parents are singing their tonsils out. It just felt so WRONG don't you think? :-)

Must say that I had fun!It was a night of the 80s- songs I listened to during A Levels (and for some of them- during their Secondary school!) - Walau pun ke-shy-shyan mula mula, after a while taknak give up the mike heh heh. As one of the birthday girls put it- "syok sendiri". Regardless of how we (ie me) sound, nyanyi je. There were a few stars though- One of the husbands can really sing! Ever thought about joining AF? Hee hee.- !


Because Karaoke started at 8, I had a few hours to kill after work so I pun meronda with a friend - this friend is such a long suffering friend- I always have to remind her that conversation is a two way thing- she indulges me in listening to all the boring stuff I tell her hee hee. Anyways there was an Omega event there. From the level that we were on (level 4?) we could only see the tops of their heads (it was done in the lobby I think) - the only person remotely famous we saw was a famous beauty from Sarawak and her auntie. Both were holding wine/champagne glasses and both downed them faster than those to whom alcohol is NOT prohibited! Both stayed very close to where the bar was. Tsk tsk...malu is really the 50% of iman kan. No one gives a toss nowadays.
Someone emailed me some sexy pics of the grandaughter of a former premier and I tell you...these kids are berani! And I read about Edison chen and his naughty pictures with the artists? Sigh...dahlah naughty go and take pictures for what...seriously . Even in the non muslim world its not something you can shrug off- heard that Edison is quitting showbusiness. Yeah I know. Edison who?? Girls out there- don't be so stupid!


I notice if we come back late too often they start to distance themselves- ie they act like you are not there, not obviously, but they won't do what you ask them to. Like mandi or clean room. I think its because they get used to not having sargeant mummy around. what do you think?

Now I'm making up for the yelling hee hee. Dad is NOT on call but he has gone to his hospitals. Things are getting busier even though he has a grand total of ONE patient in the new paying hospital. One is keeping him busy enough as he goes to the non paying hospital every day too. Now I have patients turning up at the house!! Neighbours, etc. I mean, helping people is one thing but coming to the house ?? Errr.......


I'm watching a friendship develop between a person I care about a lot , and a person I thought was nice but certainly not marriage material until a few weeks ago. . At the moment she insists she likes him JUST as a funny friend - they do sound like they are getting on like a house on fire (words used by Husband's best friend on us when he first came around to meet me- the best friend I mean) - you know the initial stage of a relationship when they flirt like mad - both of course are NOT ready for anything serious. I just hope she does not get hurt darling, and take care of yourself.

Though I know the guy I never knew he was half as likable as she makes him sound.Maybe he is different with her. Matey, if I were you I won't sell myself so might never find another girl who will treat you this way heheheh...( If he reads this blog then I am screwed and I am NOT talking about you, whoever you are! Heh heh...)

The world has changed indeed. HE is the shy one. Hahahaha! Nowadays girls have to be the pushy one. I have been foaming at the mouth telling my friends to go make the first move for guys that they would like to know more. What do you think? On one hand you don't want to be desperate on the other hand if you don't go for what you want you only have yourself to blame if you don't get it ,right....the Malay guys who would go for you so obviously and flamboyantly , are usually (a) married and (b) creeps. Heh heh.

(I've got a cute client (guy) who calls me now and then about work and then manage to add nonwork stuff. If I were single and he was single I'm sure he would have asked to meet outside work soon(chehwah perasan...!) ..Hee hee but then I always keep the small talk small as I don't really know the guy. My men friends are all my husband's friends too. To have a male friend that my husband does not know of , seems illicit to me. But this client guy is cute, ok. BUT !!! MY HUSBAND IS WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY HOTTER. So there. )

Ok I digress- I mean, girls have to take charge sometimes lah. The guy is not under ANY pressure. I mean, f I did not tell my husband that we were officially dating and we were now a couple, he would probably not have realised it and would keep going out with me with not a word said about feelings . Tsk I had NO time for wondering whether he liked me or not. The minute it became rather obvous that we dig each other I sorted that out. It was a calculated gamble. Hee hee hee. Seriously I think I pressed the "fast forward" button many times in our relationship but let me tell you this, he has a way of digging in his heels while appearing to go along with me. Hence we had the long courtship of three years before we tied the knot instead of the say, one , or two. Taurus (him) meet Aries (me). Immovable force - when he has made up his mind! that friend of mine- I will get you married even if it KILLS me!!!

Eh ok lah- I better stop to check on the kids- they are awfully quiet upstairs....


Madam Tai Tai said...


I don't know if you have been following the latest American Idol on tv, but one of the contestants called Carly looks sooooo much like you, esp when she smiles. And boy..she can sing too!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Madam Tai Tai

Really? Carly the Rocker? Wow! She is the one with the prior record deal right? Hope she wins now!! Hehheheeh

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...