Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Scare

Well by now my closest friends and my parents and basically all to whom I had sent panic messages to, know that I went to IJN yesterday, as a patient.

From the looks of the waiting room at IJN, everyone in the world and his wife goes to IJN so its no big deal lah kan. I've been to IJN loads of time, as their lawyer, as a visitor, but never as a patient. Im only 38 mah....

What's wrong with me? You know the expression "My heart skipped a beat?" ..well my heart has been doing that a lot since a week ago. I'd get an annoying ripple sensation , which I noticed after a coffee, coke or tea.

Of COURSE i've been telling my husband. But you know lah own husband...he tells me I need an "ECG" done but in between his work and mine etc who has the time? I joked that I have to sms him my IC and name before he will take action (ie that's what happens to everyone else who wants a referral letter from him- must sms name and IC)

ANYWAY, yesterday early morning, he dragged me to have an ecg done. I've never had it done. They clip lead wires like you are a car, to your legs, and then mini clips to your bra, Boy was I glad I was wearing the nice bra heheheheh.

Once done, with me apologising to all the staff nurses etc for disturbing their otherwise calm lives, hubby dragged me here there everywhere so that he can get his heart specialist friend to make a referral to IJN. IJN ? A bit drastic eh wot? He said "I don't want to lose you"

Waaaa?? Lagi lah suspense..I was thinking ..God I want to be around to see my children's children, ok? I was allready writing letters in my mind to my kids. Mood was definitely not so good by the time I reached IJN.

BUT! IJN is very clever! They know that all patients going there are bound to be nervous, so they devised this deliberate scheme to make you forget your worry - called the numbering system. I take a number, then I wait 30 mins until my number is called, then I go register myself, 15 mins later I go to wait in front of the doctor's room.

TWO HOURS Later, I am called. I am no longer worried or scared or what have you. I have a "Star"paper which this Indian gentleman gave me, and I was ok lah. I called the office though.

Doctor Razali is very nice. He acted as if I was his first and only patient and that he DOESN'T have thousands of patients waiting outside. He said I had "ventricular ectopic beats" and he thinks its normal. Until I showed him the HKL ECG thingy. Then he asked me whether I had any sudden deaths in my family.

Er, no not that I know of but you know, I have a BIG family- it could have happened and I would not know. He asked whether I take any extra medication. I have not taken any jamu etc at all (don't tell my mom) so I can say - no. I do drink coffee a lot - I said to him 4 cups a day. I recently changed to a stronger brand. I JUST had a Cuban coffee the night before at Westin (sounds so decadent) - HAH! It's all YOUR fault "INI"!! hehehehehehhe.. Could that be it??

Well...he said to come back next week for him to fit a "holter" thingy on me, ie to monitor my heartbeat for 24 hours. Then on Friday got stresstest etc etc. Basically he said it could be nothing but the frequency of the missed beats - 8 in a minute, warrants further checks lah.

He said my husband operated on his dad. I asked him "oh how is he?"
"He's passed away"
"Not through the surgery right???!!!"
He laughed. ( BJ, he's Osman from my old workplace's brother rupanye. )

And by the time I had to pay (another queing up) it was 1. RM80 for consultation.

Lama giler....but tu lah ceritanye..

So whole day went without me drinking coffee. Now pun I'm not taking coffee and I have a headache and I feel ill..Caffeine withdrawal?? Milo je lah ....


ms hart said...


Alamak, memang scary!! Yeah, I am as young as you...and a coffee lover too...hmmm....You have a good rest, ya, and try not to worry...I said 'try' because I'm so hopeless in this area...I try, and fail!! ha ha And, please do your medical check-up at least once in 2 years. I know lah, you are Mrs Doctor, tapi, kena lah ingatkan jugak ya!!! Friend-friend maaa.....Take care, SW!!!

fifi said...

Shila..! get well soon dear, go for decaf coffee dear, nowadays they taste equally as good! Can you get you some fr here, I can't tell the difference anyway! Someone I knew b4 had SVT (fast heartbeat) after 'OD-ing' on Earls Grey tea! Take care. Fifi x

Lan0stZz said...

kak shila!!! terkejut kitorg semua ..hope you're doing better now. do take care. huGSSSSS n lotsa HUGSS from all of us (vurtualyy that is).


MRSHUSiN said...

sorry to hear abt the heart-thingy panic! i was surprise as well!
haiya... nowadays, takut la pulak muda2 kena all these things... especially when it involves stress at work.
anyways kak long, relax, chill and lay off the caffein fix ya?
we love u & we dont wanna lose u too!
take care!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi SW!that is good advice- I have not had a medical check up in years and years!

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Fifi!

Yalah, I think I have to switch. Im beginning to get sick of milo jeeee walhal I love milo. But when you can't take coffee that is all youwant, kan.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Izan&Lana (and family!)

Thanks - probably nothing lah...just something unexpected but I think I have to start eating oats etc and have a healthier lifestyle- ini dok kat office je and then balik tak exercise ! epi too!

INI said...

You should've had the lovely Batida (cocktail tipu) like I did hehehehe...

I hope it's nothing and hope you're healthy... don't stress ok and don't run in the office :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

INI-yah the running is my only form of exercise....

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...