Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday Thots of Totally No Sense

Listening to "Hampir Ke Situ" by Mendua- if I just knew how , I'd upload this song. Love the melody. One comment though- Hampir ke situ- almost there?? Is this song translated from english? It has that feeling.

On the subject of songs. Terlalu istimewa"-really nice song. But I don't like the words" Ku pasti kau bahagia , duduk disamping nya, mendengar cerita, segala rahsia, " - she is talking about where she thinks the dead girl is now, ie next to God listening to his stories - which is an unheard of concept in MY religion. It sits uncomfortably with me.

Ok. Prude kan? Lagupun salah.

Johan is counting down the days to his birthday. I had better do something on the day itself.....he is expecting it man!! Maybe take him to midvalley or the "arcade"???

Sophia - found her essay on her "family" yesterday in her school books. Her favourite sister is Dahlia although they do quarrel when they are at home. Nadine is nice but can be bossy. Mommy has a computer. "We use it for internet but it is soooo.. SLOW!" (tell me about it Soph). "Johan likes my mummy so much he acts cute and cries to get her attention." (wah ye ke??)

keh keh keh..kelakar

The cat is pregnant again. BULAT nak mati. We are so anxious for her to deliver as Kak Ning tak suka kuching. Dulu Kak MInah semua beres je about cats.

Ok lah back to work

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