Tuesday, February 05, 2008

This morning

This is the scene this morning

Sophia was at the computer. Head wiht hairband, no tudung. Sara was lounging around drinking her Milo, head pun tak bertudung, No sign of Daya, no sign of Nadine.

"PAKCIK IS COMING LAH!!" Mummy jerit "Pakai tudung!!"

Buat dono...although everyone said "ok.." Pakcik is late pulak today.

"Pakcik is HERE!!" Mummy lied . Sophia got up, looked for her tudung. Sara got ready

"Hish kenaaapa lah basah rambut pagi pagi ni???? Keringkan lain kali ok?"" Mummy lah tu.

"mummy, you tipoooo"! Said Sophia. The pace slowed a bit. Seing this, I told them"Put on your shoes! Wait outsidelah!"

The bus really came this time. Everyone scrambled outside. Dalia shot out of the maid's room, all dressed but no shoes. She hopped bare footed, into the van. Sara , allready in the van, asked for her uniform (she was wearing her sports clothes). Mummy ran up to get it, maid got the plastic bag ready, shoved it to Sara to put her clothes in. Nadine ran down from her room (ie her house) and quick kiss

Babai babai babai. Dahlia ran back in sebab lupa her something something. Ran back out.

BaBAI!!!!! Sigh...Ningseh, nanti awak ingat kan diaorang - everything must be READY ok!

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ms hart said...


yea, tell me about it, eh? ha ha...one of my favourite 'kata-kata pujangga' (to quote my husband!! ha ha) to my maid is "Ingat, hari esok bermula malam ini, faham ya?" ha ha ha...tu yang boleh bukak maid agency tu!!! ha ha ha

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