Friday, February 29, 2008

The SingaporeTrip

Ok Ok I know...other people go to further and more exotic place pun tak jakun...I pi Singapore pun excited. I have a friend who jetset everywhere and if only she keeps a blog , You know who you are !!.
Singapore - the Land of the Making the Most of What they Have - Basically it was good. It was great! Diarrhoea- shopping- upgrade hotel room: If youwant to summarise it!

Started out not so great- missed the 8 am flight on account of both of us waking up at 7 - a fact totally to be blamed on his karaoke session the night before with "Da Guys". Unfair but hey, Im a woman. It's in my hormones. Hahahaha. Rushed like HELL and got the 9 am flight - they said it was full but they squeezed me in anyways but when I finally went in there were loads of seats. .
Singapore was damn clean ok- was impressed with the humongous trees that lined the streets - hey don't they have tropical storms too? We cut OUR trees in the name of safety in times of tropical storms- how come they don't lah. Anyway coming into Singapore is nice- it's very pleasant to the eyes.

Hotel ah- waaaah very posh lar. Peranakan style - no pics because have left the handphone at home and the camera too. Happiness as got upgraded to Club Room which means can enjoy the facilities of the Club lounge (free internet, coffee and tea round the clock, fitness centre 24hours etc). Room mega nice- bed very big (I slept perched on one edge , so not used to sleeping alone). Very the jakuns as the bathstuff was L'Occitane - woohooo!Pranced around the room until I noticed that there was a big OFFICE BUILDING across - at which time I dropped to the floor and crawled to the curtains to close them!


Conference was impressive- the BIGWIGS in the industry came. Verry technical . Jargon galore. People were there to learn about everyone else's industry but they did not start from ground 0. Felt verry ignorant and small. Know enough to talk to people lah but here's the lesson I have learnt abt networking:

a. Know your subject well
b. Know the industry well
c. Read about the guests with whom you will be seeking to mingle- know their industry a bit also
d. brush up on current events
e. if all else fails- Ask them about themselves!!
Hence I made a few friends that way- heee hee e- one from the Phillipines who has 6 kids,split from his father's business after dispute between his 13 siblings, eldest now 19 etc etc etc. He's 58 . There were a few lawyers in the industry from the island who asked me about our deal- which is good.

I had changed quite a bit of cash- as I know I had to pay for the hotel first - conference rate was SGD300!! Anyways its ALL Gone ok - Bugis junction had a BHG mall which was having its last day of SALE and the kids clothes were all halved - all except CAR*TO*ONNETWORK and DIS*NEY stuff which were full priced. I went looking for my handbag and shoes and officewear (thanks to MadamTaiTai, MrsNordin and Channel 11point 5) but I could not find styles that would suit anyone above the age of 14. Semua style cute-cute. But the kids dapat a few clothes lar. Come to think of it , takda lah murah sangat. about RM20 per teeshirt. Takpalah haven't bought them clothes for a long time....
Ok we are NOT sending them to horseriding- it cost a bomb - not just the fee but the jodphurs lah, the equipment lah. And we were thinking , if left to us we would never have thought of horseriding as a core activity for the kids right, so takpayahlah yet. But we are replacing that with public speaking- Nadine is groaning - booooring. And culture - which hubby thinks will mean nasyid in that school . I think those skills are more important. Already they have swimming and taekwondo (Nadine has no swimming). Had to go buy the muslimah swimming suit- which is fine but its polkadot!! Hee hee

Semalam we sent them to tennis - from 8 to 9.30. They seem to enjoy it , although it is interesting to see who has the aptitude for it and who has not- Dahlia and Johan seem to be naturals, Nadine is ok and Sara is very competitive. Sophia has unfortunately inherited my lack of co-ordination. hahahaha. But hopefully she can improve. The coach is a kindly man - he is good with kids and can talk to them. Mr Chow, is his name.
ok have to golah. Happy to be back and talk to you soon.


mrsnordin said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a good time in S'pore. Next week kita jumpa ok, with Mdm Tai Tai. For lunch (the dinner is a different story).

Superwomanwannabe said...

hi J! call me ok!

Channel 11.5 said...

oitss... pegi seminar ke shopping??? hehehehe
now you made me wanna plan for a singapore trip.

wanshana said...

Hmmmm...penat I baca posting ni - so packed with activities! Hehehe!

So, Jab is also Karaoke Kaki, huh? Bule gang with Haizal...

Superwomanwannabe said...

Hi Shana

Boleh - but there is arisk that he wont let haizal have the mic ! He he!

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...