Sunday, February 03, 2008


I joined the Hilton premium club, did I mention that before? This guy called me and said my friend had recommended me. It was actually my cousin. The package was one person eats free at all Hiltonrestaurants, in kl, pj, kuching and batang ai. One night stay foc. One free hightea. One free cake. Discounts at their hotels (kl, pj, kuching batang ai). Maybe phuket also.

So earliest opp, and being the hoteljunkie that we are, we "redeemed" the freebie yesterday, sans kiddoes. After of course, getting my brother no 2 and wife and their 3 kids, to spend the night with my kids and the maid. Thanks Pol. And after cooking dinner.
(I did get a surprise when I came home the next day to find my maid looking after 7 kids and no sight of bro and wife! They went shopping! I sort of got a leetle mad -had I known you wanted to go out I would have come back earlier - the idea is for more adults looking after the kids and not my maid alone with my kids AND their kids- budak tu kelam kabut gak I tengok, sorang nak yak yak lah etc)

Back to the hotel- its worth the joining fee alone.. The room was small, but the view from the 23rd floor , was lovely! We've been before , but with the kids, so did not really have time to appreciate those small niceties like the quality of their stuff. With 7 in a bed, hanging for dear life at night in case your child kicks you off the bed, who had the time to notice small stuff? But it was good. No besi karat here! The view was of Lakegardens. We overlooked all those puny cars going about their business and NOT staying in KLHilton, nyeh nyeh nyeh .hehehehehe.

(this was next morning when our floor got caught in clouds)

It was not a true lomentik time , as we had to go to a friend's house for a back-from-haji do- hampeh tak dapat candelight dinner. Tapi ok lah , met with the friend and other friends, makan laksa, rojak kuey teow..konyang gak lah den! Came back, tempted nak balik rumah tengok kids but koreh kan hati, go back to the hilton. Wahduh it was buzzing - with music lah, jazz lah , orang dancing lah. Husband kemaruk ke apa, dia nak pergi. But I got under the steaming hot rain shower, into my comfy jammies, under the luxurious white downy duvet, re-arranged the nice huge fat white down pillows,stretched my legs and before you could say another word, left for Dreamland...I mean, sleep is the dearest luxury sometimes....I love my kids dearly but once in a while its nice to sleep without little'uns (and not so little'uns) wanting to sleep next to you or coming in at 2 a.m from their rooms.

This morning we had breakfast at Sudu (with the "dining privelege" or in our lingo, freemeal, our breakkiebuffet for 2 was RM70 which for Hilton was reasonable ler). Make sure you don't eat food like roticanai or nasilemak that can make you feel "eleh i can buy this at pelita for half this price" .

(Drinking kiwi yoghurt juice...)

So ....we had a pretty nice relaxing remainder of the weekend.Husband spent most of the time at the hotel, sleeping!-Must be tired out from the events before, my Atok mamak, my Auntie yang masuk hospital , my opah, his mom and dad, commuting between GH and princecourt- the man deserves his rest, man! I had a whodunit to finish. I tried to finish it in the "bubble bath" but had to go out as it was making my head ache plus i had no patience to sit in the water for so long. Plus it was making my book sodding wet. What the heck IS the appeal of bubble baths huh?
We left soon after breakfast, to find that my Johan tak mandi lagi. The whole time I was away I was thinking about them, then as soon as we saw them, I started to be the Mummy again!

Totally looking forward to trying out other restaurants of hilton- anyone want to join me??


izreen fara said...

can i join? pretty please??
anyway, when i come back, might think of joining if the plus points are good.. miss you guys lah. and notts is so much more different than your days. the uni even has an indoor swimming pool ok? hugs to all

mrsnordin said...

Wah... lomantik rendezvous at KL Hilton, ya? Hmmm.... kudos to you for leaving everything behind to spend quality time with the Dr! I wanted to do the same over the weekend, but felt too bad about leaving the little boy at home. Tough choice! (or silly choice?)

Btw, I started my blog already. Hee.. hee.. but haven't written much. You're the first to know, ok. I haven't told anyone else, segan lah. Take care!

Superwomanwannabe said...


It's a date!

Superwomanwannabe said...


It's easier when your kids are a bit bigger..takda lah menyayat hati sangat...ada orang pi haji tinggal baby, ok je. I really had a good time.

And welcome to the world of blogging!! Dah cakap kat sini dah kira beritau orang lah tu....! heheheheh

mrsnordin said...

Ya lah... silly me! So much for keeping it private!

Channel 11.5 said...

wah-wah, patut la na balik cepat gilos hari tu, ada date with epi rupa nya. hehehehe.

eh, hilton-hilton jugak, itu diamond ring mintak jugak, hehehehe.

Superwomanwannabe said...


jangan-jangan you yang dapat diamond ring faster than me tak? heh heh heh!! (sorry joke private)

Channel 11.5 said...

eh, who knows, who knows. Hahahaha. tengah process ni, it will be a tough one, lagi susah dari yang previous one. Kena tukar strategy.

Lan0stZz said...

nak date gak kak shila!

helmi&I pun had one night stay there at KL hilton.. a wedding pressie from Dad's friend. bestkan?? love it. macam mana nak join ape yg u join ni?

Superwomanwannabe said...

Lana- I can recommend you! Nak call me ok. I think its worth it.

Winter Sonata sure is different at 49 years old!

Believe it or not I am rewatching Winter Sonata.. ee geram betul I dengan si Yujin tu lah... she really was a wutz wasn't she? and...