Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Groan...I miss my coffee.....I have a headache.....groan groan

Went to Pavillion ..went to the supermarket Mercato..had to go get decaffeinated coffee . There is only 2 brand. One is Nescafe goldblend. One is Kenco. Nescafe is RM14. Kenco is RM62.50!! Wow...Anyway yes the taste is the same but the buzz is not there. What is caffeine alternative ye?

How can I lose weight with Pavillion there. Semalam makan eggtart, Milk tart, durian tart, milo dinosaur and peanut butter toast. Masa munching munching, mulut penuh dengan egg tart, tapi keluh about diet. Har har har...camana tu?? We were there looking for my dad's present. Typical, my dad said bagi duit je lagi bagus.

Kids tak belajar this week. No studies- this entire week , Sports Day. DadofFive, please verify, as this could be my kids conspiring to temberang or con us. hahhhaha. Today every one came to us with a form and pen asking us to fill in the order for school sport tshirts.

Dahlia, Sara, Nadine are in UHUD House (ie Red). Sophia is BADAR (Blue). Daddy cracked a joke that everytime we cough we cheer for UHUD. Geddit? UHUK UHUK hahahhahahahaha. Harini pay again for the school sport tshirt - each is RM17-RM22. I think ADNI is shortform for INEEDYOURMONEY. What do you think hahahahahaha

Tak sempat lagi nak visit Uncle M ...we think about you Uncle, if that counts for anything. Uncle M has Cholecystitis - Cholecystitis is defined as inflammation of the gallbladder . He will be discharged by end of this week. We will get there Uncle.

Semalam we went from Pavillion (we saw Omar Mr. Ning btw , tengah beli computer- orang puteh boleh lah beli yang mahal hahahaha) to Opah's house. Kesian Opah dah tinggal tulang she is sooo thin. She does not want to eat much. Hubby said have to feed her through a tube if want her to eat but who has the heart to do that??

I was so angry with self as I just realised that we should have taken a nurse for my grandmother. My auntie is running ragged and she thinks she is superwoman but she is not , and she was nodding off when we came, sigh a part of me wish Opah is back at her own place rather than her daughter's house where she is now. When we go to Auntie Y's house, she will insist on feeding us , etc etc. Making her more tired. At least if Opah is back at her own place, we can put 2 nurses there etc etc. Takpalah, yang lepas tu lepaskan. But now am googling (I do have work by the way, ye, not just googling je) about nurses.

Ok- now I have to go draft some documents (in an attempt to restore some credibility heheheheheh)

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Channel 11.5 said...


diet, diet.....

hahahaha, i tgh much cookies my colleague ni, tensen. too much work to do today, tensen lah.

kalau balik awal hari ni, I visit opah. smlm lunch time tgk dia pun dia tak cakap apa, berapa kali nak kena bgtau dia I nak balik, baru lah dia nod her head.

sad sungguh tgk opah mcm tu

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